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There is something hidden in the forum!

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Wait...that's it? That's what it was?



Congratulations to the winner. Any chance we might get a second contest tonight?

I would love a guess the coaster tonight


I'm all for an extra special guess that *whatever amusement ride/attraction/park comes to mind* contest for an extra special BOC.

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Does that go for AJ or for me, Robb?

You! How did you find it? Were any of our clues actually helpful?


1. I looked for the posts you and Eric made today. Nothing you posted today seemed "BIG announcement". So, I thought it had to be in one of the pages you could change and it wouldn't show up as a post. So - the pages above (FAQs, Chat, Search, etc.).


2. When you guys started talking about the wrong "Questions", I went to the FAQs. I scrolled through the links at the top, and they were all bookmarks. So, I started reading through. Besides the legal/website links at the bottom, that was the first link I found.

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I'm game. If it's a legal way to up my post count, so be it.

Ok, AJ, you got it!!!! Here's another one....



Hey everyone!


It's Friday night and I'm going to play a little game with you all! The winner will get a HUGE TPR "Box-O-Crap!" and maybe I'll even throw in something cool and unexpected!


Somewhere on the forum...I have hidden something! I'm not going to tell you what it is. But you have to tell me when you think you've found it and I'll tell you if you are the winner or not.


The first person to post IN THIS THREAD what it is and where you found it will be the winner!


The only hint I'm going to give you is that it can be found somewhere in this forum. And you'll know when you've found it!


Post your clues, ideas, comments, questions and maybe....just MAYBE Eric or I will respond with more clues to help narrow it down! Ask as many questions as you'd like, although we can't guarantee an answer to every single one!


Good luck hunting!



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Does it have anything to do with the FAQs this time?

LOL! I will tell you.... YES IT ABSOLUTELY DOES!!!!!








































just kidding...no it doesn't

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