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RCT2- The Challenge to End all Challenges

Who has done the best throughout the entire Challenge?  

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  1. 1. Who has done the best throughout the entire Challenge?

    • Wrebbit
    • Coasterfreak101
    • CoasterNut17
    • ShadowRider
    • Putterfish
    • TheLegendaryMatthew
    • The Ghost
    • Cyber.Fiber

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Welcome, all RCT2 players!


The Contest


This is a new contest that I'm sure will spark some attention. It will last 6 months.


Each month, you will be given a challenge. Each challenge will require a different coaster, with a different theme. Guidelines will also be given, and your coaster must meet these guidelines.


Example: Month 1


- Intamin Micro-hyper

- Must be under 100ft tall (height by markings)

- Must have 2 tunnels (under or above ground)

- Must have a helix

- Must have an Egyptian theme


Get it? I will not be participating, but will provide an example along with each month's instructions. Please post your submission with a picture AND the download.


PLEASE NOTE: This is just an example, NOT the actual guidelines for month 1!





At the end of each month/deadline, once all submissions are entered, everyone who wants to vote will pm me with their choice. YOU MAY NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!


After a period of 7 days, I will release the votes. For every vote your coaster receives, you will get that many points. If your submission is late, you will not get your points.


The participant with the most points at the end of 6 months will be claimed the Champion of RCT2!




-Vekoma Fan Boy:

-Wrebbit: 10[Crusade]


-Coasterfreak101: 1


-CoasterNut17: 1

-Canobie Coaster:

-Ben Burnett:

-Shadowrider: 1



-Putterfish: 1


-TheLegendaryMatthew: 4[sandstorm]

-The Ghost: [California Dreamin]



-Cyber.Fiber: 3










-Can be ANY type of roller coaster (that hasn’t been used in this competition)

-Track must contain at least 3 airtime hills, 1 helix, and 1 unique feature

-May have ANY theme

-Must be over 50ft tall

-All track and scenery must be inside the YELLOW area




*All measurements are based upon the height markings, NOT the final statistics!

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^The first set of guidelines & example will be released on July 1st, after the deadline to enter has expired. You will then have 3 weeks to construct your ride, and 1 week to vote.


Thanks for entering, and good luck!

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Oh okay, I understand.


When I give you the scenerio to build your coasters, there will be certain plots of land fenced off for you to use. This will be just like a series of NoLimits contests, except using RCT2...

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I didn't even no he mentioned me. I could create a scenario if thats what you said. I just don't know if I can join the contest, lol. Thats all, I just might be to busy. But if you want me to do what I did with RCT Pairs, I could do something like that. Except with some better scenery.

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^ What? Who mentioned who? lol


About the scenarios, thanks for the offer, but I will have to do it so I can make the fenced off areas and add the scenery everyone will need.


But still...who mentioned what about who?

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I don't know. It seemed like thats what a person in this topic meant. I'm confused. Well anyways, I wasn't planning on making a map, but I thought you said that, as thats what a person above sounded like you said. Oh well. I may join, how long do we have to decide?

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You have until July 1st at 12:00am to join.


But Ghost edited his post, so maybe he said something that I never saw? lol, oh well.


Keep signing up!

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Both of you have been added!


Remember everyone, you still have time to join! Registration ENDS AT BY 12:00 JULY 1ST!!!



(This contest will also be running at http://www.brandonscoasters.com, so if you would like to better increase your chance of winning, please register and join the contest over there as well! ***You may use the same coaster for BOTH sites***)

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