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Twisted Oak Glenn [RCT3]

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November, 1988

After closing in 1987 due to financial failures, Virginia's premier amusement park, formally known as "Twisted Oak Glenn" will reopen June of 1989. Mad_Hatter_Studios, Lesure division, will invest 18 million dollars into re-opening the park, which has been closed for nearly two years now. The majority of this sum will be spent on the park's new 200 foot tall metal behemoth "hyper coaster" which will be designed and manufactured by Arrow Dynamics, the same manufacturers of the soon to be open "Magnum X-L 2000" at Cedar Point. Anticipated to shatter four new records, this thrilling roller coaster will anchor the formally empty Southern end of the park and will truly put the park on the map.


Upon reopening, the park will be home to five roller coasters, including the thrilling tripple looper "Blitz," "Calamity Mine Train Adventure," and the classic "Coyote Run" to name a few.

"We hope to succeed where the previous owners succeed" said Wilson Davis, primary planner of the new multi phase park wide renovation. "We plan on aggressively expanding through the years to appeal to guests of all age, by focusing on quality, and new park-wide draws each year. Virginia is a rigorous market for theme parks, but we hope to win guests over with refreshing new quality additions constantly."


Blitz, the park's head over heals tripple corkscrew coaster will receive a re-tracking to provide a smoother, more enjoyable ride for guests.

For the first season, the park will operate from June 12 to October 3.





oh, and please keep in mind this is a Vanilla park, meaning no Wild, no Soaked, and no custom content.

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Ah... before I get cascaded with comments about custom scenery and expansion packs, I used to play with the expansion packs and custom scenery, until I lost my normal disk, so I had to buy the Platinum edition, then I bought a Mac computer, and I really just don't feel like searching around for weeks to find the soaked expansion for another 30 dollars. And most custom scenery doesn't work without the expansion packs, so I've decided to just go with rct3 "vanilla" as a "challenge."


Thanks for the reply!

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January, 1989


Construction is coming along nicely now that winter is nearing an end. Most of the foundational work is complete, so right now we're putting final touches on buildings, and finalizing the last opening day venues. The park has chosen to stay with the familiar "Twisted Oaks Glenn" for the time being, however they have yet to announce a name for the hyper coaster.



Our shuttle loop has been giving us a bit of trouble lately, and we are still not sure if we will be able to get the launch mechanism ready for opening day. For the time being, we have held of work on rebuilding the station.



On the other hand, "Calamity Mine Train Adventure" is coming along very well, actually, its nearly completed already! We added more theming to the ride, especially to the third lift, and more foliage so the terrain didn't look so barren. We think it turned out nicely.


We are definitely on track for our June target and look forward to seeing you there! Stick around and this upcoming spring we may be able to provide some walk around tours of the site.


Please comment and enjoy!

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hmm... no comments?



March, 1989

Initial "phase 1" construction is nearing its end. Where did the winter go? The park is due to open in less than four months. Some areas have been lagging behind more than expected, and other attractions are fully prepared for opening. Due to time constrains, some of our initial plans to the park had to be pushed back. Although the park will be opening with the anticipated hyper coaster, along with another family attraction going through its testing phase, the Shuttle Loop will not make it for opening day, and the parks temporary entrance for the first season couldn't even be finished! Guests will instead enter on the opposite side of the park near the picnic oak tree area for the first month or so. We'll also have to put of the renovation of the park's dark ride "Skeleton Ball" until next season. Anyway, onto the pictures!


The hyper coaster is undergoing testing. Seen here is my favorite, and probably most intense moment of the entire roller coaster. After galloping down the first 210 foot drop, the car then peeks up 150 some feet before plunging down into a ravine.


"Underpass Motarway" is a lengthy trip under two of the parks attractions. Kids get the chance to drive with their parents over bridges and navigate through the roller coaster's frameworks! It's sure to be a hit with families and will balance out the park's attraction collection. In the background you can see the hyper coaster's ultra modern station!


A birds eye view of the main drag along the hyper coaster. As you can see, construction on the shuttle loops new station has come to a standstill. In addition, you may notice the midway looks a little... bland as of now. This will change once we have a chance to repave a majority of the parks walkways during the off-season!


A picture from the other side of the Underpass Motorway showing the bridge, along with the overpowering hyper coaster.


Finally, since I already used my helicopter to get that shot of the midway, here's an overhead shot of the twisted layout of Calamity Mine Train Adventure as the cars are in the middle of an exciting three way duel! Hopefully the ride will seem more secluded once the trees grow in more. As you can see, the ride is located on a dead end.... this should change eventually.


Please comment and enjoy! Next update will focus on the finalized attraction list, a brief park history, and any other points of interest!




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May, 1989


As usual with massive construction projects like this, budgets have been slashed through the process, and mishaps have set the production cost higher than anticipated. The bulk of the budget was spent on the new section, namely the Hyper coaster whose name will be announced opening day, as well as the Underpass Motarway. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints the new entrance plaza had to be put on hold; the park will instead use a temporary entrance on the other side of the park until it gets completed. In addition, the repaving of the walkways and replanting of the planters, in attempt to unify the park, will be delayed until next "off season." The park was, however, able to rework some of the effects on the Skeleton Ball boat voyage, however this is not the full on multi-million dollar renovation originally imagined.



Only the area underneath Dizzy Doozy looks as originally intended in an ambitious parkwide unification plan.


The park's final roller coaster, Jack Rabbit, is a classic. You can see the attempt to also re-landscape this portion of the park, however currently without flower beds and more foliage, it still seems a little... bare. In addition to Jack Rabbit, Eclipse, an Interprise, goes through its testing stage. To the right is "Skeleton Dance." Originally, the park hoped to snag an Intamin free fall, however the park wouldn't have had enough time to complete construction by this point.


Looking the opposite direction, the bareness of the long stretch is rather bare. Dizzy Doozy can be seen, along with a couple of flats. The entrance was supposed to be located to the left. One great thing about this park, because of its compact size, it's no challenge to get the bulk of the park's attractions in one photo!


This relaxing garden in the middle of the park, with the park's oldest attraction, the carousel, in the center, was originally intended on being converted into a lake. Unlike other parts of the park which suffered budget cuts, designers felt the wide open gardens would be a relief to the anticipated congested walkways. Guests will enter here through temporary gates during the first season. It looks like some of the park's first employees have arrived--this one seems to be checking out the carousel!


It looks like one of inspectors if not happy with the lack of rails on Dizzy Doozy's pre-lift pit.


Next update, we'll have an official pre-opening report, with detailed ride reviews, and a full list of attractions. Sorry today's pictures weren't edited!


Please comment and enjoy!

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I am keeping an eye on this because I live in Virginia... and also because the park is quite nice. Your layouts (park and ride) are very believable and do not succumb to the classic "RCT3 misproportion" issue that so many parks and rides suffer from. Keep it up!

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I personally quite like the park - it looks nice and well-thought out. I think the reason you're not getting a lot of responses is most likely due to the increased activity we've seen here in the games forum, specifically with RCT3. We had maybe 3, at most, RCT3 parks last month, but we now have more like 5-8. Competition is fierce, I suppose, but you're park is definitely among my favorite RCT3 parks on the board. Nice work!

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June, 1989:

Pre-Opening Report


The park opens in two (RCT3) weeks. Final preparations are being made for opening day, however, you can see, some areas will not be completely ready for opening day. Do to the realization that the "Blitz" Shuttle Loop will not be operating during the opening, the park has purchased extra flat rides to appease guests. The park has provided a list of opening day attractions:



Dizzy Doozy

Calamity Mine Train Adventure

Jack Rabbit


Skeleton Ball

Underpass Motorway



Bumper Cars

Sky Swirl




Here's a picture taken of the newly placed Rotar, just days before the official opening. The mechanics are making last minute tweaks to rides and attractions.


The Hyper's station and pre-lift/breaks, with "Jack Rabbit" in the background.


Please comment and enjoy!

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Thanks Calicoaster! It certainly will be interesting to watch the park evolve.



Just days before Grand Opening, Twisted Oaks Glen has officially announced SPELUNKER!


"Twisted Oaks Glenn is pleased to announce SPELUNKER, the TALLEST, FASTEST, and STEEPEST roller coaster on the planet earth. After ascending over 200 ft into the air, Spelunker will dive 215 feet down, and straight under the earth's surface, at which point the ride reaches 81 MPH. After rising another 170 feet into the air, the roller coaster will drop down another 200 feet into a 30 foot deep gorge, the world's tallest 2nd drop. Following this maneuver, the roller coaster will zip over another air-time hill before entering a one-of-a-kind element: "The Boomerang Curve," where riders will race through two 90-degree turns. After this follows a stomach turning race back to the station. Spelunker will last 2 minutes and seven seconds, on a 4628 ft corse."





Please Comment & Enjoy!


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Opening Day


Just hours earlier, Twisted Oaks has reopened its (temporary) gates for the general public for the first time in years. Here's part one of the opening day report:


Guests enjoy the Midway. Local families flocked the park excited to try the newest rides. Wave Swinger had a long line all day.


The line for Dizzy Doozy started to pick up about an hour after opening (the park opened at 9:00).


Calamity Mine Train Adventure was a huge hit as well. Thankfully the line never got to long thanks to the great ride ops and high capacity!


CMTA crests the second hill, the highest point of the ride. Since we've last shown the ride, the trees have really grown in nicely.


More later...

Please Comment and Enjoy!


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/\Thanks guys! glad you enjoy!

Opening Day Part II


Here's four more pictures from opening day!


Spelunker... snazzy as always... It opened later on in the day at noon due to technical difficulties. I didn't snap any photos, however the line was at least two hours. Thankfully the line moves pretty fast. The owner insists that capacity be one of the top priorities.


All the family rides were huge hits! Too bad the Shuttle Loop coaster couldn't open.


Spelunker's modern station. It actually turned out very close to my original vision.


One of the park's many main midways, clear of people for some reason. Skeleton Ball is on the right, however the facade is very difficult to photograph!


That's all for now... Part III, the final update, shall come this saturday.


Please comment and enjoy!



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