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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Does this ride have any famous moments to it?


It does have a famous moment or two. But that may have nothing to do with actually riding the ride.


is it enclosed?


Just the station.


Is it a design from before the 1970's?


you could look at it that way.


Is the coaster or ride 2 abreast or 4 abreast?




Is this ride in the United States?




Does the ride have seats for more than 20 passengers?



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Has this ride ever had any accidents with its riders?












Is this ride in a well know US park?


Probably well known if you live near it.


Was this made by Togo?


No, thankfully.


Is it currently operating?



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yes, you can have a fun time on it.


Would you be considered a credit whore for riding this ride


I wouldn't consider you one.






Do I live near it?


Where do you live?


Does it accelerate to more than 40MPH?


It passes 40 MPH in speed.

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