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Funny/bad ride names!


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. Python Pit (Jeepers! fun centers) - Python Sh*t

. Nightmare at Crack Axe Canyon (Great Escape) - Nightmare at Cracked Axed Canyon

. Raging Bull (SFGAm) - Raging Bullsh*t

. Incredible Hulk Coaster - Incredible Bulk Coaster

. Medusa - Medusugh

. Pipe Scream (Cedar Point) - Gripe Scream

. Nitro (SFGAdv) - Frightro

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Here we go:


Silver Dollar City

Wildfire: Wildflower

Powder Keg: Powder Puff

Outlaw Run: Outlaw Walk


- Granted I can't take credit for these. Some of the ride operators at SDC were using these names when talking about visiting other attractions in the park. We still loved it.

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Here are some for Six Flags Magic Mountain (I couldn't think of any names for Viper, Batman)


. Gold Rusher - Mold Pusher

. X2 - X 2 Bad

. Twisted Colossus - Twisted Colossughs

. Green Lantern - Mean Lantern

. Superman: Escape from Krypton - Superman: Escape from Krapton

. Apocalypse - A-pox-alypse

. Goliath - Old Liar-th

. YOLOcoaster - Fullsh*it Throttle

. Ridderler's Revenge - Revenge on male riders' crotches

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Fury 325 - Wimpy 325

Top Thrill Dragster - Top Thrill Downtime

Mad Mouse - Sad Mouse

High Roller - High Trimmer

Superman: Ultimate Flight - Pretzel Loop: The Ride

Dueling Dragons - Solo Dragons

Gwazi - A Chiropractor's Dream

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. The Crypt (Kings Island) - The Caved in Crypt

. Dueling Dragons - Let's Take Turns Dragons ( )

. Joker's Revenge (SFFT) - Tony Hawk's Big Revenge on The Joker ( )

. T2 (Kentucky Kingdom) - T 2 Where?

. Hangman (Opryland) - Hang and Bangman

. Brain Teaser (Darien Lake) - Brain Sneezer

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Anyone here think maybe Ride of Steel should get a new name? Since the Superman name dropped off I often thought the ride needed a new theme, and renamed. Ride of Steel is kinda evident. I mean it's obviously a steel coaster.

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^ This might be the wrong thread to discuss about Darien Lake renaming Ride of Steel!


O.K. let's continue on with the game


. Ride of Steel (Darien Lake) - Ride of Stink

. Mighty Canadian Minebuster (CW) - Mighty Canadian Spinebuster

. Woodstock Express (Cedar Point) - Woodstink Express

. Steel Venom (Valleyfair) - Stink Venom

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I got more


. Led Zepplin: The Ride (Hard Rock Park) - Dead Zepplin

. Storm Force 10 (Drayton Manor) - Storm Forceless 0

. White Water Landing (Cedar Point) - Fright Water Landing

. Swirl City (Darien Lake) - Hurl City

. Big Kahuna (Darien Lake) - Big Kahunugh

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. Rolling Thunder (Darien Lake) - Rolling Blunder

. Viper (Darien Lake) - Headbanger 1

. Mind Eraser (Darien Lake) - Headbanger 2

. Hoot 'n Holler (Darien Lake) - Toot 'n Farter

. Mayan Mindbender (Six Flags Astroworld) - Mayan Spinebender

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