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Jamiewood Park 2.0 [RCT3]

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With GWP Miami not liking my new computer.....I found this park that was long forgotten by me. The last time I opened it up was 2008!

So here is just one of the many upgrades going on at the park.



Once I get everything "Up to todays standards" I'll be showing it off some more.

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Greating Coaster Enthusiasts! My name is Jim and I am the GM of Jamiewood Park. We are glad to be back in business.


Jamiewood Park is proud to announce it's first new ride in 2 years and first new coaster since Snowblind was installed in 1999. We feel that this new coaster will be a great new addition to our already stellar coaster lineup.


Here are some of the photos taken at todays construction tour.

Welcome to the new parking lot. That's right.....New. This is the main reason the park was closed for upgrades. Jamiewood was one of the few parks with no onsite parking. Guests where shuttled to the gate.


There she is....Our new coaster!


Some of the track.


Some of the catwalks that will go on the ride.


The nearly complete lift hill.


Here you can see that most of the catwalks have been installed and the awaiting the chain return.


Workers just completed the transfer table today.


View from inside the framed out station.


This view will pretty much be the same once the ride is complete.


Work is progressing quit nicely. If all goes well, we may see testing by March.


Hope to see you at the grand reopening



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Good afternoon! Today is March 5th


The last section of track was installed moments ago so lets take a look at the completed ride.


It sure makes a statement when you pull into the parking lot.


A view from the main walkway into the park.


I wonder what could be in here?.......


The Que was pored just last night.


Station gates have been placed.


This photo was taken from the transfer track.


The complected first drop and MCBR.


The huge second hill.


90 Degrees!


This is the turnaround. Two overbankes, one 90 degrees, and of course two Take the Tunnels!


Testing should commence soon.



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Mammoth indeed! Looks awesome, and the color-scheme fits very well.


FYI; there is a new re-texture for B&M tracks done by CPCisco that make the tracks look newer (no weathering, shinier), and it has a "Patriot-stripe" running alongside the tracks (like how Patriot has that white stripe running along the spine). Hope this isn't against the rules mentioning that, but I think it'd look awesome on this coaster.

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Good evening! Today is April 1st......I know its April Fools day, but it is also Media Day for Mammoth!


The media is getting ready to tame Mammoth.


Mammoth's lift as seen from the newly completed entrance. The pain is still a little wet.


Getting ready to ride!


The historic first train rolling out of the station.


Overview of Mammoth as seen from the MCBR.


The home stretch.


The second train sits waiting for opening day.


Onride Photo Time!


Arrowhead was warmed up later in the day.


So was Waveswinger.


Classic Arrow goodness.


Somethings still need work......


This is the last original concession stand. It will be coming down tomorrow.


Mammoth stayed open late into the night. This was to break in the ride some.


Until our next update.



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This is a great park and I have enjoyed following since it first started. Although somethings could be improved like the entrances to the rides. Maybe you could make logos and put them on Bilboards which will look more profesional. Mamoth looks great though! Keep up the great work!

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This looks really great! The coasters are supported very well, something many people (often myself too) overlook. You did great with the POV's and the music.


One thing I did notice is that your paths are in a extremely rigid grid system. It works to an extent, but I would try and add some diagonals and curves to change things up and make the paths give way to the rides in a more 'interesting' way.

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Love the park! I really like the custom supports (mostly because I’m too impatient for that). My only complaint is from having worked on two B&M coasters, that MCBR is way too close to the end. Just something to think about if every making another B&M. I really like the unique arrow layout too. I think following grrt’s suggestion about the path’s would definitely help, but just applying it to new paths would work great.

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Still trying to figure out how to do billboards in 7


Opening Day!

What a view from the parking lot!


Had to get a view of the famous waterfall.


Front gate is ready to go. Still waiting for the clock to be installed on the tower though....


Mammoth is an amazing site from inside the gate.


The finishing touches where put on Mammoth this past week. New light on the catwalks and.....


The new chain return/lift motor housing.


More from opening day soon!

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How are you guys enjoying the season so far. Hard to believe it is August already.


Mammoth reached it 1,000,000 rider today!


Arrowhead is currently down for a long referb. work should be done by opening day next season.


Wave Swinger and the famous waterfall.


Shockwave was testing after a breakdown.


And this if you hadn't guessed it is the spot for our 2011 attraction.


I will have full coverage of our last day of the season.


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