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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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^Same. I'm one glove away from Falconeer Peter, but for some reason Joe doing target practice doesn't drop. They credited me one glove, but it still sucks having just Lois available for that ONE glove. Waiting on just peels for Brian too. And just pizzas for Patrick Stewart.

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Somehow just got the Comic-Con update, stupid android. One Plutonium and a bunch of blueprints away from unlocking Stewie, so that's nice. I'm gonna try for that Space Shuttle by unlocking all three buildings first (the space nerd in me needs to), just need to collect that Blam!


Seems very similar to the Pyramid quest we had for a while. I kinda like these long events, with content updates weaved in. I do wish there was a social component to the update, such as having people drop Blam! when you visit them.

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Taking forever to get Stewie. Still at least a few days away since the tasks take so long


Yeah. It's getting really frustrating. I've needed 5 banana peels for PB&J Brian, for 5 days now. I've had both Bonnie and Herbert doing tasks constantly to no avail. Kinda surprising, considering how easy it was to get Patrick Stewart.

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And now we have GIANT Mutant Stewies also!!! This is getting crazy! Very cool update, so much to do. I feel a bit behind after being on the TPR Trips but I at least have Stewie and Patrick Stewart unlocked. Still need two more dog things to unlock Ron Perlman and just started the build to unlock the new chick.

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Wow, Nice job Elissa. I'm in a similar boat as well. Need a couple of the movie reels, and then a few dogs for Hellboy.


As for the Mutant Stewies, it's the same thing as defeating King Butt. From that, I learned that it's better to save all your pesticides until you have a large stock to increase the multiplier.

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