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  1. I've had the pleasure of visiting both on rainy days. In my experience Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens deal with the rain very well. Rides will be shut down if the weather becomes too dangerous such as high winds, lightning or heavy downpour but usually open right back up when the weather permits. Which rides shut down first and so forth, I wouldn't know. I have ridden I305 in some pretty heavy rain (Yes, it was painfully awesome) and almost every coaster at Busch Gardens in the same perhaps even heavier rain. I noticed that in both my experiences, it wasn't so much the rain and wind that shut them down, it was the lightning. If you're willing to wait it out and deal with the often moody/bipolar weather, it can be a great time at both parks (It's near impossible to not have a good time at Busch Gardens). It is what you make of it. I hope that helps.
  2. Thank you guys for the comments. I'd like to ask, what would be a CTR you'd find useful if I created it?
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to drop by and let you know that my new cars are available for download If you have any questions at all feel free to ask! Download it here! A.J. approves this link! Here's some extra photos. The ctr track file included mixes the corkscrew, tilt, and some multidimensional track pieces for maximum versatility. The ctr its self is fully animated and selectively recolorable.
  4. I stand corrected, It looked like that was part of his signature. My bad.
  5. It seems like he's trying to pass of those creations as his own. It doesn't matter which game or simulator you use. He could have said or mentioned that he used all the items from the warehouse. Not to mention that this also leads me to believe that he didn't build the actual roller coaster.
  6. Dude, it looks like you got most of those "custom" Items out of the sketchup warehouse. At least credit the original creators. I could easily pick out the rats and the skeleton. Those aren't yours. EDIT. Upon closer investigation. I found that. The chandelier, electric chair, Girl Bavaria Statue, and may other items were taken from the warehouse also. This custom scenery is not your creation like you said.
  7. You guys do realize its a fricken roller coaster right? One that's not even formally announced yet. Besides the point, voicing ones concerns about what has been shown, shouldn't be a bash fest. Hell, I thought that Cheetah hunt looked boring when the "concept art" came out. Still do. Saw the POV. Still looks boring. That's MY opinion, have I ridden it? No. Can I assume that from being on other roller coasters it looks dull in comparison? Yes. Everyone has an opinion about everything, hence why there's different types of food, music, and yes ROLLER COASTERS. There's tall ones, fast ones, wood, steel, looping. THERE'S tons of different ride experiences. By nature some people find different attractions more exciting, scary, fun. Or slow, terrible,and boring. Discussing one's concerns shouldn't be grounds for BASHING and attacking someone. At the end of the day, its a damn roller coaster.
  8. So just go to guest relations when I get there and they'll sort out the issue? Thank you so much, I was kind of freaking out a bit.
  9. Hello, I was planning to go to six flags magic mountain tomorrow so I decided to use the online "everyone pays kids price for $36.99" I guess there was an option that said adult or child that I miss or miss clicked. I purchased 4 child tickets instead of 4 adult. Do you think it will be a problem? They are the same exact price which Is why I don't understand why they have the option in the first place. What should I do?
  10. Someone obviously can't read a post. I said " MOST people are just observing that it's not as fast and furious as they expected to be." Not to mention who cares what they think. If they think it sucks and doesn't want to ride it because it's "slow", I guess there's one less person in line.
  11. From what I take it, most are just observing that it's not as fast and furious as they expected to be. The promo video makes it out to be an adrenaline rush that never "gives up" till the end and the testing video does not look like it offers that. Yes, We wont know till it officially opens, But I've yet to hear "it's not fast enough so it's crap". lighten up a bit. No one said this ride was a POS. Complaining and observing are two different things.
  12. I saw that on a lot of roller coaster/roller coaster tycoon 3 forums, people are being mean and rude to robb. I don't understand why some people would make personal attacks. From what I gathered, everyone is upset about a few members being banned for being disrespectful. I think krpyt was one of them? He's really a jerk off and deserved it! Does this sound about right?
  13. It's a work in progress. Meaning it's not complete. The little details will be added when I get to them. I know what WIP means, It was just a suggestion since you didn't say it was a WIP. Well, since this is "The Preview Thread - Show us what you're working on..." WIP is implied to every post here unless stating otherwise. Not to mention it's still not imported. Case in point, It's not done and minor details that are merely texture issues will be worked out. ON topic! CCI, That turnaround looks gorgeous. Very realistic, The footers are very well placed.
  14. It's a work in progress. Meaning it's not complete. The little details will be added when I get to them.
  15. Not a problem, I completely understand and I don't mind you uploading it at all. @SFMM fanboy, Great! I'm glad it works and you like it. I worked very hard on this model, and means a lot that it's appreciated! Thank you very much for the warm welcome.
  16. Are you sure the folders are in the right place? Also, do you have all the expansion packs?
  17. If I could use my New Millennium Flyer train's I'd be in. They are publicly released, so I don't see a problem :]
  18. That's really strange to hear, I went to the park on the 8th and It was quite a delight. The crowds were light, and all the attractions were open on-time. The only ride's that were down were the obvious Deja vu ect. There were no lines throughout the day, with the exception of X2, and scream (only because they were running one train). Tatsu was a walk on most of the day, The line got a little longer later on. In short, I was very impressed with my visit. Like you said, I think it was just an "off" day on the 9th.
  19. Haha, I meant without stating the obvious. But I am considering getting them depending on the response. A 15-30min queue I can deal with.
  20. Could anyone offer any incite on what the crowds may be like on Saturday, 8th? I'm considering taking a trip down there from San Diego. It's been a long while since I've been to the park, I'm really looking forward to riding Tatsu and "Apocalypse", Since those are the only two credits I still need to get. I also want to try out X2, The last time I went was when it was still X. I'm looking forward to the new experience. All that aside, my major issue is how short the park hours are (10:30am-6pm).The potential crowds are a major factor in me taking the trip. I went around the 21st, a few years ago, the crowds were manageable, but then again the park was open later. I'd prefer not rushing and running around, and just enjoying my day at the park. If anyone can offer input, It'd be greatly appreciated.
  21. This is a project to create the charm and atmosphere of Disney parks, with the welcoming family owned feeling. The attractions will be built with the up-most attention to detail from the storyline, to queue, and theming. The park will provide guest to be fully immersed in three planned themed areas which will be announced. I need a little help with a name for the park, If you have any feel free to post them. - Maylene
  22. The queue takes guests trough an eerie forest and over a bridge, as you near the station there seems to be a abandoned camp, as you get closer to the station the reason for the abandonment becomes more apparent, outlaws are after miners (traveling to and from the mines) for information about the secretive "Lost gold mine" you stumble across the miners, but they're in in no condition to talk....they're dead! You notice a faded piece of paper in one of the miners pockets, it's the map to the Lost gold mine! Putting the pieces together, your thoughts become overwhelmingly convincing. You rush back to town to report this to the sheriff and as you step inside the Sheriffs office (station) to tell the sheriff what you've come across, It's too late, inside are a group of outlaws has the sheriff at gun point, The outlaws ask for the map, saying that they saw you take it, you have an idea to escape! You tell the miners that you destroyed the map, but you can take them to the mine, they have no other option but to agree. You board your Horse (train), as do the outlaws, you inch forward on your horse, then make a sprint (the car launches) to get away from the outlaws, but the outlaws are just as quick! They're not going to let you get away that easy!
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