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Photo TR: San Diego Zoo and Sea World


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Hey everyone! Elissa and I made a quick trip down to San Diego this weekend with Bethany and Dallas. Not too much to report, just your basic San Diego stuff. A few hours spent at the Zoo and we also did the brass ring carousel on Saturday. Then Sunday was Sea World. I'm not going to do too much of a written trip report because I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I do have one rant....


"What does the word SOAK mean?"


Obviously people have NO IDEA, and no matter how many warning they give about the "Soak Zone" at Sea World, in fact they even have an audience participation song about it before the dolphin show, these idiots sit down in the soak zone, and then when the first wave of water comes, you see them all scatter and move to higher seats, trampeling over people wreaking havoc, etc.


C'MON PEOPLE!!! What do you THINK is going to happen when you sit in the "SOAK ZONE???" Are people really THIS stupid? Apparently the answer is in fact YES, because EVERY SHOW we went to, as soon as the water started flying into the audience all hell broke loose.


I really think we saw some of the worst displayes of stupidity in humanity this weekend.




Ok, onto the photos and a big thank you to PhishyBrewer for the Sea World tickets!


"Camel Toe."

More photos to continue below.....


Now THAT is my kind of carousel! Gigidy!


No! Because Robb got it! "...and all I got in return with this pretty little ticket."


Can Elissa get the brass ring?


We all like the horses....ESPECIALLY Elissa! ;)


Just outside the zoo is one of the few remaining brass ring carousel's in the world.


Double YAY for the water turles having sex!


Yay for big tortoises!


Time to take the skyride over to the reptiles.


Genetic splicing is in full effect at the San Diego Zoo. Here is the "three-assed Zebra."


"Hey, anyone want an ICEE?"


...it's a bad thing that Robb can't read! =)


It's a good thing there are these signs....


For those of you who don't know, these are GIANT RODENTS!!! RatTums would have been proud!


The best part of the day! Capybara's!!!!!


This guy looks JUST LIKE ROBB!!!


This guy's just chillin' in the sun waiting for all his hunnies to come over and hang with him.


...well, at least for Elissa!


The Meerkat's were a hit for us....


We saw some Koala's for our Australian friends, and who knows, maybe we'll be seeing these guys in person soon! ;)


Dallas gives the zoo his approval.


First stop, San Diego Zoo! I don't quite get what all the hype over this zoo is. I mean, it's nice and all, but it's just a zoo.

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And how here are the Sea World photos....


We all say "Thanks to Phishy! We owe you a beer next time we see you!" (well, ok, the kids didn't say that, but...you know what I mean!) =)


And here is it! You've all been waiting for it! The most amazing thing ever!!!



And yes that IS the SOAK ZONE you are sitting in! Why, because you will get SOAKED!!!!!


I'd like to see Robb do that!!!


"Can I trade Robb for two of these?"


This Sea World has that "Stuck in the early 1980s Epcot" look to it.


OMG!!! QUICK!!! CALL SECURITY!!! Shamu escaped and is going to EAT that child!!!


"Yo, what's up. I'm a penguin...check me out!"


Everyone agrees, it's not about Shamu, it's about these little guys!


The best part of the day...PENGUINS!!!!


"Man, that looks fun...how can I try out for the show?"


Lots of Shamu's doing flips and random whale-type things.


"Hello, I am an idiot. I didn't realize that you would get WET in the soak zone, and I though it would be a brilliant idea to bring my infant BABY there!"


Hey genius, this is why is says "SOAK ZONE!!!"


"Hey Shamu! Up here! It's your cousin Betty!"


Time for some whale surfing!!!


Wow, there sure are a lot of whales here!


Yay! It's time for the Shamu Show!!!!


it's a Sky Tower. It goes up, it goes down, and you see stuff....it's a Sky Tower!


Yes, it's time to pet the large rubbery sea creature.


Dallas is all "I want to pet a dolphin!"


The Sea Turtles here are just chillin...none of them having sex...yet!


The new Clyde and Seymour show included mermaids!


I can kind of see why the city thought it was "ugly!"


Still, it's a fun ride...just nothing special.


Weird. Atlantis looks a lot like a parking lot and water pumps!


The rest of it took a themeing lesson from Six Flags Magic Mountian.


And the "elevator lift" is the coolest part of the ride.


From here it looks pretty.


"This one isn't as good as Florida!"


"If you are a mutant with four feet, stand here."


Our day started at Journey before the line got too long.

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I haven't been around long, but I think Robb has this "thing" with fat chicks God knows how many "whale" photos there are on this site from parks -- with or without sea creatures.


The SD Zoo Carousel had a ring catch? Hmm... I missed that when I was there. I missed out on Atlantis too, it was still under construction


- Joe, who got to feed the penguins thank's to my sweet hook-ups in SD

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That sure is a rare breed of whale you got a picture there with Elissa. You got this stupid Atkins guy who is endangering the species. Best pics are of the Penguins and the Meerkats. The sea turtle sex reminds me of the pic that GACoaster got of the tortoises having sex at Great Adventure.

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Yes, the Shamu's were amazing. And our vantage point at the show was GREAT! We were in the front row of the 2nd tier so it meant that every whale that walked into the show was in full view of my camera!


I was sitting there thinking "I'm gonna have fun with this one!"



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You're right abuut the Zoo...It's nice and all but it's still just a zoo. It's the San Diego Wild Animal park that is really something to rave about. The exhibits there are much more like a natural enviroment and the animals have much more terrain to walk around in. Definitely the better of the two.


As for the soak zone thing - I used to work at Sea World while I was in school, and every summer night when the park was open late, you could see all the people sitting in the "Soak Zone" with their cameras ready, ignoring the warnings, thinking, "Oh, well the chances of US getting wet can't be that great." Let me tell you, it's pretty funny to watch a person holding up a brand new $600 Digital Video Camera get doused with 55 degree Salt Water. I'm sure the ride home, soaking wet with a busted camera, was really fun.

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^ Not really crowded at all. We went to Journey first and that had about a 10 minute line. All of the shows we got to about 10 to 15 minutes early and we had no problem getting good seats.


Didn't check back on Journey again later, but I couldn't imagine the line was longer than 30 minutes based on the crowd that was there.



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LOL San Diego has a ton of whales (no pun intended), Oh well, still a nice time it seems, most zoos are alike to me, so we just don't go often. There is a wild animal park in Inman, SC, that is home to animals that have appeared in movies, tv shows, and commercials, its called Hollywild Animal Park. So if you've ever wondered what happened to the lion that served as a model for the Lion King, now you know that hes in Inman, SC.

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