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  1. You don't think the new owners may close it down?? I hope not. I also worried that they will do away with the theme park, and only have it as a water park..
  2. I just went for the 1st time this year. I see they are going wild with security check points again. The park wasn't too bad this year. I did notice attendance was a bit low for this weekend (as it is a holiday weekend) Scrambler, and Twister were down. I got a good look at ROS new train, and I don't think it is new... On the rear left side of the 1st 4 cars there are a lot of dings, and missing paint. My guess it is a remanufactured model.
  3. Lasso isn't going anywhere. However I didn't know the park ripped it down that far for winter.. It could use a new paint job, and repairs..
  4. Possibly, but it also could be that they are renovating the Lasso. Lord knows it needs a new coat of paint. It could also use some work on the hydraulics. I think Lasso was installed back in 1981.
  5. Well to be fair it isn't the mechanics at Darien Lakes fault either. They have a bare bones skeleton crew working through the winter, and there is so much work to be done. Again blame to CNL for the meager budget Darien is given to work with.
  6. Yes Rolling Thunder is by far more popular than the Ranger. Never saw a line for Ranger that long. However Rolling Thunder doesn't have the capacity the Ranger does. It does have a much more speedy, and less hurky jerky ride experience. My guess is that Pirate, and Twister will be the only 2 Huss rides left..
  7. I understand that it takes quite a while to get parts from foreign manufacturers. But, if these rides were so popular, why doesn't Darien Lake replace them with a newer model (if possible) rather than replacing them with nothing? I agree that they should put something in the Rangers place, but I think it's is going to be a while before you see anything. It all depends on CNL, And premiere. Remember once they got rid of the UFO it took a couple years before they got rolling thunder.
  8. It's not so much that you can't get parts for rides from Huss, or Mack. It's the pain in the ass hassle of getting foreign parts. If a ride becomes a maintenance nightmare, and constantly needs special order parts then it no longer is worthwhile.
  9. My guess is that it's in a pile of parts and one of the parks junkyards. Either across Allegheny Road, or there is a Burn off sumner road where they keep a whole bunch of rides parts.
  10. I can confirm... The Ranger is gone... Due to business I had to attend to that took me past the parks rear Sumner rd. I took a peek, and gone... I know this is no surprise.
  11. Just my opinion.. I think the Ranger should have just been converted to a Rainbow.. The Great escape in lake George did the same thing with their Ranger. Rainbow parts are more easy available than the Ranger, and the park wouldn't have to spend too much on construction.
  12. I haven't been on for a long while... Anything new for Darien this year?? Has the Ranger been removed?? Has anyone cleaned up the junk out of the park ie.. Cuda falls, and junk coaster pieces??
  13. I haven't been on for a long while... Anything new for Darien this year?? Has the Ranger been removed?? Has anyone cleaned up the junk out of the park ie.. Cuda falls, and junk coaster pieces??
  14. I don't know either, but if you ask me I think Darien Lake should have gone with a Huss Enterprise ride instead of one made by Heintz Fahtze! Being the only one of its kind... Must be hard to get parts for it when it breaks down.. It has a lower capacity with only 16 cars vs 24, and I am sure that it doesn't lift as high as it used to. I am sure it went the full 90 degrees..
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