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GCI coaster Contest [Rct3]

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Since 1998 GCI have been making the most extrodinary of roller coasters from Racers like Gwazi and Joris en de Draak to the most compact of coasters such as Wildcat and Kentucky Rumbler. However, Great Coasters International have now decided that they need to create a Standard Model for future customers for a lower cost and flexability. Great Coasters International have chosen YOU to create and design a compact GCI coaster that includes all the elements that make it stand out as a GCI roller coaster.




It must be compact and have a small footprint.

It must Keep a satisfying pace throughout the layout.

It mustHave GCI Millenium Flyers (In game cars).

It should Have a station fly Through.

It should Be twisty!

It should Have Airtime!

It should not Go underground. (Remember, this is a Standard Model)

It should not Be unaesthetic!

It should not Be less than a minute long or more than two minutes long!





You need to have scenery and a Station! This will make it look more appealing and you shall get more marks.


The following Custom Scenery is allowed...


-Shy Guy's Main Street Set 1-8

-Viscosity's Woodie Supports V1.0

-Shy Guy's Alpine Set 3

-Shy Guy's Rock Set

-Dasmatze's Bridge It! 2010

-Voshin's Light_Kit 2008

-Eletigna's New Street Elements




There will be 4 catogories


The Track (/30

Station Building (/20

Scenery (To sell the idea) (/20)

How well you stuck to the criteria (/20)


If you don't use the Custom Supports you will not loose points, but your lowest mark in scenery will be 5/20

However if you do use the Custom Supports your lowest possible Mark in Scenery will be 10/20 (If used profesionally)




Your Submission should be Attatched to a PM following the correct Title Format before Thursday 3rd March 2011.


Your Email Title MUST be in the format of...


GCI_Contest_(Your username)_2011


Eg. GCI_Contest_Tiger01_2011


If you fail to enter the correct Title Format your Submission Will not be counted!

Also, Entries handed in After Thurday 3rd March 2011 will not be counted Either!


If you would like to enter please tell me by posting below.





Generic Name




Remember guys...HAVE FUN!!!


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I would join if you removed the limited amount of CS.


Okay, but you need to pm me downloads of the ones not on the list when your enter it.


I'm in, tentatively.


Can someone point me to Viscosity's woodie supports? I've been using the ones that came with NetOn and NetOn2, which I think are BigBurger's supports.


Here's a download for the wooden supports...

ViscosityWoodie SupportsV1.0.zip

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If I could use my New Millennium Flyer train's I'd be in. They are publicly released, so I don't see a problem :]


I can't download CTR's. However you can have a go with the normal in game cars. Not much of a difference.


EDIT: I may be able to download them so keep an eye out if I say you can use them.

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Important Update!


Maylene's Millenium Flyers may be used for this competition! They can be found on his thread here!


Thank you Maylene and Krypt for some excellent cars! They will look stunning in my future parks!


Maylene and Krypt's Millenium Flyer Train and CTR.

Edited by tiger01
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