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  1. In the video I saw with Robb, this ride will NOT be a polarcoaster.
  2. What are you even talking about???? Who? Maybe he's talking about the "someone" in the title? idk.
  3. I'd prefer a GCI over a Eurofighter,but why be picky! I'd love either! If a new coaster is coming that is...
  4. There have been a lot of rumors about a GCI going into the boardwalk, spurred on by posted a few months back. The coaster is clearly sitting in SFFT's boardwalk section. SFFT's twitter has also used #coasters in recent teasers... So who knows what that means. I can't imagine a new coaster so soon, but it sure would be nice eh? Texas would love its own GCI. As a state, we only have 2 "true" woodies now, In Judge Roy Scream and Boardwalk Bullet.
  5. Gatekeeper is probably my 3rd favorite in the park behind Millie and TTD.
  6. Definitely think Dr. M has a point. "Seat belt doesn't reach, you can't ride."
  7. I'd like to point out, I think this Carmen Brown women is full of shit. She's told the media two bold faced lies. 1-She mentions the clicking noise, where as the Giant uses pneumatic restraints, and they make absolutely no noise. Giants restrains do not click. 2-Her account in the following quote is impossible because the incident took place on a part of the ride that cannot be seen from the station. "She goes up like this," Brown said raising her hand up in the air. "Then when it drops to come down that's when it released and she just tumbled ... And I said that could have been me because I don't do roller coasters."
  8. Morgan had a pretty strong hold on that market to.
  9. JRS is classic, it doesn't need El Toro airtime or steel tracks, it's a ride for the same target as pandemonium. And its a classic woody. Call up RMC for some topper track and maybe some more padding on the PTC's and its set. Its a fun ride, albeit right now not in the best state. It's also got a beautiful setting along the lake, looks awesome lit up at night and reflecting of the water.
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