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The Bag-Of-Crap Giveaway Thread!

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Is it an additional cost attraction?




Is it SBNO?






It does NOT spin.


Is it located in a state that borders one of the great lakes?




Is it dare devil dive six flags great adventure?


Not at all.


Is it located in florida?


No, it's not in Arizona.


Is it a refurbish/rethemed ride?




Now is it from a major coaster company?


It is.

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Is it in Wisconsin?


No, it's not in Wisconsin.






Is it in a giant golfball?




Does it require a large footprint for erection?


HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH... For part's of it's erection it does.


Musik express


No- and I've got a SPECIFIC ride in mind.


Is it at a Disney property?


No Magic Kingdoms here...

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Is it steel or wooden?




Is it Kali River Rapids at WDW?




Does it involve driving?


No. No driving.


Does it have a launch?




Spaceship Earth at Epcot?


See above.






Grizzly river run DCA?


No Disney, folks.


Drop Tower: Scream Zone at Canada's Wonderland?




Can you do it in the olympics?


I sure hope not.

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