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Photo TR - The Big E Of 2009

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Hello Fellow Forum Members,


On Saturday, September 26th, 2009, My wife and I went to the Massachusetts state fair which is something we do every year. This was our 4th year going to the state fairin Springfield, Massachusetts and we have fun every year that we go to it. Anyways, Here are some shots that I took at the 2009 edition of the Massachusetts state fair.


As always, The first stop that my wife and I make at the fair is the petting zoo.




Then it was time to move to the sea lion show. This was the second year in a row that they had the sea lions.



After the sea lion show, We walked around and spotted where they had the indian motocycles and here a shot of the bikes



Then, We headed toward the midway at this point and here are some shots that I took at the midway.






Then, It was time for us to ride the ferris wheel and while we were on the ride. I took some shots.






After the ride on the ferris wheel, We went over to the mid afternoon concert which featured Terry Sylvester from The Hollies.



After the concert, We decided to check out James Bond exhibit which featured the car that did the famous spiral stunt car from the iconic movie "Man With The Golden Gun," starring Roger Moore.








After that, We stumble across where they were going to set up the clydestales for the daily parade.




After a few minutes, We decided to walk around and spotted this nascar.




Then, We had dinner at right after dinner. We saw the clydestales on the march making their way up to the start of the parade route.



Twenty minutes later, The parade was under way.










After the parade, It was time to get line for the night time concert which featured Little Big Town and while in line. I took a couple shots.




And then we finished up the night with Little Big Town. The shot didnt come out that great, But next year. My night time shots should come out better as I will be getting a new camera for Xmas this year.



Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thanks for looking.



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Awwwww - memories! I haven't been to the Big E in I don't know how long, but we always went every year, when I was growing up in Chicopee (next town over.)


My favorite was always the Avenue of States, getting stuffed baked potatoes at the Maine house and maple sugar everything at the Vermont house.


I believe Texas is the largest state fair, followed by Minnesota. I've never been to Texas, but I went to the MN State Fair almost every year, when I lived out there. Loved the fresh brownies and all you can drink milk booth!


Also saw one of my favorite concerts there - Violent Femmes and B-52's!

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the big e is always fun. but my friends and i went on saturday and it was really busy. you really couldnt walk without bumping into someone else. All in all we still ended up having a good day.


Cool. While I was driving down to SFNE Sunday I kept seeing all these signs (billboards, parking, etc) for the "Big E" and I kept thinking "WTF is this?" At first I thought it was like the YMCA, but a billboard with park rides made me think a fair, but then I saw a sign for live entertainment, I was soooo confused.


If only I had known, I might have stopped by after SFNE closed at 1:30 that afternoon. It's pretty sad to think I was a Masshole for most of my life and I didn't know they had a big state fair.

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