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Veganism / Vegetarianism


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^ It's also called a waste of resources. Pointless research is pointless research.....like studying the possibility of living on Mars.


In science it's difficult to determine what you're going to get from research ahead of time. Many big discoveries have been made accidentally while studying something that seemed unrelated. Alexander Fleming came across penicillin by accident while studying bacteria.


As for plant research, it's very important that we have as complete an understanding of plants as possible because they are the cornerstone of our food supply. As humans, we currently cannot produce enough food from existing farmland to feed our ever-swelling population. The key, therefore, is to learn as much as we can about how plants work so that we can increase crop yields from the land that we have available for farming.

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^ Yeah, I know you and I have spoken about stuff like this before, and when you put it like that, it's certainly tough to argue those points. Still, announcing to the world that you were doing research into whether plants feel pain sounds like complete BS.


Besides, how much more plant research do we need? Epcot's already pumping out mickey-shaped pumpkins.


I'm sticking to my thoughts on Mars research though. Humans haven't figured out how to live on this planet properly yet. What makes the government think we'll figure out how to exist on another one? But that's a whole other topic.

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^Yeah, and I absolutely hated Botany when I had to study it in college. Alternation of generations, gametophytes, sporophytes, BLAH. So much to learn about stuff that just did not interest me. But, I'm glad that some people find it interesting.

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Just to chime in on the plant-feeling-pain research....lets just say that they can feel pain and pain of other plants around. And maybe they grow slower because they are stressed.


Perhaps plants would grow faster if fields had some kind of wall/barrier around them so that when crop A is being slaughtered, crop B wont get stressed and therefore grow slower.


Just a thought.

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Vegetables are good for you & all but if your a vegan than you are limited to certain foods & I like to eat so I could never be a vegetarian or vegan. I don't care if people are vegetarians or vegans but we can't have an over population of animals running around so it is a good thing in my opinion that we eat some of them. Why don't vegans eat eggs, milk, or cheese?

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