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Six Flags America (SFA) Discussion Thread

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^^^Yup, that'd be it in all of its peeled-blue-roofed glory!


^^I actually didn't know we lost Brutal Planet. I haven't been on a Fright Fest night for 2-3 years now when my aunt was the lady getting her limbs cut off in the cafeteria.


Not only was BP removed but midnight express as well thanks to Shapiro.ME was a popular FF attraction with lines stretching all the way outside of cyclone's queue & they went & discontinued it.


A couple years back I remember them having that path that runs from behind the stunt show arena over to WO's exit path open to guest traffic for FF in the evening & they had the mansion somewhat lit up as well.

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Wow. I really haven't kept up with Fright Fest. It never really interested me much (I'm a sissy). I did wait for well over a half hour for Midnight Express though. And that shortcut from Wild One to the Batman Theatre should be open all the time. That or they need to connect Tower of Doom and the enterance to Gotham City.

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Midnight Express was our favorite FF ride. I haven't kept up with Fright Fest either. I hope I can visit this year.


Oh yeah if I do I definitly wanna try and get some pictures of the old house behind WO.

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Spent nine hours there today, here's what I noticed:


--Superman's red train is back and running consistently. Unfortunately my two rides were both in blue, so I'm not sure if it's smoother now.

--Batwing still has horrible ops - one train and slow employees.

--Wild One is officially sponsored by AAA. The railings in the station are covered with banners, and the entire lift is a big promotion.

--Roar is getting worse and worse. Millenium Flyers desperately needed.

--Tornado has gained Cloverleaf tubes, while Bahama Blast has lost them.

--Tony Hawk has lost two-person tubes and people are forming lines on the exit platform to get them, while the Hammerheads have gained them.


In other words, the same old stuff.

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Man o man I miss going to Fright Fest. I used to make it out at least a few times a year, since going away to college though its just too far away to make the trip. I loved getting final dark, chilly as heck, rides on ROAR, Wild One, and SROS. I would love to get back there this season, I really miss always living so close to the park as opposed to a couple months a season.



So what is going to happen to the house? Is it just going to slowly fall apart or eventually be taken down?

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The House


The House is a designated Historic Landmark. The park can't touch it or come within xx feet of it. Read the document Coasterlvr linked to. The park offered to fix it and use it for offices, the county said no and so it lays there. The story is when they were building Wild World, one of the bulldozers ran over the headstone of the Little Girl (Elenor) and every since then weird things have happened around her birthday. Search Google Groups, for Elenor and Six Flags America and their is a guy that has put the whole story together.


Fright Fest


Midnight Express is expensive to operate these days. Gasoline and diesel being what they are, I think you can understand why. The trains rarely run anymore. The park even makes corporate picnics pay for the fuel for the train from what I was told by the people that organize my company picnic there every year.


Zambora was old and boring. It was getting to the point it was a walk on or walk in for the most part.


While the park has removed some things, they have added others, like the Wheel of Fright and the Coffin of Fear which draw a large group of guests. They have been doing more with having ghouls roaming the park and scaring unsuspecting guests and added streetmosphere and adding some really awesome shows.


Do any of the Six Flags Parks have a Brutal Planet anymore?


I will says, the park does need an additional Haunted House. The line for Frightorium last season was ridiculous.


The parks entertainment department has worked hard on moving FrightFest up a notch each year, but they do need to move the bar back a little bit from family friendly and added another haunted attraction.

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Well, I don't exactly see anyone else stepping up to the plate to preserve it either. That house has been there and been falling apart since the park originally opened in the 1970's. It isn't like Six Flags is the first owner and the country historical society could preserve a landmark by relaxing their restrictions a little bit and let Six Flags use it for offices. Six Flags isn't totally at fault.

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Perhaps it is an issue of the county allowing it to be renovated? Some place just don't care for things to be brought up-to-date. The town that my wife lived in growing up (Hillsdale, MI) has always been slow to bring the town up with the times. They rejected the addition of Wal-Mart because they "wanted to keep the small town feel", so the town of Jonesville, which isn't even but a few miles away. There is also an FEC that is located just within the city limits called Silos that took a loooooong time to get approval since it would "ruin the small town feel", although it may have been more to do with the fact that the mayor at the time was the owner of the roller rink, and was not interested in competition.


While these are two situations that may not quite be the same, it could be simmilar to the house renovation since this could be a case of local politics being the biggest roadblock.

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Thursday July 24, 2008!


I was at the park on Thursday from 11 - 6 and boy was it a great day! First, when we arrived, we headed straight to the best ride in the park, with the worst dispatch times.....BATWING! Surprisingly the wait was only around 30 minutes (which is good for Batwing) lol. Next we rode Superman, and since there was no wait at all, we rode it 3 more times! Awesome ride BTW. I can feel the speed difference from the red trains and the blue train. The blue train goes alot faster than the red train. It might be hard to believe but next time your at SFA, watch the red train go over the airtime hills, then watch the blue one. Trust me there is a difference! lol. Anyways, after Superman, we skipped Joker for some lunch, then went over to Southwest Territory to ride Wild One, Tower of Doom, and Falling Star. The only coaster in the park that decided to make lockers mandatory today was Wild One! That pissed me off because I hate buying those lockers. So I hid my things and rode the ride. Then later in the day I rode it about 10 more times since there was absolutely no wait. After I left Southwest Territory, we headed to Skull Mountain. It was 90* all day on thursday so that dirty brown water felt really good. lol

Then after drying off, we rode ROAR. Man that ride is fun. I dont know why people say its rough, only one part feels rough and uncomfortable to mae and thats the last turn into the brakes. The half-tunnel thing is as smooth as glass though. Then after Roar, we rode Rodeo (that cow ride in Coyote Creek) and then Mind Eraser. We were going to get on Renegade Rapids but we changed our minds since the line was long as slow. After leaving Coyote Creek, we strated riding some flats like The Octopus, Riddle Me This, Cyclone, High Seas, and Pirates Flight. After we realized we rode basically every ride except Jokers Jinx, we went back into Gotham to ride it, then rode Superman again for the 4th time. Also when we were leaving, we were surprised to see the trams going since hardly anyone was there.


Ride Board:


Batwing - 1

Superman - 4

Joker - 1

Wild One - lost count lol more than 10

Roar - 1

Mind Eraser - 1

All flats that were listed in TR excluding Octopus and Tower of Doom - 1

Octopus - 2

Tower of Doom - 3


Wild One surprisingly got stuck at arounf 3:00!!! I've never seen Wild One stuck before but it was stuck Thursday![/b]

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My guess is that the Red train hasn't quite broken in any new wheels that may have been put on yet. Sounds like it was a good time. I agree with you that Roar isn't really a rough ride in my opinion. I would, however, have no problems with them adding a set of Millennium Flyers on the ride.

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I got Wild One stuck once...


It happens fairly regularly actually, well, it did when I worked there. The attendant on the exit side of the station has to hold a presence button to bring the train in from the final block brake. The button has to be held at the same time as the operator doing his thing (I never OP'd Wild One so I don't know specifically what the op does on that ride), if the attendant and OP are holding the button at the wrong time or hold it for too long it stops the ride, leaving one train on the lift and one train on the final brakes before the station. My second day attending Wild One I did that.




edit: also, I'm going to the park tomorrow for a bit early in the day to get a ride or two on all the coasters. I'm pumped.

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Went to the park today in the afternoon. Got on all the coasters (that were open, details coming up), ROAR 2 times.


Wild One is stuck halfway up the lift... Didn't budge all day and it didn't look like anything was being done to move it all day, so i assume this is a serious problem and not just a silly mistake thats fixed in 10 mins like what I said before...


Avalanche is being disassembled. All the cars have been removed and are lined up against the outside fence of the ride. Not sure if its being moved again or if its time to say au revoir to Avalanche...



SROS had multiple breakdowns and had to be evac'd, not fun.



Basically, not a great day due to rides being down. But still a fun time all in all.




edit: forget to mention a couple details. Two Face is still not open and has had nothing done to it all season since it first closed. So yeah, continue to not get your hopes up of it reopening...



Funny story, I went back to Batwing first, it didn't have a bad line, but noone was regulating people going into the station, so that was chaos. I was waiting for the back when a group of 6 or 7 guys went through the back flash pass gate to cut in line. I asked them what they were doing, they didn't answer, so I just ignored them and figured screw it they aren't cutting in front of me so w/e.


A couple trains later 4 guests come up with flash passes and took the back row, it was TOO funny to hear these kids who cut the 40 minute line start complaining "WHAT?! I have to wait LONGER?!"


So I just turned around and told them "Yeah, at least you didn't actually wait in the 40 MINUTE LINE back there, imagine how pissed you'd be then."

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Gotta love when people try to "fit in the group" when they were doing something they shouldn't have. My wife and I went to the Barack Obama speech here in Greenville, and we were actually close to the front by the stage, and these two frat-guys came up to the railing, and claimed to be volunteers, when they hadn't been there but for ten minutes, and they star telling those who were not volunteers to back away from the fence as only volunteers were allowed next to the fence.


The best part though was that they did it because they wanted to get a newspaper article signed by Obama, but the only thing he would autograph since he had to get back on the road ASAP were copies of his books. A little bit of justice in my view.


Anyway, back on topic. I kind of have to wonder what their intentions are if they are taking Avalanche apart already. I have a feeling the ride won't be in that same spot if they are taking it apart already. Usually, off season maintenance isn't started until later in the Fall, so I would think that may be out as a possibility.

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Whoops, I forgot to mention Avalanche being dissasembled. The cars were all off during my visit as well (last Monday), and the inside wall that covers the inner mechanics was half-gone.


The only differences I've noticed in Two Face from visit to visit is the presence or lack of water dummies. If they're there, the restraints are closed, and if they aren't, they're open. Aside from that, nothing's changing.


*EDIT: The Tilt-a-Whirl sucked and rarely had riders, so I'm sure it wasn't a profitable ride to keep. Iron Eagle was removed due to some major mechanical issues and the costs to keep fixing those issues (including stranding me and a friend upside down for about nine minutes). I don't even remember the Enterprise, though I believe it was right behind the swings, right? You can still see the concrete slab that it sat on there.*

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