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New Roller Coasters in the RAW DVDs and Blu-Ray!

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Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 6 and Roller Coasters in the RAW HD Volume 2 NOW AVAILABLE!


We are also offering a brand new Double Pack Blu-Ray that includes BOTH Roller Coasters in the RAW HD discs and a great price! Order now:


Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 6 DVD:



Roller Coasters in the RAW HD Volume 2 Blu-Ray:



Roller Coasters in the RAW HD Volume 1 & 2 Blu-Ray Double Pack:



Click the links above for details on the new DVDs and Blu-Rays!


--Robb Alvey

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Having a little problem ordering the combo pack. According to my profile, I have two Club TPR credits of $2.04 and $6.01. But it won't let me enter both of them, and when I do one at a time, it knocks out the discount the 2nd time around.



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Got my Raw 6 DVD's yesterday. Watched them last night and it is some of the best, clear footage I have ever seen! I liked the selection of coasters on the steel disc a lot better. The woodies disc got a little boring towards the end but then again how many amazing woodies are there that have not pretty much been covered on the past Raw discs? Robb thanks again for getting all of this footage for us. I always look forward to every Raw series disc and buy them as soon as they come out.

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but then again how many amazing woodies are there that have not pretty much been covered on the past Raw discs?

I'm kinda glad you pointed this out. My biggest challenge with Raw 6 was "Wow, I'm starting to run out of wood coasters!"


Think about it - I've covered at least 15 wood coasters each volume. That's 90 wood coasters that have been featured over the 6 RAW Volumes. I've pretty much covered all the major, minor, and obscure wooden coasters all over the world!


I still had a few cool ones to pull out for Raw 6, but honestly, it's going to be very hard to come up with a list of 15 decent woodies for a Raw 7!

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Hmm... 2012 is going to be hard, off the top of my head here are five:

Knight Valley - Wood Coaster

Legoland - Coastersaurus

Knight Valley GCI is on Raw 6 and Coastersaurus (Triple Hurricane) was on Raw 3.

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Seriously! You must get this Blu-Ray! If you have been putting off buying a player, go to Wal Mart now and get yourself one! Only $79 while supplies last. This is the coaster footage you have been dreaming of! I can't say enough how crystal clear and real everything feels on this disc. Alana told me she was watching me watch it on the monitor and thought it was funny that I was leaning into the turns and sometimes even ducking during some head chopper elements. I think my only complaint, (and I preface this with the common knowledge that I am retarded and read slow) is that some of the information cards would disappear while I was reading the last sentence. Perhaps 5 more seconds for us literary challenged people. In retrospect, I could also hit the pause button, but that would be way too easy.


All in all, this is the best coaster footage out there today. I can not rave enough about it. Excellent work Robb & Elissa! You have created another masterpiece. It's only sad that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences don't have a category for best B roll. Cause you would win it hands down for this footage. Congratulations on a another exceptional Disc!


On a scale of 1 through 5 up stop wheels, it gets an 11!


Guy "Buy it for the footage, stay for the Grona Twins!" Koepp

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I placed my order for HD vol 2 last Friday after seeing it pop up on Screamscape and prepared to wait for the 25th. I was quite surprised to see that it arrived in the mail YESTERDAY!!! I stayed up until 4a.m. because I could not go to sleep without first watching it all. Absolutely stunning footage, especially with KUMBA in HD! The coaster selection was well rounded and after watching The Phoenix in 1080p, I've decided I have to go to Knoebels next year! I also really appreciated the SFOT and Skyline park guides/maps, that was one more wonderful surprise I didn't expect. Thanks for making the beginning of the week Rock!!!

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Robb, I can suggest a few woodies that I don't think I remember seeing on any of the other discs...yes, they may not be the best but I would love to see them on video:

American Thunder (Evel Kneivel)

Roar (SFDK)

Lightning Racers

Wildcat (Hershey)

^You can never have too many GCI's.


Then there is also:

Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

American Eagle (SFGAM)

Cheetah (WA)

Beast (KI)

Racer (KI)

Rattler (SFFT)

Thunder Road (Carowinds)

Wild One (SFA)

Zippin Pippin (BB)

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^ Unfortunately, Roller Coasters in the RAW doesn't allow me to travel unlimited to every park in the world. So getting to all these parks in 2012 is not realistic. And at some of the parks we will be visiting in 2012, like Hersheypark for example, we'll be focusing our efforts on a ride like SkyRush.


Some of the parks have sent us B-Roll POV, and like Hershey again is a good example, they did not have an un-edited POV of their ride, and were not able to supply it. So those wooden coasters, for example, unless I have time to go out and film them, probably will never appear on a RAW disc. Or other POV footage we're received, like The Beast, was shot so many years ago, and the quality was poor.


Trust me, we do know all the rides that we haven't featured yet, as we have a spreadsheet, and there are reasons why we haven't featured certain ones.


Once we're able to film, or get decent B-Roll from a park, we'll feature them. We just have really high standards of what footage we'll release, that's all!

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