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Most Complicated Restraints

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Deja Vu is odd because it wasn't designed like that. Six Flags Over Georgia showcased a Deja Vu car -



However, the final ride had the massive additions like the ones you see above. A new GIB opened in China recently, but I don't know if it has the same system...


I can tell you the reason for at least one of the additions... imagine someone sitting in the front row there. Now, imagine them extending their arms all the way up. Since there was no shoulder restraint keeping your arm down, you could put your arm all the way up.


Now, look at the wheels and how far away they are.


I had the luck of seeing one of those trains up close before modifications, and a normal proportioned person could sit and reach the wheel. Whoops.

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Here is a photo of the restraints on the new GIB at Jin Jiang Park just outside Shanghai.





Holy crap! I'd think I'd be a bit claustrophobic in those old Magic Mountain GIB restraints! Those modifications seem very overkill. I'm at least glad to see that Vekoma modified the original design to make it like it was before with only minor changes.



The old Deja Vu trains that they used this year on Goliath at least have less padding than before, but still have that weird chin pad on it. Really can't wait to see what the new Premiere trains on it look like. They're still planning on installing them for 2013 right?


Flying Dutchman restraints are a bit complicated for me as I can never get a comfortable ride no matter what I try to do, always too loose. The B&M Flyer trains, I never understood why B&M designed it to use inverted track in the station, then move up to the locked position. It's slightly uncomfortable going up the lift at least for me laying like that, but for the Flying Dutchman, at least that's a better laying down/sitting position.


The Premiere seat belts, if you want to even call them that, on their launched coasters are weird. I mean, I understand that it's there as a failsafe, but it's kind of at an awkward position that a majority of people don't even notice them.

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If you've ever been inside the station of your local B&M stand-up, you would be convinced after 5 minutes that it's got to be B&M stand-up restraints. Unfortunately, it's just a sad reminder that a fair percentage of the people you run into everyday are brain dead, and you should always be on alert.

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^The seatbelt basically comes out the side of the seatback and buckles down into the side bar of the lapbar. The point being that the lapbar can't pop open too far if it does, I suppose...


Common misconception on the Premiere launched and B&M restraints. The seat belts aren't to hold the lap bar/OTSR in place should the restraint fail. It would take a catastrophic failure for a restraint on a modern coaster to fail. The seat belts are there to insure the rider fits into the restraints safely and that it has enough "clicks". This is why some B&M's have the "Big Boy" seat.


Same concept of the Red/Green indicators on some of the Intamin lap bars.

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I got really confused with the motorbike restrains on Velocity at Flamingo Land - I thought they were going to send the train out without fastening me in, as I couldn't figure out how to do it. Turns out that it was actually just a really slow dispatch (a usual at that park).


Also, at the opposite end of the scale, I went on an enterprise, then thought my car's seatbelt had been broken, so I went to the next carriage, and that one didn't have one either. Obviously now I know you don't even need restraints!

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