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NEWS: Disney reveals details on Walt Disney World MyMagic+

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^Well played. My inlaws bought a bunch of them for CJ and I rocked my "passholder slider".They liked the ability to customize their bands. They thought it was fun. Honestly, I kind of hate the idea of paying $12.95 for 3 pieces of plastic, but then again, I paid $9.95 for a vinylmation park 1 chaser that later made me $500.00 profit, so who am I to judge.



Like you said, I'm pretty sure the only people that really hate Magic Bands at this point are the ones that loved abusing the old system.


What a rediculous thing to say! Only the abusers...I hate this new FP system, we chose not to buy into DVC as a direct result of this system, and have lost the desire to return to WDW as a direct result of this system! I find the advanced planning to be crazy to the nth degree. Looks like I'm in the minority (as far as this board goes), but all it did was make it more stressful for us.

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Does anyone know - when it comes to getting a MagicBand, does it matter what resort you stay at? I'm planning a "quick" trip to Walt Disney World in a few months to try the FP/MM system with a MagicBand (as opposed to just using the MDE app) and I want to stay at one of the value resorts so my wallet isn't completely incinerated.

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To add on to Elissa's post above, yes they're free for resort guests, but the real perk is being able to book FP+ 60 days in advance of your check-in date (for your whole stay), rather than the 30 days for other guests.


I did read somewhere regarding a limit to the amount of FP+ days within a 30 day period (something is telling me 7 days) for non-resort guests, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else heard/seen this? Is an interesting aspect for people that live close enough to theoretically go 3-4 times a week later in the day (like Robb and Elissa!).



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So far we are having a great time using FP+! Being able to go to the parks each day already knowing what FP+ rides we have and when we have them for is MUCH easier than running around acquiring paper tickets all day. Also, we have been able to change and move around our FP+ times on the fly, and it has been easy to do so both on MDX app and via the web from our hotel room. After our three FP+ times are used, it has also been very easy to visit a FP+ kiosk to schedule a new time. The CMs are very helpful and polite to the point where it almost feels like they are taking my admission and handing me the new FP Tokyo-style. Finding a FP+ kiosk has never been a problem as they seem to be quite abundant, including being next to both MILF and Stitch's Great Escape in Tomorrowland. Yep, two kiosks right across the street from each other. Yet for some reason, one always seems to have a longer line than the other. Go figure.


Using MagicBands to access the resort and our rooms has also been a very welcome change. No longer am I fishing my Key to the World card out of my wallet each night when I drive back into the resort. Just a wave of the band and the gate magically opens! When it's 1-2am, this makes a huge difference. When we are visiting a different resort, all security needs to do is scan the MagicBand and we are allowed to enter. Much easier! But what makes the biggest difference of all is how one wave of the MagicBand opens the hotel room door. When the arms are full of grocery bags because we routinely perform the internet meme of carrying all 16 grocery bags in one trip or die trying, only having to waive the MagicBand makes a HUGE difference. No more fishing out the Key card and scanning it 17 times before the green light flickers. That is very nice.


We LOVE this new system and we absolutely cannot wait for it to come to Disneyland in CA!

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