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  1. wow amazing ill be going there soon anyway again but this is truly amazing work
  2. u used all the default blocks and all of the blovkd u csn use to extned the park and ur park size is 256 by 256 MOD EDIT: Please read the TPR Terms of Service. Texting language is NOT allowed. Proper capitalization and grammar is expected.
  3. ur layoit looks accuate to the acual 2008 map. i like it so far
  4. what of trailblazer was it red and kinda black. lokin good for rct3 limits. i wnet 08 nd i didt relly pay attenchen tpo sidewinder color. Yi went sidewinder was black. some vids show itdiffrent color. but i laways see i black since it be hard to repaint it. they may do it off season but usally it black
  5. yay at last and also dont forget trailblazer at end is beams. but im glad ur back cant wait for next update.
  6. all new post will be posted here http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10602338#post10602338
  7. the coaster i did rely it would be a safe coaster in real life. i wanted to do a roller coaster go stright up and spin around the middle but i couldent do that no coaster workable. i will replace it after i get my bridge set and my food court
  8. i like herhsy nic pics you got. we usalkly go every year and i think hershey is a fun park but not as fun as cedar point.
  9. i have ll the same senery it looks like ur useing when ur doen he coasters i can set up the station lines. ex the animated gates and platforms and i can do wooden coater chain.
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