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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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texasgiantrules [8:03pm]: ok yea lets talk about roller coasters.....my computer got a lap dance from an slc! see! roller coasters!

24 [8:03pm]: lets post this on the random thread then

waterviper [8:04pm]: some people cant handle the randomness

Loser_nerd [8:04pm]: my scl got a lap dance from your laptop

Loser_nerd [8:04pm]: your mom got a lapdance from my slc

waterviper [8:04pm]: my comp and monitor did 69 while riding tatsu

kennywood!007 [8:04pm]: My keyboard got a *CENSORD *....from me..haha

phazan [8:04pm]: back

System Msg: Hurricane has joined ThemeParkReview on Mon Jun 12, 2006 8:04 pm

waterviper [8:05pm]: lol

Hurricane [8:05pm]: WHOOP WHOOOP!

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Loser_nerd [2:11pm]: wtf, my nickname used to be the muffin man

texasgiantrules [2:11pm]: not it!

24 [2:11pm]: me

Hurricane [2:11pm]: I wanna do it!

phazan [2:11pm]: your mom is so black...

Loser_nerd [2:11pm]: there is nothing funny about sixty nine

kennywood!007 [2:11pm]: lol

Loser_nerd [2:12pm]: its more of a pleasureable number

24 [2:12pm]: I know the muffin man! touch me!

XII [2:12pm]: I know the muffin man. He touched me!

Hurricane [2:12pm]: YES THERE IS!!!

texasgiantrules [2:12pm]: hello?! it has 60 in it! whats not funny about 60?!

24 [2:12pm]: you are the muffin man

kennywood!007 [2:12pm]: Your mom is so black and fat, I saw her on Halloween asked her what she was going as and she said "Nightime"

Vigilante [2:12pm]: anyone in here gfay or bi?

phazan [2:12pm]: the random thread got like 5 posts in 2 seconds...dang

Hurricane [2:12pm]: Why do you think my writing is pink!!!

XII [2:13pm]: Its a new record

texasgiantrules [2:13pm]: lol

XII [2:13pm]: Because it is

Vigilante [2:13pm]: i know you are, but someone else

phazan [2:13pm]: your mom's breath so bad, you aint black, she just brethes on you a lot!


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Hurricane [2:15pm]: omg... i just did a HUGE burp!

XII [2:15pm]: your moms so poor that when someone asked her why she was kicking a can, she said she was moving

24 [2:15pm]: FECK

Vigilante [2:15pm]: howells are soo fat they make the earth revolve around the sun.

24 farted

Hurricane [2:15pm]: SPIN SPIN SPIN!

XII [2:15pm]: fcukberrys and belgium waffles

kennywood!007 [2:16pm]: Guys I gotta leave the randomness alone for tonight!

waterviper [2:16pm]: LMAOOOOOOOOOO

kennywood!007 [2:16pm]: Bye all.

benzo41190 [2:16pm]: Ryan is going to tell, I just know it Taiko Rolls Eyes

texasgiantrules [2:16pm]: bye!

kennywood!007 [2:16pm]: Tomarrow night this shall continue!

waterviper [2:16pm]: lata

Hurricane [2:16pm]: lol bye!

kennywood!007 [2:16pm]: Everyone be on1

phazan [2:16pm]: okay let me make one up...

kennywood!007 [2:16pm]: lol

24 [2:16pm]: I did everything

XII [2:16pm]: bye bye

kennywood!007 [2:16pm]: bye

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Vigilante [8:18pm]: thats it

Vigilante [8:18pm]: and my phone went dead

texasgiantrules [8:18pm]: EGAD!

XII [8:18pm]: Thats what else he said

Hurricane [8:18pm]: lol

waterviper [8:19pm]: egad lol

Hurricane chases after the twinkie!

24 gets a cookie

phazan [8:19pm]: the random thread just gained two pages!

24 [8:19pm]: yummy

Vigilante what?

Hurricane [8:19pm]: yay!

texasgiantrules [8:19pm]: how do you make those things like 24 gets a cookie

Vigilante [8:19pm]: your mom is soo fat, she almost looks like Howells mom.

Hurricane asks 24 for a cookie.

Vigilante [8:19pm]: type /me

24 knows how

Vigilante is bisexual


Hurricane [8:19pm]: yea...

phazan [8:19pm]: hey, i almost have 1000 posts

Hurricane is testing.

waterviper [8:20pm]: woot

phazan is cool

benzo41190 [8:20pm]: Justin, thats only for actions

texasgiantrules loves his cpu

Loser_nerd is randy for some hymen




Loser_nerd is curious why the f*** every one is posting in the random thread and posting stuff that makes scence

phazan [8:21pm]: well, over a year

Vigilante [8:21pm]: how do you burb?

waterviper smacks dans back.. feel better?

Vigilante [8:21pm]: seriously, i want a gf

Vigilante [8:21pm]: ask sam if she kinda likes me or not

benzo41190 kicking tyans ass

24 [8:21pm]: WHAT A TWIST

Hurricane smacks mike back

benzo41190 [8:22pm]: she doesnt, in a sexual way

texasgiantrules gives self a..........pat......on the back

Loser_nerd is a nigga for shizzo

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Hurricane exclaims he saw a vekoma sideboob

phazan pulls out a machine gun and mows everyone down

XII [2:22pm]: I saw an Arrow sideboob

Loser_nerd saw your moms side boob!

waterviper [2:23pm]: check out that randomness

texasgiantrules exclaims he saw a human sideboob

24 [2:23pm]: haha

Hurricane says that that is vigilanties field with the guns and the banging and the globing

waterviper smacks dan across his side boob

24 [2:23pm]: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=195807

Vigilante [2:23pm]: howells mom is soo fat, like literally you can use the fat from her ass, to supply all of ethiopia with enough fat for all the people there.

Hurricane says that i dont have a sideboob.

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