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TPR RCT2 Showdown!

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TPR RCT2 Showdown

After seeing H2H5 at NE (great contest btw), I thought that TPR should do something similar. In this contest, you have 3 weeks to build a mini-park with your team mates. Yes, I said team mates. Each team will have 4 people including a team chosen captain. All people on your team will be chosen randomly, based on a draft. The draft's purpose is to make sure that teams wont have to much good people, or to little good people. The parks your team makes can have custom scenery, no custom scenery, or a mix of both. The judges will be the public. I will put up a poll each match up so people can vote. The winning team will be crowned Showdown Champion 2011. There is no bench provided either. Sign up deadline is Feburary 5th at 12:00PM PST.


Bigger then 25x25 map

No helping other teams

No more then 4 people on a team

No using unfinished parks that you have, must start off on a clean bench. (lol dj)

No voting for your team.

2 builders MAX building on a park

All players must be used in the season



Captain 1:the_ghost Team: Coupon, TLM, emberfoot, Blah!

Captain 2 djbrcace1234 Team: Mastersax, CCI, Imawesome, megamatt

Captain 3: sfgamguy Team: Tdub, PSI, 10ryansmith,doublestufforeo

Captain 4: Califolf Team: K&M, Braztaz, Ace_of_Spades,Socalcoasters



Captains will be chosen from a hat.

Rules subject to change




Round 1: SFGAM vs. DJ

Ghost vs. Folf


Due: Sunday Feb. 27th at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time.


Round 2: DJ vs. Ghost

SFGAM vs. Folf


Due: Sunday, March 20th at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time.


Round 3: Folf vs. DJ

SFGAM vs. Ghost



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I would've loved to join, but as I've got at least 5 projects running right now, I'm not so sure. Also I am just starting to learn what you can do with some of the NE benches

Its ok Reviar, theres always next time.


I've got too many projects going right now, and too much homework. Between the two I really can't do this

That stinks.

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Lol, anyway, can't wait to hear the team capitians!



Would this be 4 people working on one park?


I am considering this but am not 100% sure. I'll wait until the weekend to make my decision.

Yes, 4 people on 1 park, it should be quick to make.

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