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Photo TR: 3 parks, 3 states, 2 days.

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I was sitting around this week deciding what parks I was going to hit this weekend, and was torn between Waldameer and Martins. So I decided to do both. I have never been to martins, so we spent about 4 hours there and was able to do everything except the log flume because it had what seemed like a 2 hour wait. After we left Martins, we headed to Waldameer for some evening rides on ravine flyer.


I also hit cedar point for a few hours on my way home monday.


Here are a few shots that I was able to snag while on my whirlwind tour.


We made it to Martin's around 1pm.


The font gate.


Martin's has a train that goes around the park.


The merry go round.


As soon as you pass under the gateway, you enter a western themed area.


They had a western shootout in front of this building.


I was bummed when I went inside and it was not what I thought it was going to be.


Kind of like Disneyland, you can rent a boat.


Time to map out our day.


I so wanted to do the slide, but we just did not have the time.


I love these type of rides.


The sea ray.


Our main reason for the visit.....the Silver Comet.


It was really hard to get a shot of the coaster, as it was hidden behind buildings and trees.



The sizzler. A lot of the rides at martin's, were truck mounted carnival rides.


My daughter having fun in the Q line.


Another shot of the silver comet.


The trip to the lift from the station.


The specks of the coaster.


The station.


This is the brake run into the station. The coaster has a single train operation, so there is no transfer track.


The disk-O,. I think this was the new attraction for this year.


Bumper cars and silver comet.


What's this I see???


Full tilt.


As long as the tilt a whirl has been around, it has not lost popularity.


The mouse coaster is Martin's 2,nd coaster.




They had this same sign at the silver comet. I am baffled why I can wear my glasses on the star flyer, but not the coasters.



The log flume.



I would have loved to ride this, but they only had maybe 3 logs going and the line was just crawling.


The star flyer. I loved this ride. I wish more parks would get these.


One last shot from Martin's.

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We left Martin's around 5, and started the drive out to waldameer park.


We arived at Waldameer with about an hour before the park closed. Good thing the park was not packed.


Sorry about the glair, I could not get a very good shot of the sign.


A side view of the comet as we walked into the park.


Time to map out our 2'nd park of the day.



I love the classic feel to the station.


The merry go round as you exit the comet.


Did I already mention how much I like this park?


The midway.


The flying carpet.


Whacky shack is always a good time.


The ride cars.


Ok....this is my all you can ride band.


And this is the ony negative thing I could find at the park. Half the time, it would not scan, and they also would not let you stay on and reride because they had to scan your band every time. Not sure why they went to this type of system.


The pirats cove walk thrue.


A look inside...


One of the gags.


Next stop...the log flume.




The station.


They had a weird way of storing the logs. I coulden't figure out how they got them from the rack, to the flume.


You have not lived, untill you check out the amazing live shows at Waldameer.


The monster.


Don't worrie, I did not forget about the ravine flyer. It was dark by time we got to rf, so I was not able to get many shots of the ride.


The station.


Thank god the ice cream stand was still open on the way out.


Another spinny ride.


After 3 laps on ravine flyer, I took my daughter on the wipeout. It was her first time on this type of ride, and she loved it.


The steel dragon coaster.


A bottle of water is only $2 here. I hope someone at cedar fair can take note of this.


On our way out, we noticed this machine. Not sure what it is for though. I wish we had more time to spend at waldameer park I really like this park.

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The next day we were of to cedar point.


It was such a nice day out, I thought the park was going to be slammed, but it was not and that was a good thing. We decided to take the back way into the park.


A really nice looking road.


This is where you enter the parking lot if you come in the back way.


The front gate.


The Jack aldrich theater, now has a plaque.


Lots of rides to be had at cedar point.




This part of the park is like a ghost town. They really need to add something here to pull in the people.


Raptors cobra roll.


Another shot of the twisty raptor.


Wow....only $6.50 to make your $6 ,six inch a footlong. What a great deal!!


It was nice to see an employie enforce the no smoking policy.


I love me some millennium force.


One of my daughters favorate rides in the park.


Oops....forgot about this shot.


Shoot the rapids is still testing.


Looks like they were adding more boats.


The new boats are making a splash.


The crews were training.


There were fuzzy things all over the place. They were like snow.




Time for another beating.


I don't know when the last time was that these were used, but I think it's safe to say they do not need them anymore.


OMG!!! Dead monkys!!! The animal rights people are going to be pissed.




My daughter on the kiddie coaster


Can you guess which one my daughter is?


Magnum is always a great ride.


Iron dragon doing it's thing.


Just as I was snapping this shot, the train moved. I was trying to get a shot of the huge chunks of wheel that were missing from this wheel.


Time to give mantis some love.


The trims were off today.



Trying to be artsy.


No matter where we go, she is going to make a mess of herself.


The new game in the arcade was sweet. You have to get to the other end of the room, and not go thrue the lasers.



It was hard to get a good shot of the inside of the game.


I forgot to add this shot of the mantis lift hill.


Giant wheel.


If you ever get in line for troika, bring your earplugs. Some genius decided to mount the speakers right next to the Q line. Saying that it is loud is an understatement.


They were prepping the dirt for the flower displays.


These are $0.25, unless you are at cedar point, then they are $0.50.


I leave you with this shot of a piece of history on the blue streak.

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I don't know which is worse, the Subway prices or them charging $0.50 for an item that has a MSRP of $0.25. I know it says suggested retail price but if they want to rip people off, they should find candy that is not pre-priced.

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Great TR!


I am starting to get a little tired of the food prices complaint. I think we can all safely say its expected when you go to the parks. Theme Parks, touristy areas in general, ball games, movie theaters, etc. are going to charge more for food. That's just how it is, and with all of the discounted/free admission they hand out, it is how they pull a profit. I think paying a park around $70 a day is a fair price for a day of fun, and I just don't have a problem paying $12 for a hamburger when it comes with Roller Coasters.


Sorry about the rant, other than that, you had some great shots outside of the typical ones you normally see here!

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Awesome report! I'm heading to Waldameer in three weeks, and every report I see gets me progressively more excited. Regarding the switchbacks to Mean Streak, I have actually seen them used in recent years. I went to Halloweekends (or whatever Cedar Point calls their Hallowe'en event) in 2008 and on one Saturday, there was actually a line for Mean Streak, switchbacks and all. Granted, they only used about 4 rows of the switchbacks, but whatever.

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Great TR!


I am starting to get a little tired of the food prices complaint. I think we can all safely say its expected when you go to the parks. Theme Parks, touristy areas in general, ball games, movie theaters, etc. are going to charge more for food. That's just how it is, and with all of the discounted/free admission they hand out, it is how they pull a profit. I think paying a park around $70 a day is a fair price for a day of fun, and I just don't have a problem paying $12 for a hamburger when it comes with Roller Coasters.


Sorry about the rant, other than that, you had some great shots outside of the typical ones you normally see here!


I totaly have no problem paying a little more when you go to an amusement park.....it's expected. But.....When your charging twice as much as all the other parks are charging and almost $14 for a sub that you can get for $5 just outside the parks gate, it's a slap in the face.They want $4.50 for a soda at cedar point, and only $2.50 at disney for the same size soda as seen here....




And to top off the high prices that they are charging,the quality of the food is below what they would serve at a soup kitchen.

Ok...that's the end of my rant.

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Here are a few shots I forgot to add.


This is the block of Q line that has not been used in probaly 20 years. Anyone know what ride these belong too?


Amy used to work on this ride years ago.


Troika ride sign.


Troika in action.


Nerd shot.


Stopped at a rest area on the penn turnpike, and found these pictures of kings island in the lobby.


Another kings island picture.

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This is Magnum's overflow queue. The the queue was redone for the 2006 season and this portion was permanently cut off. During the summer the overflow queues like these and the ones for Mean Streak are never needed. But Saturday's during Halloweekends see much larger crowds in recent years and Mean Streak's overflows have been used.

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Thank you for the compliments.


And yes, I did get on dragster. I was pleased to find the line at around a half hour long. It's been a while since I have been on it, and I almost forgot how much fun the launch was.

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Nice trip report! I was at the park last monday and had very VERY poor luck with the weather and rides. It was raining and cold all day and we never got on Maverick, Gemini, Raptor and of course Dragster (which was down for mechanical reasons). Glad to see you had better luck then me .

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Nice TR, will be at CP next Fri, Sat and Sunday for Coastermania.


The problem I have with the food at CP is more the quality rather than the price.

I do not mind paying a little more, but the quality should be there.


I can not stomach the burger and fries walk ups around the park. I do like the pulled pork at a few locations, (Montgomery Inn...yum) and the fries at a few spots. But other than that, not much.


Now price does play a part as well. My daughter who could easily eat Panda Express EVERY day for EVERY meal, noticed that a Panda bowl was 8.75 and turned around and told me, "I love Panda, but 8.75? Seriously?"


The other decent option in the park is the Midway Market, but it is also pricey, however, at least you leave there full. (Usually full of desserts)


I find that Famous Dave's is a good option. It is also not difficult to bring a small cooler and one of those self igniting bags of charcoal and throw some dogs on the grill outside the gate. It is less expensive and gets you out of the sun for a while.

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I was just at Waldameer last Friday....I think those machines at the bottom were for recharging points. I think admission also sells cards that you can charge with a certain amount of points, then you go to those machines to put more on. Anyways, how did you like Thunder River?

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Thunder river was great. whenever I go to a park, I ride the coasters and than I always look for the log flumes, and then the dark rides.


I really like the misty tunnel of doom that the ride had. The ride also had an interesting rack for the logs in the station.

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