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[RCT3]Tropico Shores

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It's really about time that I started a thread for this park.


Tropico Shores started out as a short stretch of path that I built to see how using tracked rides as path borders would go over. Using the said tracked rides, I was able to create an off-grid NCSO path layout. After I had build this stretch of pavement, I decided to experiment with the stock scenery. This experimenting led me to begin building a park based on this simple premise. Trackitecture.


This is the unfinished entrance area of the park. I have yet to add most of the buildings inside the park.


An example of the style of paving that this park is to have. I'm quite proud of the foliage in this screen.


In this screen, you can see Windstorm, currently the only coaster built in this park. In the back, you can see the Motorbike Races track used in conjunction with the Hop On/Hop Off Transport Trains track in order to create a flowing walkway.


And lastly, an overview shot showing my current progress on the park.


Current Progress

Entrance Area-16%


Back Area-50%

Side Area-5%


Parking Lot-0%

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Update 10/5/11

Bringing a small update today. I've been working on the "side area" which will be shown more in the next update.

Windstorm's station. The building next to it is a restroom.


Windstorm's Layout. It is somwhat inspired by Demon at California's Great America.


Once again, I leave you with an overview of the park to show my progress. The park's second coaster(called Shockwave) can be seen in the "side area".


Current Progress

Entrance Area-16%


Back Area-65%

Side Area-15%


Parking Lot-0%

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Looks AWESOME! Hopefully my new park can look as awesome as this one, but this is awesome inspiration as I(at the moment) am a NCSO builder as well!

Thanks! It makes me very happy to know that my work has inspired someone.


Very interesting, I love your innovative use of coaster tracks for path liners and even supports. I can't wait to see the completed version.

Thanks. Though, I would hardly call it innovative. It's the Kind of thing that I see all the time in the first two games, but I almost never see it done in RCT3.


Update 12/3/11

Another small update today. I originally planned to work on the park over the Thanksgiving break... Then I bought Skyward Sword...

Anyways onto the pictures.

A new building which houses a gift shop. I'm a little partial on the colors. what do you guys think?


Some of the path layout. This path connects the entrance area to the "side area" and is sttill tentative.


And here's another overview. The next update will feature much more progress than this one.


Current Progress

Entrance Area-16%


Back Area-65%

Side Area--20%


Parking Lot-0%

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Not a fan of the magenta on the gift shop, but otherwise great job!

Thanks for the input coastercrazy9! The colors of the gift shop have since been changed.


Oh my goodness, this has to be one of the best no-CS creations ever. Your paths, your stations, even the "fences" look fabulous. I haven't been disappointed in this park at all and I hope you will continue to make this park as best it can be with no custom scenery! Lookin' forward to more!

Thanks for the compliment -Edge of Beast-! I plan on making this park as best as it can be without using any custom objects.


Update 4: Ready to Take a Plunge?

There have been some additions since the last update. One of which will not be shown in depth until the next update.

The parking lot is close to being finished. I just need change the shape in a few areas and then add cars.


I have also removed the building in the back area in order to build a Log Flume.


The double drop of the log flume. I may add some interactive features later on, but I'm currently very satisfied with how it turned out.


I decided that it would be best to include a screenshot of Shockwave as I have not really shown it yet. There will be a station for it very soon. As you can see, I have started on the roof of it.


And lastly, I leave you with another overview shot which shows the progress made since the last update.


Current Progress

Entrance Area-16%

Back Area-70%

Side Area-35%


Parking Lot-80%

See you next time!

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This is really good for not using any CS. The log flume has to one of my favourite areas in the park so far. Looking forward to seeing more updates!



What did you use as the supports for the log flume? Looks good!

Glad you asked. I used the Hershey's Stormrunner and Giga coasters as supports for the Log flume.


I believe those are Impulse supports used with object collision turned completely off.

Thanks for commenting! The supports are the Stormrunner track, and the Giga Coaster track


I actually love how you're doing what a lot of RCT2 users do, use tracks as supports and scenery.


Sorry to ask, but its something I've always wondered, how do you turn off collision detection with the water?

Thank you! It's just something that I see a lot of in RCT2 and LL and I don't know why It's not used more in RCT3. You cannot turn collision detection off with the water. Just google "rct3 underwater coaster" and click the link to the tutorial on the Atari Forums. It should help out a little.


Wow, those log flume supports look amazing, really well done. One suggestion, I'd remove the slight slope on the end of the spikes on the shuttle loop. If you look at real shuttle loops, they have the same slope for the entire spike.

Thanks for the input! I have changed the spikes on the coaster.


This is looking great so far! I'm very interested in what you've been doing to use no custom scenery. Keep up the fantastic work!

Thanks! I intend to keep it up.


Help me out a little here

I have built two B&M stand-up layouts, and I'm having trouble deciding on which one to use. I thought that it would be best to let you guys decide. Here are the options.


Option A


Option B


Thanks in advance for any participation that you can give.

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Update 5-I'm Searching for a Bird of Paradise (12/31/11)

Thanks to everyone who participated by choosing a layout! The winner by only a single vote is... Option A!


Now, onto the next coaster in the park. It's taken me the longest to build of all of the park's coasters, and I can hardly wait to show it to you guys. The foliage around it is not quite complete yet, but it should be soon. So then, let's get to the pictures!

This is the station and exit path of the new coaster, which is called Bird of Paradise. It is the largest/tallest coaster in the park, and is located next to the parking lot. This gives guests somewhat of a view of the ride before they enter the park.


The lift hill of the massive coaster. It even has lights, but you'll have to wait until a later update to see what the park looks like at night.


Upon finishing it's trip up the lift hill, Bird of Paradise takes a massive drop leading into the first inversion of the ride.


When it exits the loop, the train circles through a large helix before heading down the track towards the next element.


Bird of Paradise then flies into a cobra roll which wraps around neatly the lift hill of the coaster.


After a twist, the train dips down into a high speed helix before rising up again to the MCBR.


As the ride nears it's end riders are treated to interlocking corkscrews before turning around, and speeding into the brake run.


An above view of Bird of Paradise.


As you can see with this overview, the path layout is finished and buildings will soon be added to the park. I will also be working to gear the park up for nighttime viewing.


Current Progress

Entrance Area-22%

Back Area-70%

Side Area-40%


Parking Lot-80%


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Late replying for the win.

Looking good! The only suggestion for the new Invert Coaster is that you terraform the below ground sections instead of making them sharp edges. Make the dips look natural instead of the concrete which sticks out a bit too much for my liking.

Thanks for the suggestion! I've redone the terraforming near the loop and it looks much better.



Hello again. It's been what? Two months? Well, I have done little work except for the sporadic going into the game and cleaning some things up. But, I have been inspired as of late so I opened the game up again and got some work done cleaning up some of the area around Bird of Paradise, but unfortunately, I have little to show for it.


I've finally got around to doing BoPs MCBR. Had to re-route the queue and I want to try to work the queue out in a different way, but I'm happy with it.


I've also done landscaping in the area behind and around BoPs first inversion.


Now it's time for a little bit of trivia.

-Tropico Shores, or at least the ride lineup of Tropico Shores, is based loosely on the ride lineup of my home park. Of course, most of the tracked rides have many differences but they each drew inspiration from a ride in this park. Many of the rides have also remained near their respective positions in the park with some slight alterations. Try guessing the park. I'll reveal hints as I update the park in the future.

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