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  1. Can't confirm vertical construction on the Joker but I can confirm the old shopping strip the park owns is finally coming down!
  2. Anyone know whether or not the Shockwave will have the virtual reality during HITP? I miss being able to ride without having to stand in line for over an hour...
  3. I drive by the park everyday on my way to work and I've noticed within the last couple of days or so SF has started ground work for the Joker!
  4. Went to SFOT on Thursday to get in my first ride on Justice League. Waited over 1 1/2 hours to ride due to two breakdowns, but it was TOTALLY worth the wait! I can't wait to ride it again! On another note, with this being my first visit to the park this year, it seems every roller coaster now has the "no single riders in the last row" rule. I was on Freeze by myself in the back row and they made me move to another seat. They also did this on Judge as well, but it isn't exactly the LAST ROW. I know its for safety since the accident on NTAG, but seriously? It would be nice if there was signage in the stations telling you no single riders in the last row. Has this been in place all year?
  5. ^ Yeah, that's what I kept telling myself that it must really be something to see during Christmas! Plus, we want to go back and see Dixie Stampede at Christmas as well!
  6. Visited SDC on opening day and had a blast even though I had a stomach bug over the weekend. The crowds weren't too bad at opening, but as the day went on the park started getting more and more crowded. I had wished that the shows had been open, but as is the case with most theme parks like Six Flags they don't usually have them ready to go come opening day. Also, we noticed that about half of the shops were only open. The stores that were open had some really neat things especially the pottery maker and the glass blower. As for the food, we went early and ate at Molly's Mill for breakfast. Pretty good food especially the cinnamon biscuits! I wish I had the stomach to eat some more of those because those were the bomb! I also really wanted to stop and try one of the giant cinnamon rolls from the bakery up front, but yet again I didn't want to risk aggravating my stomach any further than I needed to. The park felt like to me it was a giant Frontierland and I wouldn't consider that a bad thing! I certainly love Frontierland at Magic Kingdom, but this just makes you feel like you've transported to another time and place. The themeing for all of the rides certainly is superb down to the very last detail! This is something I wish Six Flags would take notice of, but that's for another forum... Since it had been raining all day Friday and part of the morning on Saturday not every thing was open at 9:30. The first thing we headed to was Fire in the Hole. Nice little powered coaster. It certainly had some pep-in-its-step. We then wanted to head over to PowderKeg, but due to the rain it was closed until further notice. Next up was Wildfire. Convinced my mother, who doesn't really do inverting coasters, to try this one out. I told her if you can do Rock 'N Roller Coaster at Disney World you can do this one. Yeah... these two coasters are nothing similar... Loved being able to watch the whole coaster from the exit dock and how close you are to the train. Made for some great camera shots. As for the ride itself, I certainly enjoyed it. After Wildfire, we decided to then head over to the train. Nice 20-min round trip to get off of our feet and the little show they do was funny as well. After that we headed over to Thunderation. WOW. What a mine train coaster! Picks up some serious speed and you're flying through the forest before hitting the breaks! Ended up riding it twice that afternoon. Once that was over we decided to explore the back of the park with the Grand Exposition and Fireman's Landing to see what they had to offer. Picked and chose the rides we wanted in these sections before heading to eat some lunch. After lunch, we wanted to tour the Marvel Cave. However, with all the rain Branson received the cave was flooded and they were only able to take us on half tours. Still pretty cool to go down in the cave and see what we could before turning around and heading back up the stairs. Next up. Outlaw Run! Wait time was 30 mins and it was well worth it! That coaster NEVER LETS UP until the barrel rolls! No wonder it was awarded best coaster of 2014! Holy crap! Had there not been a line I would have totally ridden it again! Those barrel rolls are something else! Later on the weather finally cleared up and we were able to ride PowderKeg. Uh. Wasn't expecting that from a coaster! A lot faster than I thought it was going to be, with a serious kick to start the ride! Last ride of the day was a re-ride on Thunderation before calling it quits and heading back into Branson for dinner that night. All in all, Silver Dollar City is a great family park. I enjoyed my first time there. Outlaw Run is in a category all by itself and I wish it was closer to Texas, but I guess I'll just have to make another trip back to SDC just to get some more runs in on the craziest coaster I've ever been on! When I can get the pics uploaded on my computer, I'll try to post some of the shots I got on opening day!
  7. I think the Trailblazer pass is all personal preference. We have never gone to the park on opening day just because of the fear of it being ridiculously busy. Some people will tell you not to get Trailblazer pass, and some will. Again, it's just personal preference. We don't like waiting in lines so we usually do get it when we go to the park. However, on the busiest day we have ever seen at the park the wait times never went over an hour for anything. (aside from Outlaw Run) And most of Outlaw Runs extended wait was due to down time. if you have the money to spend, and don't like to wait in line buy the Trailblazer pass. Is it necessary? No. If you have a full day at the park you should be fine even if it is super busy. Also in regards to the Trailblazer pass we always buy the unlimited pass. The 8 time is just not for us. Especially if you plan on riding the coasters several times each. So if you do decide to get the passes I would highly suggested unlimited. However, if you're getting to the park at opening then I would just play it by ear. See how busy the park is and buy the passes that day if they are needed. There is really no need to buy them in advance unless you just want to. Thanks! That helps me out a lot in determining whether on not to buy the pass! We're going all day (weather permitting) and I guess the best thing is to play it by ear!
  8. While at Silver Dollar City be sure to ride Powder Keg and Wildfire. Powder Keg is a really fun launched roller coaster. We personally think it is the best in the front row, and you get some nice airtime over the first hill in the front row. The back row will give you more airtime (obviously) over the first hill and the last drop, but it will be a little more rough in the transition into the brakes at the bottom of the lift hill. Wildfire has beautiful views on the left going up the lift hill, so try to sit front row left side for your first ride, and the view at the top of the lift hill, after it goes around the turn just before the drop are beautiful. Also try to get a second ride in on Wildfire but sit in the back row on the right side. You'll get some really nice air on the first drop. Thunderation is a pretty fun mine train coaster. Definitely worth riding while you're at the park. Ride towards the back of the train for the best experience. Fire In The Hole is by no means a high thrill ride. But it is worth riding. We ride it every time we go to the park. It's a nice way to get off your feet, relax, and it has some fun drops. Outlaw Run is amazing. Obviously. We have ridden it hundreds of times and we both think it's a front seat ride. Don't do second row. Wait the extra 5-10 minutes for the first row. It is worth it. Giant Barn Swing is a really fun, relaxing yet still thrilling ride. Definitely worth riding. Also, be sure to do the skillet food. It is absolutely amazing. There is also a nice little eatery near Thunderation that has an amazing smoked sausage on a bun (similar to a hot dog) that is to die for. We usually have skillet food early in the day and the the smoked sausage meal in the afternoon and its pleanty of food for us. -- Not sure what your budget, or your schedule looks like. But if you have the time I would definitely make a visit to the Titanic museum. It is something we really enjoy. Hope this helps a little, and hope you enjoy your visit! Thanks for the info! I read on here and on the park's website about the Trailblazer pass. Should I invest in one for the day since we're going on opening day (3/14)? And yeah, we're planning on going to the Titanic museum as well as attending Dixie Stampede one night!
  9. I'm going to Branson for the first time the week of March 11th - 15th and I will be going to Silver Dollar City on the 14th. I know I'll have to ride Outlaw Run, but what are some of the other can't miss things to do while there?
  10. Apparently, there is now a sign out in front of Rockin' Rocket saying it'll be back for 2015. I'm led to believe that the queue line is moving for the new JL attraction. I wasn't able to get a picture of the sign, but was anyone else there over the weekend and can confirm? I do love the progress they have made with the new attraction! Can't wait until 2015 to ride it! Hopefully, we won't have to wait until Summer before it opens... Also, I attended the opening of Holiday in the Park on Friday night. Arrived at 5 and the lot was 95% full. The weather was beautiful and everyone apparently took advantage of the wonderful weather to attend the park. The park is decorated beautifully across the entire park with Christmas music booming throughout each area of the park. Operations is still seeming to be a problem because most everything (except for Shockwave) was running far below capacity for a busy Friday night. The shortest line I saw all night was for Shockwave which was running both trains leaving the station every 2-3 mins. Granted I would have love to have ridden more rides, but I was at the park to enjoy HITP. I love this time of the year at the park and I can't wait to go back for some more HITP!
  11. ^ I don't know what all is closed at SFFT for HITP, but at SFOT as far as I can remember the rides closed are all the water rides, Batman, Mr. Freeze, & the Oil Derrick. Batwing & Crazy Legs will be closed on certain operating days while open on other days. Also, this year the looping starship will be closed. Everything else should be open unless the weather is too cold. Your best bet for finding out what rides will be open for both parks during the event is to check the park website. They will post a list of rides open for HITP on their website closer to the event.
  12. ^ I went back on the first Friday of October with my family. I wasn't all that impressed with Fright Fest this year. I felt like they skimped out on decorations this year and concentrated on the haunted houses of which I didn't do because (1) I don't do well in haunted houses & (2) I didn't want to pay for them either. The shows were okay as well just because they are the same ones they have had for years. It's certainly about time for them to update all of the shows for Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park. Hopefully, we'll see some upgrades to Fright Fest in the future. For now, I'm perfectly okay with not going again and waiting until Holiday in the Park starts on Nov. 28th.
  13. Every time we go to Disney World we always make sure we go to the Hoop-Dee-Do! It's always funny and just a bit different every time. Sixpence had us rolling on the floor when he did his Frozen bit. Just about the funniest thing I experienced on our last trip to WDW. I do have to say though I'm not really a fan of the new opening song. I understand they changed it due to copyright reasons, but I would always have the Hoop-Dee-Do Polka song stuck in my head for days after we saw the show. All in all, it's a wonderful production that I hope is still around when I have kids of my own and they are able to experience the show just like I have!
  14. I just finished mine. I got 'Arctic Blast Stations,' 'Paintball,' and 'Limited Engagement Shows.' Paintball?!? At a theme park?!? Uh... No. Everywhere I could, I mentioned I'd love to see another roller coaster of some kind at the park.
  15. ^ Nope! It's still the same show since it opened way back when... I also agree about the backlot tour. We decided to skip doing it this year for two reasons a) it was raining both days we went to the park so it was closed and b) its the same every year and significantly cut down from when it first opened. I remember going back in the 90s when half of it was a walk-through attraction and the latter half was the tram tour. I clearly recall one of the soundstages (possibly where Millionaire went) having the Wheel of Fortune set in place for several weeks of live tapings which I thought was pretty cool back then! Now... it's so boring quickly driving through the backstage area of Hollywood Studios and then zipping over to Catasrophe Canyon which also hasn't changed since it opened and right back to the unload station. They've also moved to a recorded narration of the ride and gotten rid of the 'tour guides.' Thanks but I'll continue to pass.
  16. I've heard about American Idol closing, which I'm not at all complaining about, they just need to do something constructive with the space that is going to be vacant. Also, from @WDWNT (WDW News Today) as of June 16th, Indy isn't going anywhere as Disney confirmed to their cast members that morning. While I think Indy needs some updating with more fireworks and explosions, it's a classic staple of Hollywood Studios and I would be sad to see it go!
  17. As of June 12th, the missing track piece has once been restored and the yeti does have limited mobility as well as the disco effect. Or at least from what I could tell as I was speeding by...
  18. Look what came in the mail today! Our Magic Bands for the trip in June! The countdown is officially on! I CANNOT wait until we go! I think this is the most excited I've ever been to go to Disney World and this makes the 13th visit for me and my family!
  19. Getting really excited now for our trip in 29 days! Our MagicBands have shipped and should be to us sometime this next week!
  20. Does anyone know of any information of an exact opening date for The Festival of the Lion King? All I see everywhere is that it is opening in June.
  21. Drove by Hurricane Harbor today, Wahoo Racer is constructed! Just final details in getting the ride ready to open this month. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures; however, the ride looks great!
  22. After the demand for SDMT being through the roof the last couple of days, I expected Fastpasses to be completely out even while we're on our vacation. In an earlier post, I mentioned I couldn't get a Fastpass for the day we're spending all day at MK. This isn't the case! On a whim, I thought I would just try to check and see if SDMT had any available Fastpasses and they've opened up more! This just shows how AWESOME this new system is! I've changed our Fastpasses for our trip multiple times within the last several days and we aren't even at the park yet! I can't wait to be able to use this system when actually at the resort! 35 days and counting!
  23. From my understanding is that you have to use or let ALL of your Fastpass+ experiences BEFORE you can receive another. Therefore, if you reserve Fantasmic/Wishes/Illuminations as part of your original three you would not be able to get another ride Fastpass until after the show. HOWEVER, if you use or let your Fastpasses expire at one park and then park hop to a different park that features a nighttime show you can get a Fastpass+ entitlement if there are any still available. On another note, it sounds like the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is gonna be a hit. Apparently 50,000 Fastpasses were snatched up in about 3 hours from the moment the opening of the ride was announced. I tried getting one for my trip in June on the first day we are enjoying the MK and only standby is available (at the moment); however, two days later when we're going back I was able to get Fastpasses for the ride. I'm sure hoping that more entitlements become available for the Wednesday we're heading to the park otherwise it looks like that'll be our first ride when we get to the park to keep the wait time down!
  24. Went to go and update our Fastpasses for the day we're doing the MK on our trip in June... Seven Dwarfs is already out of Fastpass+ for the day! Bummer...
  25. Looks exciting! Can't wait to try it out in June! (Seeing that it's open by then...) The ride page on DisneyWorld.com has changed as well with a more thorough description as well as a pop-up window that you can click on that lets you find out what you're dwarf name will be. After taking the short quiz, my dwarf name is Chatty. There is also a countdown that says "Training begins in 14 days" as well as after taking the quiz telling you to come back after May 18th to finish your training. Does this mean we will see the ride open sometime after the 14th of May?
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