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[RCT2] Seaworld: Adventure Bay

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Thanks for the comments, everyone! We really appreciate them.




Season 2 Preparation


Testing has begun on the newest addition to Seaworld: Adventure Bay...



Leviathan is new to the park for Season 2. This unique attraction is a 'dive machine' roller coaster from Bolliger & Mabillard, costing nearly $13 million. Trains of 18 passengers climb a steep incline, over 10 stories tall. Once reaching the top, riders are left dangling over the edge of the slope, staring straight down. Suddenly, the monstrous Leviathan takes over, and riders plummet 150ft straight down into the pits of hell, far beneath the seas.


Emerging from the underworld, victims soar through a huge inversion, rip through buildings in a nearby village, and finally, splash through the waters of the mighty Leviathan, battling for survival.


Leviathan is a new type of thrill ride that cannot be matched by anything else---experience the ride of your life when Adventure Bay opens for the season on February 18th.


To get to the ride, guests must first cross over treacherous waters, inhabited by the monstrous Leviathan.


The station is set right alongside the water, which riders must traverse before reaching the lift.


In just a few weeks, this drop will be terrifying thousands of adventurous guests.


Join us soon for SeaWorld's second season of operation!

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Season 2


Welcome back to Seaworld: Adventure Bay! With a very successful first season under its belt, the park has expanded for season two to thrill guests even more!


Though Lighthouse Lunacy is still a great coaster, it has been overshadowed with this year's addition...


Leviathan riders plummet over 15 stories at 90*!


Brave guests soar through the unique Immelmann inversion.


Near the end of the coaster, riders splash through the waters of the mighty Leviathan, himself!


Also new this season is Starfish, a classic scrambler ride.


We hope you can get down to Gulf Shores soon to experience all the thrills and fun that SeaWorld: Adventure Bay has to offer!

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^Thanks, man!




Season 3


The park has decided to take a year off from building any rides, as Leviathan is still thriving with the thrill-seekers.


Season three brings us a new dolphin show---the largest in North America! Guests enter the giant stadium through corridors located under the seating area. Audiences will experience nearly 30 minutes of fun watching the majestic dolphins perform spectacular stunts, and selected members may even get involved, themselves!


Guests in the first 3 rows, beware---you will get wet!


The gigantic dolphin stadium. (Sorry, no photos may be taken during show hours.)



Also, new concept art has been released, teasing us of the new attraction for next year. Any ideas?


I guess we'll see, soon...

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Thanks for all the comments! Sorry for the huge delay...it's my fault. lol




Season 4


A new season brings a new addition to Seaworld: Adventure Bay. New for this year is Journey to Atlantis, an exciting family roller coaster with a splashtacular ending!


Journey to Atlantis was designed and built by Mack Rides of Germany, and is located in the back side of the park.


An extensively-themed entry plaza greets guests as they approach the new coaster.


This is the station building. Boats drain their accumulated water as they climb this final lift.


JtoA's largest drop is almost 60ft long.

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Brave guests soar through the unique Immelman inversion.




A few weeks ago I tried to make this coaster hack on a dueling drop coaster. Got it all built and tested it. It "error trapped" me when the 1st train hit the block brakes on the approach to the second station. After hours of work just to get the ride to operate it crashed out the game and I gave up. Is it possible or not possible to us block sections on a hacked coaster?, or was is caused by the multiple stations?

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To make your life easier download the newest 8cars and make it with a floorless type coaster,


if you want a steep lift like the dive machine allows you just hack it with toggle chain, so you can build it in 1 coaster and not mergeing stuff


get your layouts done and just change the train type in edit rides, otherwise there's no way to have block section with a merged coaster that I know of

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HI, since me and DBru kind off forgot about this project and I really wanted to make another Seaworld Park lately be prepared for Seaworld Adventure Bay V2.0. I'm still tweaking some stuff at the moment but expect some screens soon,


Edit: this will a solo project from me so progress will be a little slower than a co-op build...

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I just found this article in the local newspaper


Busch entertainement corporation is proud to anounce that a new Seaworld park is going to be build in the years to come and this time it will be a less standard park that what the already world-famous edutainement parks are. Management declared that their newest park will be more ride-based in comparison with other Seaworld parks. Busch has already confirmed the installation of a B&M flyer and a B&M floorless that will receive similar themes to the ones in Orlando FL. Saying the park will be more ride-based doesn't mean that the spectalur shows with marine wildlife aren't going to be in the park, a killer whale spectacle is certain to be in this park aswell as are the sea lion shows.


Expect a lot more news in the coming months when the official ride releases will start and the rides will have a full feature in your local newspaper.




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