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  1. OMG a slightly humorous story of my Aunt Gertrude, who was 300 LBS and went on the Parachute Drop at SFGA...she broke it! It literally got stuck halfway down....my mom was all "we are not with her" and me being 7, I was like Mommy that Aunt Gert! we are with her! Then when we went on the cable cars....they.........creaked and stopped. Hilarious
  2. I am heavy-ish now...but I have a badonkadonk to rival Kim Kardashian, and dolly parton chest...so even when I WAS thin, I had a heck of a time fitting in Rolling Thunder at GA...I almost fell out...
  3. Before I have kids, I am gonna go to Japan with my husband...I NEED TO!!!! Even if I don't do a coaster...(knee issues)Japan is still frikkkin awesome looking.
  4. Hey....looking for something FUN to help with my knee surgery recovery, So me and hubby can just relax and unwind after a injury filled Summer. I REALLY want to do Allure of the Seas, is that THE defacto fanciest cruise available with any company right now? I mean if I am gonna break my cruise cherry, I want the Titanic of luxury...the most poshest, top o the line sea voyage available! I heard about Disney Fantasy...is that bigger and nicer than Disney Dream? I just don't want a million kids running around and tripping me and shit.
  5. So...is WDW really super wheel chair/handicapped friendly? If I were to go say, this coming Spring, I may still be recuperating from major knee surgery...and it's a literal pain to walk a whole lot....can like me and my husband(he is normal, not handicap)get special passes to get on first or do we have to like wait. I won't be able to do coasters more than likely, because I have screws in my knee, and the risk of breaking my tibia is too great. I'm torn...I wanna see Fantasy Land so badly, and as a WDW virgin, want to do it the right way...but all the good deals are for families. Not couples.
  6. Ok evidence of lotte world!!!! The breaded kitty sphinx = pharohs fury Tower heist = tower ride they have there i forget the name now...and the love boat = the water coaster Atlantic adventure which could be the virgin ATLANTIC clue Or the love boat could be references to their sites section on things to do with your sweetheart which includes a Tunnel of love! There is a CIRCUS light show and one of the clues said something about the CIRCUS Lotte vending machine too is a give away
  7. Omg the lotte photo!!!! The menu written in korean ....lotte world in seoul sk!!!!! They have the cat eating too.
  8. hmmm a Greek Font....I and changing again and going with Georgia Aquarium as one stop . Athens is in Georgia which could be the greek font reference. Although...I dunno what's going on in Greece right now, if there is unrest...because you could be also going to Allou! Park
  9. it is NOT Austrailia I don't think, because there are McD's in Austrailia. OMG I KNOW!!!! It's Tayto Theme Park in MEATH <----you said meat in big letters so. Ireland. Ireland is green and you can take lufthansa or aerlingus. Isle one of the words in the puzzle and whiskey glasses makes me even more convinced It is Tayto park. http://www.taytocrisps.ie/park/
  10. scratch that whole shanghai Disney thing....I am now hypothesizing that you were at the Georgia Aquarium, home to Nandi who resembles the Sea World Orlando Manta coaster. http://www.georgiaaquarium.org/nandi/about-nandi/ also Manta's feed off of plankton which is Green. you were in Orlando because of that video you all posted a few days ago...the light show or whatever it was... Also Atlanta is home to CNN.... will post more as I see more clues speaking of which...TOWER could be CNN tower...or Stratosphere tower ride in Las Vegas, which could mean the Luxor Hotel theme park due to the Egyptian theme and the bread headed kitty looking sphinx like
  11. Well Orlando is where WDW is...&judging by Manta you are or were in Orlando at some point...and based on the train system.....and by all the Shanghai talk here... Shanghai Disney? Then again maybe some where in Egypt or Egypt themed...because the Arnold or thomas' bagel thin on kitty's head suggests The sphinx statue thingy...but then Egypt itself is a big no no right now b/c of the civil unrest...so Right now I say....Shanghai Disney
  12. if i were to go to disney...can u ride if u have non epileptic seizures i just got diagnosed ii love beer and piers....can i be his hag /
  13. HOLY SHIT Old orchard BEACH!!! No way!!!! My dad is like a mile from the boardwalk....my brother is a bike cop there! that is sooooo cool that you were there. Jimmy the Greeks is wicked awesome I hear!!! My brothers local watering hole.
  14. Coal Cracker was where I lost my coaster virginity at 10 years old. The second time I was there was during Sidewinders inaugural season. I kept wanting to go on but lost my nerve...
  15. watched a Food Network special about Theme park food,and knoebels won! I hear they make some EPIC gustatory delights! I noticed the sundae one guy had. I think somethin like that was featured...it was fried ice cream I think?
  16. I couldn't get off work or I would have come!!! I would go just to witness the unbridled hilarity that is Piers...does he have a "hag" do you know? Maybe he's accepting applications??? Oh well...he is quite a nice looking fella and seems nice.
  17. THIS! In the 70's you could bring food on Space Mountain at WDW! I know this because my late Godmother was eating a chocolate peanut frozen banana while riding...she screamed and choked on a peanut that lodged in her lung for a few years...eventually having to get the lung removed. She then died a year or so later of complications.
  18. Lucky!!!! anyone looking for a meat chicken...try a site calledhttp://strapya-world.com they have all the cool key chains and cellphone straps from Japan.
  19. I remember when my baby sitter went on Lightnin' Loops at SFGA in like 1984...she lifted her arms and the bar came up as they went down a hill....I also nearly fell out of Rolling Thunder about 14 years ago...maybe that was just extreme air time?
  20. I would pay good money to see a theme park of feral cats and racoons! they could also just let it rust and go for an abandoned theme park/ steam punk themed place
  21. So...I noticed the Sesame Street characters....is licensing different in Japan? In the States, Disney or MGM has the license for Muppets, and since Sesame Street characters are Muppets too...how does that work? How did Universal get the Sesame Street license?
  22. OUCH!!!! My elbow still hurts looking at the after math of the alpine slide! My husband still has a scar from Action Park's alpine slide in the 80's!
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