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New S&S Drop Ride VIDEO!

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I didnt get to ride as it was done by drawing. The few that got to ride said that it is a free fall to the bottom and that the stop was quick and forceful like a couple of G's. They said it was a smooth stop just a fast forceful one.. Also the ride is 360 feet tall and said to run at 90+ mph. It is one wild contraption.

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Take a look at this photos http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/events05/ss46a.jpg

Look inside the tube you will see a saddle like the Insane ride had.

And they had a seat belt that was over the lap and over the shoulder I believe. Probably like the orgianl Insane rides seats were.

Otherwise they were in a standing position but seated in saddle and straped in.

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I bet with some modifications they could launch upwards... You could also probably make a model that was larger... Although I'm not sure how much larger...


The ride looks just insane to me. I guess I am just kinda blown away that it runs like that... I mean sure I know that it is safe but damn... Damn that thing looks scary.


I mean hell it combines like some of the strongest fears in the world. Fear of heights and the fear of being closed in.


BTW wouldn't it be possible to make a larger version with OTSRs mounted on a puck that would seal? It would be pretty damned impressive.

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No no no... Magnum all that really matters is the bottom of the cabin. Unless that fails nothing really horrible would happen. From the look of it the whole thing is pretty much solid with no moving parts. Nothing is gonna go wrong in it unless the floor buckles.


That said... I don't think I could ride in a ride vehicle that small... Especially in darkness.

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Okay, so you stand in a big bin, get lifted up a tower, to be dropped into a rubbish chute that bangs so loud, you have to wear ear defenders to ride.


I think there could be a couple of stumbling blocks somehow. Doesn't look awfully appealing really, and i'm on about the concept, not the actual current aesthetics.


Sure, it's probably impressive to watch, once or twice, but riding's gonna be a bit rubbish, on your own and everything, in a bin.

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Think again, if the door at the bottom of the tube were to fail, all that air resistance would be gone as the air would just flush out the door.


Smack into the ground goes the capsule.


I'll stick with nice fail safe magnets.

Sorry stupid me... I was thinking the door on the capsule... Yeah It shouldn't be too hard to secure that though...
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