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Would you ride a standup hyper coaster ?

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Sounds like a nice idea. I'm up for it.

I had an idea for B&M to bring back stand-up and suspended: combine them.

Think about it, swinging at angles more than 90 degrees while standing!

Just an idea though.



hmm that could be nice, i am not sure about it , now if you could do a suspended inverted stand up with no floor, and somehow have a restraint mechanism, or minimal floor , like say , in a sort of a cage so there is great spaciousness!


I am very interested in a very twistey diving, turning , swooping, few straight airtime hills with a strong negative g force, style stand up hyper, or even mega coaster, albeit we have to deal with the restraints it could be very fun and drops on a stand up would be nice.


Perhaps you could have 1 train stand up and 1 train sitting, with a dual loading station.

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As for the trains, would a lasso/zero gravity style cage (with some modifications) work instead of the typical "stands"/seats? As without an actual seat that needs to be adjusted for each person, the loading process can be a lot more efficient. Not to mention a more comfortable ride than a regular standup.


Another thing to consider is how megacoasters like Titan or Goliath (both SFOG and SFMM) pull very strong G's in the infamous helix. Seeing what it can do to you while sitting down I cannot imagine how that'd feel standing up. It would put too much strain on your legs. The reason standups hurt your legs is because your legs take all the force. For example, I'm 145 lbs under normal gravity (normal gravitational force). That means when I'm under say 4.5 G of force, I'd weigh 652.5 lbs therefore making it painful to stay standing. When you're sitting, your bottom takes the weight, which is a lot easier than your legs taking the force.


With the right type of "passenger accomodation" (aka "seating"), and G force levels carefully calculated out, I think it can be done. With B&M's traditional values though, I don't think they'd push it this far. Maybe Intamin could give it a go?

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As much as I love Shockwave and its crappily-designed airtime, I would not want to go over 200 feet and over 70 mph on that type of coaster. The sensation of airtime while standing up is awesome but no element could be pulled off smoothly while fully standing, especially at high speeds.

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I agree with Chuck. While I personally enjoy Riddler's Revenge, I think that ride is about as big as a standup should get. In my own experience, the hill over where Freefall used to be gives some good airtime, but more than that...no.



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okay, the cage would be incredible if the g transitions were smooth and the negatives just around 0 , -0.2 or something of the sort......


would have to be very delicate with positive g transitions from negative ? i don't think that would work, as in first drop, negative gs, bottom of the hill strong positives...




okay , so, would a hyper have more positive g forces than riddlers in the first place, why ? the large hills make for , yes longer gs, but not necessarily faster transitions of g forceexperiences, perhaps we would have to have mellow positive s and laterals but we could still have some nice airtime and make it an interesting experience ?


the idea of a cage with a gratuitously loose lap pad of sorts, to let you have 3-4 inches of airtime regardless of your size, in a sitting position is appealing. perhaps an automatic large padded bar that is purposely lifted a few inches above you to allow floating,

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^Good point, I'll pack that, I have one for cricket and one for Karate fighting, I think I'll wear both.


I never even though of that! Even though I'm a girl and I don't really find standups that bad, but still sounds like a good idea. I have one (the girl kind) for Tae Kwon Do and I'm probably going to be wearing it on Mantis.


Some kind of coaster dude, the lap bar for the cage would probably have to be height adjustable, just like a regular "stand" on a standup coaster. That's the problem with the standing position, people are of different heights. On the other hand in a sitting position, height isn't much of a factor.

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I'm sure a lot of enthusiasts would ride it.


I'm sure a lot of enthusiasts would complain afterwards.


How is that different from now? ; )


Hypers were made to be long...stand ups were usually short sweet and to the point. Plus, I STOOD in line for an hour just to STAND some more?


I'll pass.

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