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New System that lets you make LEGO roller coasters!!!

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After 3 years of development, Adam Reed Tucker (The creator of the Lego Architecture Series) and the engineers at CoasterDynamix are excited to announce a new way to create roller coasters that will blow your mind! The X-Labs Roller Coaster Factory finally allows you to build hyper-realistic roller coaster models with your current Lego bricks! We have designed brand new coaster trains and a whole new track style that makes a Lego roller coaster a reality. Simply add the Roller Coaster Factory track and train to a Lego support structure and let your imagination flow.

This amazing set will debut as a limited edition (Only 1000 sets will be made) collector’s item and will be available in the next week via the CoasterDynamix website.



I will post more about the project as the week progresses!

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The Limited Edition sets will go for $100 for everything shown in the picture. That's about the same price as 20' of CoasterDynamix track with a train, with the added benefit of being able to apply it to LEGO! These new trains are beautiful. You can snap more cars in the back or take cars off. No screws at all!

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I was at the Lego convention where this was announced as an attendee and attended the siminar where they unveiled it and told us about future plans which I can't comment on. But I did get 2 of the sets and once I get home and settled over the next few days plan to start building and working on some coasters. The quality of the peices is great it mates with the Lego parts just fine and everything works great. I took some videos and pictures of the coasters and a few other things that Lego builders built with the coaster track just to show the flexibility of the kit. I will post links once I get home in a couple of days

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