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Photo TR: Quick Jersey Shore Run


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Delayed by the Icelandic ash cloud, I finally made it back to America for the weekend. Yesterday we headed down for some Jersey Shore action.


First stop was Blackbeard's Cave in Bayville, NJ.


They have a restaurant...


...mini golf...




...bumper boats (doesn't look like they're open for the season yet)...


...water wars...


...a bungie jumpy thing...


...batting cages...


...a mechanical bull!...


...gladiator jousting?...


a climbing wall, and there was even a golf driving range. But we were here for...


the coaster! Adventure Station is a little kiddie park on the premises, including this Wisdom Rides Flying Dragon and...


this little ferris wheel. Cheryl was pretty excited about this because they had the same model at her old stomping grounds, the famous Nunley's (RIP).


They had a kiddie swing...


...kiddie plane ride (notice Snoopy in the middle -- See Cedar Fair, you don't have to pay expensive licensing fees!)...


Swingy boats


Kiddie Carousel


Super Slide!




Dude even sold me the Blackbeard's Cave Adventure Station shirt that the employees were wearing! Nice little park, worth a stop!

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Oops, Larrygator, we did not visit the arcade. Sorry.


Continuation of our Jersey Shore run last weekend...a visit to Jenkinson's Boardwalk!


Next stop was Jenkinson's Boardwalk.


Here's the "official" Jenkinson's logo...don't bother to look for it in the merch shops.


Jenkinson's has a Flitzer. There are also a lot of flats but I suspect you don't need to see more pics of swings and a tilt-a-whirls.


Then something weird happened. I took this photo and the lady in the picture (behind the counter) then started yelling at me, saying that I was not allowed to take pictures. I argued that I was a tourist and that tourists normally take photos when visiting tourist attractions. She threatened to call security. If you know me, you know I've taken photos of dippin' dots all over the world and I run the dd group on flickr. I wrote a long email to one of Jenkinson's owners about being yelled at and threatened by this concessionaire but I haven't heard back yet. We moved on to the funhouse. And to clarify, she was specifically objecting to me photographing the sign on the top of the stand...wtf?


The Funhouse at Jenkinson's is really a gem.


Dizzy tunnel!


Lots of nice sets and black light. Clowns are scary.


Lots of good food, sweets, and snacks.


Every theme park should have a seafood section.


Reminder for the choo-choo train ops. Next up: Keansburg!

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Last part of this report. Larrygator already visited this park so I'll try not to overlap with his too much.


Last park of the day...Keansburg in New Jersey!


As Larrygator mentioned in an earlier report, this is a very old park...1904. To me the amazing thing was how close it is to NYC! There's the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn) and Manhattan!


This place had an amazing assortment of old kiddie rides, like these Hampton cycles...


...these great old cars with bells(!) to ring...


...swing planes...


...these boats are one of the few rides that I actually remember riding at Palisades Amusement Park...


...rocket ships...


They had this Mangels ride that looked like a whip, but it was circular...


And they also had this actual Mangels kiddie whip.


Some older model Zamperla kiddie flats


A Mangels fire engine ride! If you don't know already, William Mangels was a major Coney Island-based carousel builder and ride manufacturer in the early 20th Century. He invented "The Whip". He was also one of the first to write a book about the amusement industry.


Happy to find Spook House open.


You gotta love these old school dark rides.


Keansburg has dippin' dots! Nobody yelled at me for taking this picture.


Pavilion has carousel and arcade.


Fortune Teller


Can you fry my cappuccino?


A mini Himalaya! Never seen one of these before. In general, this place had a *ton* of flats for kids. Impressive collection. Too many to include so I've just shown the more unusual older rides.


...a nice old Mangels kiddie carousel. No great carvings here but the horses are wood (as opposed to today's common fiberglass)...


Hope you've enjoyed your trip ti Keansburg Amusement Park!

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What an incredible collection of old kiddie rides at Keansburg.


Thanks for sharing this; I love looking at the various parks dotting the Jersey shore. They're in a league of their own with their eccentricities, sometimes unusual ride offerings, views from the piers (loved the view of NYC from Keansburg) and now, apparently, malicious Dippin Dots workers!

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lol, I live in Hazlet, (The town next to Keansburg) So, i would like to add some information.. Yeah, Keansburg is close to the city, and in it's prime (1920s-30s) there used to be boats that went from NYC to Keansburg. It was a popular "daycation". But ever since... I forget, either a flood, or fire that ruined the boardwalk (yes, it used to be a boardwalk.. with actual wood. I never knew why everyone said "let's go to the baordwalk" until I found out the id bit of information), where a whole lot was ruined it never came back and now just holds quite a few old rides.

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1pizza14, there are a few adult rides at Keansburg, including a Schwarzkopf Wildcat and a Loop-O-Plane, which I didn't include because larrygator had shown it in his earlier report. There is also a good sized water park at the property.


Medusa1816, that is very interesting about a ferry from Manhattan to Keansburg and the boardwalk there. As a small child growing up farther north, the amusement attraction was, of course, Palisades Park on the Fort Lee/Cliffside Park border. I only remember a few things from that park but my older sisters were frequent visitors and I've collected some memorabilia, including an old radio commercial that instructed Manhattanites on how to get to Palisades Amusement Park via public transit! I guess Keansburg offered people a quick way to get "down the shore"!


Everyone, thanks so much for checking out the report! Love to hear from you! Today we're off to Denmark and Sweden and Credit #500!!!

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