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Favorite theme park memory of the 2010 year

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Let's see...


- First tip to Cedar Point last June.

- First rides on Shivering Timbers, Maverick, Cornball Express, and Voyage (and having all of them live up to the hype).

- Some crazy fun car rides on the way to Indiana Beach and Cedar Point.

- Crowding under a picnic area in Splashin' Safari during a thunderstorm and watching Liberty Launch get hit by lightning.


It was certainly a great year!

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Probably my biggest 2010 memory was visiting CGA in the pouring rain so we could do Haunt. Even more memorable though was riding Invertigo at a point in the storm that the rain was coming down in buckets. We took one of the end facing outside seats and felt like we had the water hose going full blast on us when going forwards (What a great way to have one of your last few rides on a coaster to be removed, right?). Ironically, we also rode the log ride in steady rain, fun stuff! That evening during Haunt, we jammed to the back of the park and snagged a ride on Invertigo where my cousin and I were the only 2 riders on it. After the first part of the day and during the Boofet, we were freezing, quite damp...so we ate inside the building that was heated. Was it worth spending the day (and evening) in the cold rain? Totally!

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Seeing the Skyline of "Six Flags Magic Mountain" the first time ever during my "USA 2010 Easter Trip".

Walking through the Gates of "Six Flags Magic Mountain" Easter 2010 and " Parque Warner [/i" ]during my Spain Trip 2010, incredible feeling of freedom and worrieless..

Controlling my "Q-bot / Flashpass" I just loved this moment !!

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Our only 2010 visit to SFOG on the last weekend of October. It was the absolute worst park visit anytime, or anywhere I've ever been. The only saving grace is that we didn't pay for it....literally anyway.


And why would I post this in the "favorite theme park memory" thread? Because it reminded me of one VERY important SFOG rule:

Visits early in the season = Good.

Visits late in the season = Toss of the coin....but usually Bad.


It's good to be reminded of certain things every now and then.

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Re-visiting Europa Park on the TPR Europe Trip last year. Because I already had all the credits, I got to slow down and enjoy the park. It went up tremendously in my estimation.


I also really enjoyed the Italian parks, which was a great surprise because I was expecting them to suck. Gardaland had brilliant theming, while Mirabilandia had great rides.

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The highlight for me was going to Six Flags St. Louis for the first time last June. Despite the excessive heat I had a very good time and is my second favorite Six Flags (behind Great America). While not having a big signature ride their coaster collection is quite good and varied. Loved the park overall.


While not park related going up in the Gateway Arch was also pretty sweet.


I went to Martin's Fantasy Island on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and was also the first time I was there. Was quite surprised with Silver Comet as it was quite a decent ride and not rough at all. Martin's takes good care of the ride. I plan on going to try the new Mind Warp ride this year.


I finally rode KI's Diamondback last year and is my second favorite ride in the park. Since I got a Gold Pass this year I hope to try some night rides this summer. Back seat rules on this coaster.

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Two great memories from 2010:


Dragging my coasterphobic boyfriend to Alton Towers for the day.

First stop was Thirteen which I think we both quite enjoyed. He was smiling afterwards anyway!

Next up Rita (in the rain - owwie!), he didn't look so impressed in the queue for this - but at least he didn't look scared yet - his face at the breaks was a picture though.

So we head along to Air, with me reassuring him "It's ok, this one's gentle." The fear was still on his face as we were boarding but he REALLY liked it! (He even insisted we go back later for another go.)

Pleased with his bravery we ventured on Nemesis, my favourite, which he spent the whole time shouting obscenities from the seat beside me while I giggled. He really didn't like that one, which is a shame as I LOVE it.

I gave him permission to wuss out of one coaster on the trip, but the only other rides we got on were the river rapids and runaway mine train (both of which he really enjoyed) so I obviously didn't stand my ground so well! He complained he was feeling sick by the time we got close to Sonic, and there was no way I could have pushed him all the way to Oblivion!

Despite Jay's fear of anything that straps you in and throws you about a bit, we both had a great day and munched our way through faaar too many Nemesis doughnuts and a fair amount of pizza. Yum!



Ok, so M&D's isn't real 'Theme Park' despite what their website insists, my 6 and 7 year oldnieces had great fun there when we took them though. My three younger nephews weren't so enthralled, but there's time yet. I loved taking the girls on the coasters they were tall enough for and making sure their hands were in the air! I think they're definately going to be into the thrill rides, and I can't wait 'till they're big enough to take to somewhere like Alton!

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At SFGAm, we were waiting for the front seat of Raging Bull for a night ride. In front of us were these two boys who were acting like one might expect two unaccompanied under-12 boys to act: shoving each other, insulting each other, spitting, etc. We had reached the station, and a party in front of us called back to see if there were two riders who wanted to ride with them to fill a row. The two boys were too busy shoving each other and so weren't paying attention. The satisfaction of going ahead of them, however, couldn't compare to what happened next.


We found out that the two girls who wanted the two riders only did it so they didn't have to sit next to these people who, according to them, had reeked out the entire line with the terrific stench of B.O. This led into a discussion with about eight other people about the downfalls of being downwind of B.O., which culminated when the offenders finally boarded: As their train left the station, one of the guys still in line with us yelled, at the top of his lungs, "SO LONG, BITCHES!!!"


Immature? Absolutely. But memorable? Oh yes, indeed.

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Back seat on Diamondback with a very loose restraint. Best airtime I've ever experienced.



Backseat on the outside you get soaked if you turn around during the splashdown. Very, Very refreshing on hot summer days.


Enjoyable ride to say the least..

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One of my favorite memories of 2010 is going to Disneyland in December and being able to spend 3 days in both parks! After 2 years of not stepping foot into either park, it was awesome to go. To be able to watch Fantasmic, the Fireworks, the new Tron show at DCA, and to be able to ride all of your favorite rides from when you were little, and not have a care in the world is just amazing. Disneyland truly allows you to be a kid no matter your age.

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