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Hersheypark 2011 [RCT3]

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To prevent all the confusion of putting this in the old 2007 thread, I started this one.


First it was Sweet....


Then it was Sweeter....


Get ready for the Sweetest Park Re-creation and getting Sweeter.

-New Scenery

- New layout

-New coaster.


Hersheypark 2008





Details on Fahrenheit and the park construction:


I have Fahrenheit planned out and have three options to try and they will go in order...

1. I made a re-creation of the ride (which is in the Download Extras section) a few months ago using the extended coaster. The problem with this is that the lift will not be vertical, the track style will be all wrong and the trains will be different.


2. CS the ride! This could take a long time, but could be worth it! Doing this will result of a new set where you guys could create your own Intamin-style coaster! The problem would be it will not be a "ride". But you could add the Storm Runner trains to the station portion and transfer section. More about this when the time comes.


3. Use sections of random coaster track. I don't think this will look great and realistic, but it would be the last option (Plan C).



So far, progress is moving along nicely.

The construction of the park will result in a number of stages. This post will be updated with the lastest news: As of May, 25, 2009


1.Landscaping/ Path Construction and Foundation Placing.

100% Completed.



2.Ride Construction/ Support Construction.

90% Completed. Skyview and a few other kiddie rides need to be finished.


3. CS Building/ Ride Placement.




4. Shop/ Stall Placement

95% Completed.


5. Scenery and Finishing Touches

90% Completed

Rhineland and a few small areas need to be finished.


Stay Tuned...

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Update #2


I've been working on this yesterday. For the first stage of re creating this park, I'm going to build the coasters first then the flat rides.


I have Comet finally built and it looks better than before and I didn't even add the custom supports yet! I needed to stretch out the final turn around, but I made to hard to notice.


A few things to note. Some of the park's rides are going to be custom scenery because of some of the diagonal angles used and to make it fit in the park better. A perfect example of this is Skyview. Since it's going to be added at a diagonal angle and a normal chairlift wouldn't fit, it would need to be CS.


Stay tuned for more!



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The Bear is back.....


This is probably the hardest coaster in the park to recreate and I've made it again. This time I made a few changes to the design from last time.

-The lift hill is 45 degrees from the station. This allowed me to get closer to Comet Hollow and the first drop, but the section between the helix and drop is still long.

The loop and immelmann fit perfectly and Skyview will easily fit in between them.

The Wave Swinger foundation will need to be moved back a few squares so it won't fly over it.

The creekside straightaway and corkscrew fit extremely well and once I add CS and scenery to the area around the ride, it will look like it's real-life counterpart.


Also, I have 2 things that I'd like to announce...


I have created a fansite for the project which includes updates, forums, news, stories, and teasers.



I also plan to start work on 2 pieces of CS; the ride exit doors and arrows in the section between GB's Immelmann and Loop.

Stay Tuned for more news and updates!


Minetown and Music Box Way coming up next!


This part was too easy.


Comet Hollow is starting to get it's feel.


I may need to fix that loop a little.


All that's missing in this shot is the loop framework for SDL and the Kissing Tower.


The lift hill and part of the helix. You can see that I also made part of Coal Cracker.


The station area. You can see the storage tracks and building foundation. That small concrete square in the queue will be the soaker fountain.

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Mixing it Up in Music Box....


Construction of Music Box Way can be tough, but if you know what you're doing and think it out, it can be simple.

Building Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge was a prime example of that. If I build it the wrong way, it could affect the whole area.

So far the Music Box Theatre was built and the foundation of The Claw has been built. Tiny Timber had to be made into a river rapids ride so it can go around tight turns.


Stay Tuned for Pioneer Frontier, Minetown construction, and a little suprise coming soon! Comments Please!


Stay Tuned for more!


Fender Bender, Tiny Timbers and the foundation for Music Box Theatre.


RXCC without the building.


Music Box Way in Stage 1

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I've hit a little snag with building Storm Runner that I just discovered. The angle of the cobra roll that's possible to build on the Hershey's Stormrunner coaster would send the track heading straight into Comet Hollow when it should graze Minetown a little. This means that Storm Runner will all be CS making it a non-working ride.

This also means that I will need to make the pieces, so don't expect another update until I get the CS set finished, but don't worry, I plan on working hard with the set.

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A SLIGHTLY Different Frontier.


I guess this upcoming HP trip has gotten me into the mood of doing a little more work with this park. I have encountered an old problem that I had with the last attempt.

Since Trailblazer likes to use some very odd angles with it's track and the amount of space I have between Storm Runner's launch and dual-loading station; TB's, DGRR, and SR's queue, will be slightly different. If I didn't make these changes, the whole park from here out to Midway America would look deformed.


In other news, SR's hydrollic building and some of Pioneer Frontier's Food Court has been laid out. I still need to terraform this area some more.

As far as CS goes, I have started and will be finished soon with the first CS ride for the park. I am still trying to map out how to design the FH, and SR pieces.


Here's a question that I need answered. To make this park be very realistic, I plan on adding rock speakers to each area and playing the same exact music in each of the areas that you hear in the park. I am going to need a list of Music Artists that you hear and their titles, and also the area that you hear this song in. I plan on adding the list to a Word document and putting it inside the download for the park when it's completed.


Half of the Food Court is laid out. Stay tuned for another update soon!


Some more terraforming needs to be done.

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Let the "Sweetness" Begin!


I got a little done today with the park. I was planning on adding music to the park, but since I can't get my converter working, I'm probably going to have to do without it.

The Kissing Tower is complete along with 95% of Minetown! In Pioneer Frontier Sidewinder was built and the last pieces of track have been laid for Dry Gulch Railroad.

Over the next couple of weeks, Minetown should be finished, CRR (or what's left of it) will be built, Fahrenheit's space will be laid out, and the Boardwalk and Midway America should be started.


It's almost at that point where I should be starting to pay attention to CS making. I am going to need some help with this step. If you have some experience in CS making in Sketch-Up, let me know. I will need help with building making, and coaster track making. Full-credit will be given to the makers.




More to come.....


Some more building placement needs to be done.


Sidewinder and DGRR.


Tower Plaza needs more trees!


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I sorry, but I think you're wrong. I went over to rcdb to check and the color is a dark greenish brown.


Ride construction in Minetown is finished. Coal Cracker's and SDL's layout is finished. All that needs to be done in that area is terraforming. The end of the longest phase is in sight.

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what of trailblazer was it red and kinda black. lokin good for rct3 limits.

i wnet 08 nd i didt relly pay attenchen tpo sidewinder color.


Yi went sidewinder was black. some vids show itdiffrent color. but i laways see i black since it be hard to repaint it. they may do it off season but usally it black

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