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Photo TR: Flamingo Land 11-04-09

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Well, not 1 month has passed since my last park visit in the UK, and finally I get to go back to one of my favourite small parks (although its a shame it is minus the schwarzkopfs of a few years ago)!


Every Easter bank holiday I make the 300 mile trip up to the North East of england to visit my relatives, normally we have things planned for the whole weekend, which cuts out any park time.....but I made sure this year that I would get a day at a park, I was torn between Lightwater Valley and Flamingo Land, but after weighing up all the options (ie. what exactly is new at Lightwater Valley since I visited about 8 years ago?!?!) We settled on Flamingo Land.


Bonus, the wife loves Animals (so do I, but I love coasters more ) So I knew she would be happy with the Zoo arrangement.


The weather forecast wasn't looking particularily amazing, but as we are british and are used to the disappointment our weather gives us on national holidays, we thought "why not!" (I am so glad the UK Parks don't have the wet weather policy of quite a few American Parks......if we had that policy, the parks would never open!!!)


Let me give you a brief rundown of my day, I shall follow with some photos.


Parking in the overflow car park (for car park read muddy field) we were expecting massive queues considering the parks size, I was very impressed though with the layout of the park, even though everything major is crammed in within a 5 minute walk max, the longest wait was 20 minutes all day (beats my all time record of 3 hours for Oblivion opening weekend 1998!!!)


Velocity - My first "Booster Bike", I was amazed, such a fun ride, the wife even enjoyed it (which is a first), really enjoyed the launch, no where near as powerful as some, but strong enough to give a little kick.


Wild Mouse - Well, hasn't changed since I was here a few years ago, although this was my wifes first "Mouse" and she certainly got a surprise at the speed of the corners.....lets just say she wasn't a massive fan (really should have bought the on ride dvd......priceless!)


Kumali - After only riding 1 SLC (Terra Mitica) I was expecting this to be a Ride Once and log it ride.........boy was I wrong, If I had never ridden Nemesis (good nemesis, not bad nemesis) this would have gone right in at my No 1 UK ride, so much speed carried out from the first drop, nice amount of G's one the first turn, smooth as glass.......Definately a re-rider, my only complaint would be the length, so much speed is carried into the final helix and brakes, looking at the scale of the ride, I think there could have at least been 1 or 2 more inversions, it just seems it is getting good pace when the end appears.


Corkscrew - What can I say about this.......good to be able to ride as Altons one is no more, but my god, could it do with a lick of paint and some maintenance, I made sure I rode it once and in the front car, but still had quite a few nasty bumps during the course, I just hope that Kumali and Velocity don't go the same way in years to come.


I'll let the photos show the rest of the park for you as I am too tired to be making more comments!


Most definately not!


Could it be here?


Warning taken, will be on the lookout for acceptable wetness.


And the award for most random name of a Theme Park ride goes too.....................Flip Flop.


Typical Fun Disko, I found it interesting that they have this and then a Frisbee Style ride opposite, surely they are similar experiences?


New for 2009, Spongebob 4D Through the Trees


Ahhh, good mouse


Two words, Maintenance Needed.




Bet no-one has ever taken these photos before :)


One word caption..........Smooth.




Back to the rides.....Kumali, feet shot! Think someone took too long setting up the auto focus in order to get my face on the ride, not just my shoes.


I always want to take them home with me, I am fairly certain this one wanted to come with me also.


This is what I came for! Meerkats, love em!


I am fairly certain Lynx's are not normally this fat!


The wif*ahem* sorry, wrong caption.


The wife doing something she wanted to do..................sit down.


Kumali from the Zoo, looking good!


I don't think they think it is!


Is this an acceptable amount of wetness??


Back to earth


Right hand Seat.....love Space Shots, but they do get boring after the initial launch.


Time for blast off


What this I Spy?? Mumbo Jumbo Construction, Station Building complete, all footers placed, just awaiting the track now.


Twistyness, love it.




This coaster is pretty photogenic....shame the African Themeing is getting a bit tired!


Kumali Through the Supports! Nice big Vekoma Loopiness


More Lift Hill


Kumali Lift Hill Porn


Turned out quite nice this one


Kumali.......Through the Trees!!


Gate Prices FYI

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I do believe it was opened last year...


...I know exactly what you mean, my last visit was when Magnum and Bullet were operating side by side and the park seemed very spread out, now everything seems so close together and packed, good fun all the same.



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All the footers were layed, there wasn't any sign of track or supports though, although I am guessing this is probably a fairly straightforward ride to construct, aparently it is opening in the summer some time, so still a month or two to go, completely forgot to get Footer Porn photos though.

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Exactly. Their explanation is 'the Schwarzkopf rides were too expensive for maintenence', which i guess means that they actually cost anything for maintenence. The only thing they have done to corkscrew in the last year or two is put that ridiculous padding on the inside of the restraints, which i can barely fit my head through!

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Awesome trip report, its nice to hear you had a nice time there. They really need to give Corkscrew a makeover though. For a Vekoma it ain't that bad but go is it ugly in its present state.


BTW larrygator you can use this photo of Runaway mine train if you want (it was part of a TP I was going to do but never got round to doing it).


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That was a fun park. What I remember most was the two women lifting there tops on Velocity for the picture. They did it over and over again. What was really funny was their kids were riding too.

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