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Photo TR: Gold Reef City 4/11/2008

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I was in South Africa for my sister's wedding so I thought whilst I was there I had to see what Gold Reef City was all about.


I started the day battling through the Johannesburg traffic which meant a 20 min journey took just over an hour, we got there just after 11.


Since I was there with my Family my Mum and Dad said they were coming too, more the merrier in my opinion.


Gold Reef City is a nice small family park that appears to be freshening up here and there.


The main attraction for this park is the refurbished Tower of Terror, A self made Dive coaster with restraints that makes your average S.L.C. look comfortable, and it gives you a serious donkey kick. There is also a Zierer coaster called Jozi Express, it is ok nothing special but not too bad either.


Anaconda is a Giovanola suspended that I was curious about but it was closed for maintenance and looks like it has had a new coat of paint. The final credit is the Golden Loop, a Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop which is, in my opinion, is the best coaster in the park, it does what it says on the tin.


Well on to some photo's.


The furies were out in force, we ran after this photo as they started to come towards us.

More to come.


People, there are actually people here.


Of coarse there were other rides but this is the only one I took a photo of even though I didn't go on it.


This ride was just as good as this photo, don't bother.


Can you tell what it is yet?


Building work was going on, a re-design apparently.


No, no one there.


Although there weren't many people in the park.


Not many others though


Well That's their opinion anyway.


The Main Attraction


Just remember to Brace!


Again for the fans.


A Zierer coaster.


For those who like the loops


But it was closed for maintenance.


First up was Anaconda.


The entrance, It serves it's purpose

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Posted Images



The Golden Loop, the best coaster in the park


Over all a very nice family park


we went on the big wheel for the views.


Train and loop


These were all over the park



A horse, just in case you've never seen a horse before well this is one.


A memory from the parks former life as a gold mine.


These train were every where.


random painted cow.


wild birds all round the place.


more about the park.


we needed to cool down so we went on the rapids, and unlike the one's in Europe this one actually got you wet, very wet


The best clear shot I could get from the ground.

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Pity you only took two pictures of the Golden Loop, the best coaster in the park


The problem is that it's surrounded by trees and really hard to get a good angle of it, plus my family were really bored by this time so I was rushing a bit.

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I have always wanted to go to this park for some reason. I am really

curious about Anaconda and that wicked helix around the rock. It looks

like a very intense ride. It kinda reminds me of B:TR with the two vertical

loops and a zero-g.

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Ewww, that new paint on Anaconda is horrid.

Shame it was closed, but it explains why you thought Golden Loop was the best coaster in the park.

Anaconda is my favorite inverted coaster, by such a long margin that the second-place Raptor doesn't even feel like it's in the same league.


The helix around the rock is as insane as it looks, and the two-across seating really makes the opening bit not Batman-like, even though the elements are similar. The long train makes a big impact, especially in the back cars going through the zero-g roll.


Here's a page from my personal site that has pics and a video:


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