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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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Been having fun lurking this thread and I'm going on a fairly similar trip in May, so thought I'd join in.


I'm also onboard the Hong Kong/Shenzen and maybe Taipei train.


I really think a lot of the pictures are a reference to Windows of the World in Shenzen. All the famous landmarks are done in "miniature". Hence all the pictures of buildings, plus the "Size matters" picture. The ticket counter picture I think is actually supposed to be "ticket window" fitting in with the Windows of the world.


The cookies are a reference to Happy valley. I think Happy in the bottom of the picture is key. Or maybe Disney (happiest place on earth).


The key element from the Facebook poster is the water, in reference to Ocean Park. Ghost blasters may be in reference to the new Arctic Blaster coaster they are in the process of building there.


And well the guidebooks are a selection of possible places... but Hong Kong is one of them.


Early on in the thread I think there was reference to driving on the other side of the road/London which would fit with Hong Kong being a recent former colony of England.


Finally, the last two pictures. I think the one is from Tung Chung, and the other Air China just referencing the fact HK is in China.

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OK, I'm going with Thailand as well, because why would they go to Hong Kong when they are doing the TPR trip add on to there later this year? So the China region is out.


Taiwan- Yes, there are a few clues for Taiwan, but I think they are red herring clues.



Happy Smiley faces- Thailand = Land of Smiles

Phucket is in Thailand, (he'll I'd just want a layover there just to check in on Facebook)

Gold City is the name of a Hotel in Thailand

Steve Jobs- Apple had issues after the big floods in Thailand with supplies of their products.


It was a relatively short flight. I would assume it would have been longer if they were going to Taiwan.

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^Yeah every single clue leads me to believe that they are going to windows of the world in china... Followed by world joyland.. angry birds (the attraction. size matters (the miniatures they have there)photos of towers (they have them there) photos of taipei 101(the only miniature they don't have there) , the previous photo of the knock off mythos at world joyland... the china airline.. the bank of china logo.why do I still think they are going to Trans Studios tomorrow? I guess I'm jaded.

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