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I am a coaster that is a rather standard model, though for a few years, stand-up trains were added to make the coaster much more unique. I am long removed from my original home park, though I still operated for many years in my new home, a home far away from my original home. Who am I?

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I am a German steel looping coaster. Many people recognize me from my red track and white rails. My spine is round, I can also be compact. My cousins are spinning and wild mouse coasters and one racing coaster. I also have the worlds highest inversion and have so many twins around the world. I have never been relocated, or SNBO'd. My car is also featured in RCT3, but on a B&M track. What am I?

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I am a vekoma roller coaster, I am pretty fast and begin my journey by going up a big half loop. I also play music, and I have cool trains. I am a very popular ride at a very popular place. I live where it is sunny and warm majority of the year, what am I?


Rock 'n' RollerCoaster - Disney's Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney Studios Park

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