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TPR's Wing-Rider Challenge

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Xtreme97, I think that a cobra roll might just be too tight for a Wing Coaster.


Simaticable, that third set of inversions looks more like an SLC-style roll-over than a Norweigan Loop.

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I have finally completed the Cogburn Ranch Challenge and have my WingRider completed. I made a lot of changes to Cogburn Ranch and did everything, minor to major. During the challenge, I created two large new themed lands. These theme lands each consist of one roller coaster. They're known as Boomtown (I'd like to thank coasterbill for giving me the idea) and Jungle Junction. Here is a rundown of all of the major rides (coasters) I added:


Stratosphere Strike: B&M Wing Rider featuring multiple inversions and some close calls with the ground and the tower!


Bruiser: High speed and intense compact wooden coaster that takes you through tight turns and a helix!


Wacky Mine: The signature ride at Boomtown. This ride features tight turns and sharp drops for an intense ride experience.


Crazy Bird: Fun family coaster that features tight turns and drops.


I also added multiple flat rides to fully enhance the experience. Here are some screenshots!






Welcome to Cogburn Ranch!


Stratosphere Strike! The high speed B&M WingRider!


Up close view of the complex tracking.


Up close view of the station and barrel rolls.


Welcome to Jungle Junction! There are 4 rides in the section: PYTHON, Jungle Adventure, Jungle Karts, and Jungle Flight.


Welcome to Boomtown! This is Boomtown's star attraction, Wacky Mine!


Here is the only other ride in Boomtown at this point: Boomtown Golf Co.


This is the future site of the log flume.

Below is the food court.


BRUISER! The not so rough, not so smooth woodie! The inspiration for this ride was the Coney Island Cyclone.


Here is the Big Wheel.


Here are two new rides, Air Raid (Swinging Inverter Ship) and Crazy Bird (Family Coaster)


And the last picture is of Tidal Wave! Hope you enjoyed these photos.

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Simaticable, that third set of inversions looks more like an SLC-style roll-over than a Norwegian Loop.


Eh, it's something that you don't see everyday, so I don't really mind. I could see B&M doing this one day. At least it's smoother than the ones that Vekoma creates.


Molemaster, I don't know why, but I feel as though helixes on Wing coasters aren't the best idea due to clearances. There's some things that irk me as well as some of the riders could hit the track. Unfortunately, due to the isometric view of RCT2, there is no way to accurately see what the clearances are actually are and how to plan around it.

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These rules seem to be missing one from previous challenges. There is no "all rides must be operational" rule.


In a previous challenge I used track to add a touch of theming, not "hacking" it into the game, but just not making it a full circuit. Can I do that here? Not saying I am going to, but let's say a touch of track or something is used. Would I be DQ'd/banned for that..?

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Inspired by the success of B&M Wing Coasters and his love of flying, CPM built Cogburn Ranch's first themed area, Cogburn Airfields around the park's newest headlining coaster Test Pilot which teaches riders how to navigate a plane upside down, over water, in between buildings and even through buildings.


Game Exchange Link - http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2695





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-Click the Download image to download-


I present my Wing-Rider, Snow Capsule. It's inspired by myself, how I want to escape the horrible Chicago winters by flying away somewhere better. So race around buildings and mountains and twist around and try to defeat the evil monster.... Cold. And I just want to say, I can't believe it's been a year since the Teh Big Dipper Challenge! That was the first contest I've entered on here, and glad more are still being held.


PS. I added a new area to the park called 'Frosty Land'. That's the area of the park where my Wing Rider is, and I added some new rides. Nearly doubling the size of the park, and nearly enclosing the lake completely of rides. Enjoy!





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Greetings again!


I've been pleased to see a few of the submissions for my latest park adventure... but I'd like to see a few more. I'm always looking for creativity in the design process, and I'd love to see what everyone can do!


So, I'm extending the deadline till FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT, PDT.


Go for it- If you've been waiting to submit something, you now have four more days to do so!



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Ok, I feel like an idiot but I would like to clarify... So 12am PDT is 3am in Central Indiana correct? Sorry, I feel really dumb asking this as I have a feeling that it is correct but I would like an official opinion as I tend to poop things up. lol. Thanks and sorry again.



Edit: Finished four years early, do I have to enter it now or can I continue to build till year six? Sorry for the questions...


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1.) 12AM PDT= 2AM Indiana time- sorry, no additional hours there...


2.) Read the rules: If you complete the challenge, you may choose to add onto your park in the end, however, remember that it's the ride we're looking at for judging- not the park.



Games Forum Management Team

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There is only a two hour difference? Well, I messed up somewhere. lol. Thanks again.


Finished: http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2698


My wingrider is themed to an epic journey to escape the deadly Cogburn Jungle. There really was no insperation theme wise as I really wasnt liking anything so I went jungle. I added the Cogburn Jungle section to house my wingrider, along with python (couldnt think of a better name), and a Top Scan. Really the only other big addition is Independence. The large B&M mega coaster in the back of the park. Needed a large peep-eater, so in went Independence.


Anyway, hope you like it.


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I have some wonderful news!


After reviewing the entries, and having the powers that be vote on things (Yes, even I answer to a board of directors!) a winner has been chosen!


Congratulations to Mr. Sum 1_55 for his winning entry!


Please PM MCJaco with your information on your X-Flight Media day Bag of Crap! I'm looking forward to having your new coaster in Cogburn Ranch, too!



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^^I returned home from coasting for kids last night, and what a surprise!


Iron Horse was a lot of fun to build, and I thought I had a descent chance of winning, but I was starting to get a bit afraid after seeing some of the other great submissions. Good job to everyone.

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