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Hersheypark 2011 [RCT3]

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I'm sorry, but I still swear it's dark brown. I went to the park in April when they've just painted it. First of all when do you see a sidewinder that's colored black?

Anyways it's no big deal. When you guys get the park, you can make it any color you want it to be.

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This is where building this park gets interesting. This week I expanded and built the path that goes past the First Aid building down to the Boardwalk entrance. I laid out where Fahrenheit's, Howler's and Rodeo's foundations would be and added Canyon River Rapids Catering. My map space is getting a little limited so I hope I don't have to cut off the back corner of the park (Lightning Racer, Whip and Wildcat). Next week I should start work on building Canyon River Rapids and the Boardwalk Midway.


Also a reminder. On Sunday I plan on heading to Hersheypark and while I'm there, I plan on getting pictures for my next phase (creating the park's buildings and some rides on sketch-up to make into CS.).


More Soon...





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  • 2 weeks later...

The Finish Line is in Sight...


I have good and bad news about the park.


The good news is that 99% of the terraforming, path placement and mapping of the park is completed. The bad news is that I ran out of map space and the park stops right next to Tidal Force. Since I want to start with the next step, here's what I plan to do:

Midway America and the rest of The Boardwalk will be placed on a seprate map. What i have done so far will be finished first and will be placed up to be downloaded, but the roads, parking lots, and buildings outside of the park won't be added (Think of it as Version 0.5). I will then finish on the second map and add all the stuff outside the park on both maps (roads, buildings, ZooAmerica, etc.) I really want to get something posted for download by Christmas.

The next step will be the fun part. Rides, scenery, trees, signs, and CS buildings will be added. Since the buildings will each be 1 piece of CS, designing and importing them might take some time.


The Main Entrance Castle.


I couldn't resist. it looks almost EXACTLY like looking towards the Hershey statue, but the only thing that's missing are the trees and buildings. Stay Tuned for work on the next step. Here's a preview:


Once trees and buildings are added, this will look exactly like the upper part of Music Box Way.


TF's layout had to be changed so it could fit correctly into the park. The catchpool still needs to be added.


Canyon River Rapids. Now YOU can choose weither to remove it or keep it. As well as Rodeo.


Looks exactly like the real thing.

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The past few days became a time for me to create some custom scenery buildings for the park, but since yesterday, I've decided that I needed to cut down on the buildings I would need to make. Right now I am currently adding detail to the park like GB's supports, path covers, and buildings that will not be CS.

Below are a bunch of pics that I took of what I have so far, but the last one was sent to me just this morning by an anyonomus person. I wonder what it could be? The person said that he will fill me in tonight on what it will be.


Merry Christmas!


....I wonder what this is? More details tonight!


Great Bear's Supports should be interesting to build.


Tram Circle even includes the famous entrance sign.


Tudor Square is starting to get some character.

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Fahrenheit and Storm Runner will be built without Custom Scenery!

Even though the coasters had to be streched out in some sections, it is about as accurate as you can get. Only SR will be an operating coaster; FH was made with sections of different coaster track being connected together. Right now I only have a screen of FH, but expect more updates soon.


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I agree you schould rebuild it but Fahrenheit isn't an easy one to recreate, I've been able to make cobra rolls with hershey stormrunners without using a trainer or such but it doesn't really look good, my suggestion is that you build it with an extended track and then switch the trains.

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Taking Shape...

It's been awihle since I updated the thread, so here's the latest:

-Fahrenheit is now a working ride (thanks to CTR) and even though the layout isn't EXACTLY perfect, it can look exactly like the real thing.

-FH's station was installed and made out of CS.

-Canyon River Rapids is finished, I just need to add more detail to the queue line and install the ride sign. The trees, rocks and canyon section are done.

-I installed path covers on most of the paths.

-Tidal Force's station and queue house has been built.


Today and for the next few weeks, this is what I plan to accomplish:

-Install Skyview. This ride will be a 3-piece, CS object (not a working ride). To make it harder, I will need to design it at a 45* angle.

-Create the Comet station out of CS. Should be just as easy as making FH's execpt it has more of a curve.

-Finish Comet Hollow by adding SDL's station, Paddleboat Cafe, and the games.

-Work on Minetown by adding GB's station, Coal Cracker's loading station, and more.

-Finish Tudor Square, work on Rhineland, and Founder's Circle.

-Think about a RCT video to show it off.






More soon.

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Detail is Important...


In the last few weeks, I was doing touch-ups in certain areas and jumping around the park. I worked on Sidewinder's area and finished it, detailed most of Comet Hollow's midway, worked on Great Bear's queue line, and finally created the first section of skyview out of custom scenery.


Just add some trees and it's good to go.

More Soon.


It's like looking at the real thing, but using CGI.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is some news that might put a pause on progress for a few days. My RCT3 CD blew up into many tiny pieces a few hours ago.

Luckly I already have a replacement CD so all I'd need to do is copy the park, uninstall and delete all the old files, install the new game and the many scenery and custom rides and I'm good to go.

Stay tuned for more!

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