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TPR's Wing-Rider Challenge

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Hello again TPR!


I've just gotten back from a long and very fun trip to ride these new creations by B&M: the Wing Rider. I must say that I'm quite impressed with them, as they are fun and quite nice to ride on! It just so happens that I've got a park that I'm in the process of rehabilitating that NEEDS one of these beautiful creations:


Cogburn Ranch Challenge



My latest endeavor: Cogburn Ranch


Download the park here!


In this challenge, you have to build one Wing Rider from B&M, and upgrade the park to make the goals I've set out for you- but I've made these easy, and the money is already rolling into the park!




1.) You may build only ONE B&M Wing Coaster- and no other wing-coasters. As much as you'd like to do three, I only would like one- no overkill, please


2.) You must complete the challenge by the end of year SIX. That should NOT be difficult at all, as I've already given you a running head start.


3.) Some rides are to be preserved. You will figure this out when playing. I'm keen on my rides!


4.) You may use any other rides that are provided in the scenario to fill out your park.




The Wing Rider:


OK, so you're saying this: "I don't have the wing rider track! HELP!"


Good news, everyone! Here is a set of rides that you can easily upload into your RCT II game to play the scenario.


1.) Download this: Wing Rider Pack.zip


2.) Unzip the file, and put the contents into the "OBJECTS" data file in you RCT II folder on your hard drive.


3.) Load the game.


4.) Play the scenario.


It's that simple- and easy to do. In less than 10 minutes, you are ready to build my new park.


Once you're done with your park, upload it to the TPR Games forum: Use file type: "TPR CHALLENGE"


Your park should be saved as "(Your screen name) TPR Challenge" so that it would read like this: "CrazyParkManager TPR Challenge" only using YOUR name in it's place.


TAKE PICTURES! Post them here (Yes, you're allowed to do single shots in this thread!)


Oh! The prize: How could I forget the prize! Our GENEROUS Moderator mcjaco has granted us this:




A WONDERFUL Six Flags Great America X-FLIGHT media day Bag of Crap!


One X Flight Tote bag

One X-Flight metal water bottle

One X-Flight XL T-shirt

One X-Flight luggage tag

One X-Flight USB 2GB Thumb Drive

One X-Flight Save the Date Media Invite

One X-Flight Info folder and contents

One X-Flight Media Day Media Pass


And as always, have fun with this!



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WAit, is using the trick where you place objects then destroy them with rides considered a cheat? it was listed under tips on one website. .. . . i know the cheats where you rename guests and they pay more money. . . . . . but is the first one considered it?

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WAit, is using the trick where you place objects then destroy them with rides considered a cheat? it was listed under tips on one website. .. . . i know the cheats where you rename guests and they pay more money. . . . . . but is the first one considered it?


All of those are cheats. All of those will get you banned- ASAP.


The scenario was planted with 'Easter Eggs' throughout - some seen, some unseen to find and detect cheats. That serves as your warning: Don't do it. Play the game like normal, and you have a chance to win. Cheat on the game, and we will find you- and ban you. Ask the others who have been caught and are banned.



Games Forum Management Team

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This sounds really awesome. I'm going to test out the Wing Rider and try to get a good feel for it before I attempt this. I also really love the prizes, especially that flash drive


Are we also allowed to use the scenery you provided us in the scenario?

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I like the design itself, but it doesn't scream B&M Wing Rider to me. I'd say make it a little more compact and twisty and turny. Look at X-Flight and Swarm to get an idea.

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I am having some trouble. Whenever I download the park, it doesn't comes out as a ASSOC_SCENARIO file. It just comes out as a plain file. Where do I put it to make it work?


The scenario goes into your "Scenarios folder"


Be sure you have the right file extension on it: .SC6

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So I went and did some experimenting with the Wing Rider. I think I am ready for the challenge!


Thundershock blasts you around fast turns and through 3 insane inversions!


Sky Soar twists you all around while soaring through the sky. Prepare to fly through four breathtaking inversions.

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Challenge completed: Introducing CLEOPATRA'S FURY!


This B&M WingRider combines thrilling adventures with a fully-themed ride, dark show and special effects attraction. Ride Cleopatra's Fury- if you dare...



"The Institute for Egyptian Studies- learn about the history of Cleopatra, and the 'rumoured' curse on her posessions...



Overview of Cleopatra's Fury and related buildings.

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I just finished year six and am ready to share my park with you! I finished the scenario challenge in September of year 4, but I spent the rest of the time putting foliage, food, staff, etc. in to make the park look nicer. So, here's my entry into the challenge and the link to the exchange!


Here's my Wing-Rider, Samurai! Featuring an unique drop, zero-g roll, Immelmann, loop, and Norwegian loop, this is the park centerpiece as it is centered over the lake! It's tagline is, "Stronger than the fiercest Ninja, can you tame the Samurai?"


This could be an awesome coaster in real life!


Family coasters!




This is attempting to theme a haunted house.


Go Karts in the woods.




Game Exchange Link!

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