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Photo TR: West Coast Bash KNOTT'S Day 2 Posted

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Hilary and I had a blast at West Coast Bash! Here's our TR...


(PS... if you don't know about the manly pose or Hilary Duff... check out my Adventure City Trip Report and read the comments!)


We arrived at SFMM at 7:30am and found Gertrude and Beth waiting outside.


Poor Gertrude.


Neil welcomed us and announced special excursions this year!


Then we were let loose for morning ERT. Here is the line at X2!


After riding X2 twice, we headed up to Tatsu for a few rides.


And then on to Terminator where other WCB'ers were surprised to see that I am a machine.


ERT rocks.


See what I mean?


We got to stay on the train for as many re-rides as we wanted.


Next up was the behind the scenes tour!


We got to check out construction of the new 500ft. Intamin going in by Deja Vu! It's really coming along. Can't wait to ride it! They told us the ride is going to be named "Fanboys Rejoice!"


A view of Deja Vu you can't normally get!


I wonder what that track is for. It must be for 2012 cuz it doesn't look like it's going on the 500ft Intamin.


Another view of Deja Vu you can't normally get.


We then walked around Terminator towards Riddler's Revenge and Batman


Spotted on the tour


We got to take pics under Batman. The new paint looks great!


One of my favorite shots from the day.


Batman and Riddler's


One last pic taken of Batman on the tour. I really like the new colors.


We then met up with the Bebes who struck a manly pose when they saw us!!! The Bebes are huge manly pose enthusiasts!


And what would an ILoveRides Trip Report be without me striking a 100% official manly pose?


Next up was our excursion that had more stuff you can't normally see.


We got to check out where the old metro trains are stored and the plot of land that Flashback used to stand on


Flashback's old queue building.


Wait a minute... who is that inside the Flashback building? Is that who I think it is!?!?


It's Gertrude!!!! And look how happy she is to finally be at West Coast Bash!!!! I bet you're wondering how she got in... well... I told her I'd give her an extra ticket I had if she did something for me...


I had her strike a manly pose to get my extra ticket!!! Looking good Gertrude! Giving the Bebes a run for their money.


Flashback's queue now stores a bunch of stuff, including some water dummies. Some of them had writing on them. This one says "Get To Work"


This one says "I'm going to pee"


After the neat excursion, we went to ride canyon blaster since Hilary and I didn't have the credit yet.


Hilary then got arrested for trying to ride Percy's Railway. (Disclaimer: No, we didn't actually try to ride it... we know we're too big)


Later on we met up for the group picture. This is what it looks like when you're standing in the crowd. And look who else made it to the group picture!


We then had a hilarious Q&A session, and found out about the awesome night ERT (racing Colossus + custom soundtrack on Terminator + basically every coaster open)


After the presentation, we left the park for a bit to get the world's best vegan pizza at Tomato Joe's. YUMMMM. This is a tradition every time we come to magic mountain.


On the way back, I snapped a few pics of X2.


X2 in black and white.


I didn't get any pics during night ERT since we were too busy running around having the time of our lives... so I'll leave you all with two final shots of the SFMM skyline.


Bye bye SFMM!!! We had an amazing time, and can't wait for next year! WCB Knotts TR coming soon!

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OH. MY. GOD. That was the funniest TR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm still crying. Gertrude and her manly pose had me on the floor.


That was AMAZING and I am sooooo honored to have been a part of the greatest Trip Report EVAR!!



- Lady "Manly Pose Enthusiast" Bebe

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Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! I'm glad you all liked the TR.


P.S. Can I use your trademarked "100% manly" explosive icon?


-MR Bebe


Sure thing! Anyone can feel free to use it. I attached the image below...


Manly Pose Enthusiasts... Use this to authenticate your manly poses!

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