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Photoreport Europapark winterwochen 2009

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Hi there,


Me, my wife and two of our friends went on to Europapark winterwochen last weekend. We had a great time even when it was freezing -9 degrees celcius.

We get to my favorite park every year including the winter so it was a blast to be there again

This was however the first year that we could make pictures during the shows so i took some nice shots for your pleasure.

The most pictures will be from shows and not from attractions since the most will know them by now.

The upcomming coaster looks BIG and should be a lot of fun but no pictures where taken from that one.

No more comments just some pictures Enjoy:


Our look from the room we rented (150 euro for 2 nights for 4 persons) and you walk to the hotels in 5 minutes for a drink


The place inside:




some nice painting on the bedroom


And the place from the outside (garage below the building for your car) :


Did i notice they imported snow ?



Santa should be my new friend


Some nice views (closed however )



Cold ?? nah why do you think so ?


One great ride and alway's fun the shooter:



The first show was a great winter circus



Great they got women and i got my tele lens


Kneel for your master





I asked my wife if se could make me happy by doing this but .....



No idea what that dog was thinking ?


Here comes santa


Even when its cold this thing is a hit


A late night show with euromaus:




The next day we did the ice show




What ?


New doll for sharktums ?







And the last show we hit these day's



Nice view from up here



Oh it was winter before we forget





And a walk trough the zauberwelt der diamanten



The most don't even notice this Norway church in the park:




My diner that evening


the background audio


The inside of the spanish hotel


Pictures that the most should know by now



I was the only one with alcohol in it.......


Hope you did enjoy them ?

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A great thing about europapark (you would know i think) is that there are a lot places to warm your self up and have some good "milch cafe" with amaretto

The shows itself are also a good way to stay warm and outside they made a lot of fires to warm yourself up a bit.

They also sell "gluhwein" almost everywhere in the park but i just don't like that stuff.

Next time just go and enjoy the park

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Thanks again for the comments. It seems that lots of people reed this post since my data is above 2.5Gb a day and thats a lot.

I made the pictures a bit smaller what reducts my traffic but that results a bit in noise into the pictures.

If anyone needs something in larger format then let me know by mail or pm and I'll send it over without noise in raw or jpeg format.

Its just that 150Kb is a bit to less to bring great colorful pictures and thats the max size on TPR

Next weekend Phantasialand is the victim and then i'll try to make them a bit smaller so it fits in to the tpr standards.


Hope you still like the pictures, Anton

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