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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2012 Edition!

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Where in the world are Robb & Elissa???


Where could we be and where are we going???


That is the question that YOU need to figure out! We will be post photos that will be clues as to where we are at. You need to tell us where that location is! Keep in mind, our location may change each time we post photos! The winner will be decided by Robb & Elissa and the criteria will include:


- How well you used the photos to help figure out where we were at

- How many places you get right based on the photos

- How well you SHOW YOUR WORK! (meaning you have to figure out how the clues relate to where we are!)


The rules are very simple:


1. Random "guesses" don't count. Everyone has to "show their work", meaning, they have to explain why the clues we posted led them to think we are where they say we are.


2. Guesses on Facebook or Twitter don't count. All responses MUST be posted to the TPR thread to count towards winning.


3. Every photo we post WILL be a clue as to where we are or where we are going...however, each clue may not exactly "help" you!


4. Once again, you MUST "show your work" to win! The first person to guess BASED ON THE ACTUAL CLUES will be the winner, even if the correct location of where we are at is "blurted out" ahead of time by another member.


5. What is the prize? This is no Bag-O-Crap! We will put together an amazing "care package" full of cool and awesome stuff from wherever it is in the world we are going! And once you find out, you'll want it! If I had to guess it would be valued at about $100.


6. Robb & Elissa reserve the right to change the rules or add more rules at any given time during the contest to make it more difficult on you!


As you start guessing the clues, and telling us how those clues relate to where we are in the world, you'll earn points! You HAVE to show your work! Random guesses DO NOT COUNT! The more you show your work, the more "bonus" point that can be awarded! So it's going to be best if you tell us not only where you think we are but WHY you think we are there!!! Responses should be thought out!




If you're not familiar with how this game works, please check out our past "Where in the World" threads to get an idea:


2010: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57571&p=970003


2009: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=710716#p710716


2006: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=120896#p120896


2005: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=52755#p52755


I think that's pretty straight forward...now here is the first batch of photos! We will continue to post new photos to my Facebook page and then those photos will be copied here. Remember... GUESSES ON THE FACEBOOK PAGE DO NOT COUNT! YOU **MUST** POST IN THIS THREAD!!!



Here we are! But where are we? And where could we be going???


This looks pretty. But where it is? And why is it so GREEN? Did I mention that it's GREEN?


One of these?


This is an odd picture. Why would I include this?


Yum! I love MEAT!!!!


What park should we go to before Best Buy? And why???


This is an actual clue!!!


This is also an actual clue!


Inside this bag holds the key to the world...and this trip. What could be inside?


And what does this breaded cat have anything to do with this contest? And really? Who does this to their cat???? And why wouldn't they use decent bread?!?!?

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Lufthansa is a German airline ... so you could be in Europe

Virgin Atlantic flies over ... well ... the Atlantic

The curve ball, though, is TAM - a Brazilian airline


Googling for Best Buy South America has the first result as: "Best place to buy cocaine" so I am guessing there is no Best Buy in South America.


Best Buy have stores in the US (obviously...), Mexico and China. In the UK all 11 stores have closed. At this point, I am guessing your in China.


So, here are my guesses:


Your flew into Shanghai, got the train to the city or perhaps traveled west to Nanchang or Beitang and visited World Joyland, which is near to these cities or towns


Also, World Joyland is mentioned in this CNN Article: http://www.cnngo.com/shanghai/play/100-things-do-shanghai-summer-274423


Edit: the photo of the plant was taken at Shanghai Botanical Garden

Another edit: forget the Botanical Gardens ... your at a travel hub, hence the suitcase on wheels in the background


-- Matt

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^--- While it looks likes all the photos were taken at the Orlando airport--- (I've spent too much time there)


I think they are going to Shanghai & Beijing, China and definitely visiting World Joy Land

Airport Shots- Lufthansa flys to Beijing

Shot of the MCO monorail- Possibly traveling between beijing and shanghai (or other locations) on their high speed rail

Outback- The only outback steakhouse in China is in Beijing

CNN- China is abbreviated frequently as CN

The picture of manta could refer to the flying the coaster at World Joy Land (Starry Night Ripper) that they haven't ridden yet.

Renee's breaded Cat? -4 million pussies are eaten ever year in China



Fun Facts that have nothing to do with the contest: Best Buy recently shuttered all their China locations.

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Well Orlando is where WDW is...&judging by Manta you are or were in Orlando at some point...and based on the train system.....and by all the Shanghai talk here... Shanghai Disney? Then again maybe some where in Egypt or Egypt themed...because the Arnold or thomas' bagel thin on kitty's head suggests The sphinx statue thingy...but then Egypt itself is a big no no right now b/c of the civil unrest...so


Right now I say....Shanghai Disney

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You are most likely flying out of Orlando. Not a really wild guess, you do live there, right?


But where are you going?


My first guess, based on the Aer Lingus-sign and the GREEN hint would have been that you are going to Ireland, the GREEN Island.

But then, are there any theme parks on Ireland that are operating at this time of year? I doubt so. And what would you do there?


Then I took a look at the other hints, and I now think you are going from Orlando to Atlanta, Georgia.

The CNN headquarter is located in Atlanta.

The only Manta rays held in any US aquariums or parks are at the Georgia Aquarium.

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Ok, so I can obviously tell as well as everyone else that you are at MCO. Most of the clues make me think you are headed to Australia. "Outback" implies you're headed down under. Virgin Atlantic offers service to Australia. The "GREEN" picture I'm thinking is hinting that you are on your way to check out the new Green Lantern coaster at Warner Bros Movie World?? The picture of the train I'm assuming is just more evidence that you're at MCO. I haven't come up with anything for Best Buy or CNN yet, and I have no idea idea what the Bread Cat is all about, but it is certainly adorable. The Manta picture could be just more evidence for Orlando airport, or it could also have more Australian implications. Perhaps it is a reference to manta rays that swim around Australia's great Barrier Reef? Or maybe you're showing something from Sea World because you'll be visiting the unaffiliated Sea World in Australia?


So most of the clues make me think Australia. However, I did some digging, and read that the Outback restaurant at the Orlando airport is in Terminal B.... which would rule out Virgin Atlantic and TAM, and tell me that you were flying Lufthansa! I'm confused by that. Perhaps it's a mistake on the website??

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I would say that they are at MCO. The odd picture looks like the shuttle you take to get to the terminal. The Manta shot looks like a picture of a picture. It is probably an ad at the airport. Where they are flying to...we will have to wait for the next set of photos.

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Clue 1 - You are Orlando International airport

Clue 4 - The picture was taken at Orlando Airport.

Clue 3 - All those Airlines will take you off the continent

Clue 5 - Australia has its Outback

Clue 2 - Warner Bros. Movie World has just opened GREEN Lantern

Clue 7 - CNN is owned by Time Warner.

Clue 8 - Manta is at SeaWorld. There is an amusement park in Australia called SeaWorld. You enjoyed Jet Rescue: "This coaster gives me hope for San Diego's Manta!"


My current guess is Warner Bros Movie World in Australia from Atlanta. You flew from Orlando with Virgin Atlantic.

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scratch that whole shanghai Disney thing....I am now hypothesizing that you were at the Georgia Aquarium, home to Nandi who resembles the Sea World Orlando Manta coaster. http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/nandi/about-nandi/ also Manta's feed off of plankton which is Green. you were in Orlando because of that video you all posted a few days ago...the light show or whatever it was...


Also Atlanta is home to CNN....


will post more as I see more clues speaking of which...TOWER could be CNN tower...or Stratosphere tower ride in Las Vegas, which could mean the Luxor Hotel theme park due to the Egyptian theme and the bread headed kitty looking sphinx like

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it is NOT Austrailia I don't think, because there are McD's in Austrailia.



OMG I KNOW!!!! It's Tayto Theme Park in MEATH <----you said meat in big letters so. Ireland. Ireland is green and you can take lufthansa or aerlingus. Isle one of the words in the puzzle and whiskey glasses makes me even more convinced It is Tayto park. http://www.taytocrisps.ie/park/

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I am new at this, but I think after reviewing some of the pictures you are heading to South America on TAM.


Initial pictures are from the Orlando Airport.

South America is Green right now. There summer our Winter.

You have not gone to South America (as far as I know), so I think this is a research trip.


Beast Buy, CNN and Outback are all in the same gate area 60 - 99 at the MCO airport.


Still mulling through the rest of the pics. But I feel like south is where you are headed. Europe is under too much snow, and you are going to China in the Fall.

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