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Hersheypark (HP) Discussion Thread

P. 435: Wildcat's Revenge announced!

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Had a great weekend in Hershey...Skyrush is INSANE!


Was hoping to get more than one ride in, but when we went back over there on Day Two near the end of the evening they only had one train running and the queue was full so we skipped it. Would have liked to have ridden in one of the inner seats, but the wing seat in the next to the last row was definitely one of the craziest ejector air experiences I have ever had on a coaster. I had a couple of moments where I was actually a little concerned that I was going to get thrown out of my restraint and right into the creek...this is seriously one effed-up coaster.


Not a big deal only getting one ride on it though...we had a ton of fun spending time with the family and being able to get the little one's (5 & 7) on their first adult coasters - Lightning Racer, Wild Mouse and Comet...they loved them all! We ended up doing more flat rides than coasters, but that was perfectly fine as we all had a blast and the lines weren't as long for those.


No concern about park or ride op's either. Some could have been a little friendlier, energetic or enthusiastic, but the pleasant one's definitely outweighed the Negative Nelly's.


Also popped my Hershey Kettle Corn cherry last night by getting it straight up out of the kettle on the way out of the park...definitely the best kettle corn I have ever had!

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Website mistakenly reports Hersheypark's Roller Soaker is for sale


Hersheypark officials are not selling one of the amusement park's roller coasters.

An online report at themeparktourist.com indicating that the Roller Soaker was listed on the ride exchange service Rides4U, with a price tag of $799,000, turned out to be a mistake, a park official reported on Thursday.


"The ride is not for sale," Hersheypark spokeswoman Kathy Burrows said.


Hersheypark officials had been contacted by a company that indicated another party was interested in buying the ride, Burrows explained. But Hersheypark wasn't interested in selling it.


The company that contacted Hersheypark officials "jumped the gun" and listed the ride for sale, she said, adding that the company has removed the ride from its listing and has apologized to Hersheypark officials.


Burrows couldn't comment on the future of the ride, saying only that "it's going to stay for the season."


The amusement park unveiled the Roller Soaker in the northwest section of the park in the summer of 2002. The roughly 90-second ride allows riders - four to a car and armed with pots of water - to douse vulnerable spectators 50 feet below. Ground visitors also had access to a number of powerful water blasters along the roller coaster's path to retaliate for attacks from riders.


Setpoint Inc. of Ogden, Utah, designed and manufactured the 1,300-foot Roller Soaker, which cost nearly $8 million. At the time, it was the first such ride in the Northeast.




Well that's..odd.


Sounds like maybe the left hand isn't talking to the right. It would make sense for them to replace this ride with something with higher capacity so it wasn't really surprising to hear it was for sale. The ride is still listed as such here, 3 days after that article stating otherwise was published.

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Alright, I just got home about an hour ago. Got to the park around 10:30 am today and left around 4 (right before the down pour!) Let me just start off by saying I never waited in a coaster line for more than 15 minutes!!


I heard on this forum that it would be busy for multiple reasons and IT WAS! But if you follow "the plan" then you won't have trouble waiting in line forever! Some people I sat next to on Fahrenheit said they waited for it yesterday for 2 hours and they waiting no longer than 15 minutes this morning! Anyway, all coasters were running great and the park looked amazing.



This is what I really wanted to come for. Yes, the reviews are correct! It IS INSANE! I rode it later in the day after the crowds moved to the other side of the park, waited probably 15 minutes or less. They NEED a single rider lane because I saw so many open seats. I had an outside middle seat and experience the ride of my life! I felt like I was literally going to fall out of my seat the whole ride and couldn't even concentrate for a minute to see my surroundings!! The seat-restraint did kill my thighs although it wasn't that bad. Honestly, this is one of the greatest roller coaster ride's i've had!


BY THE WAY, The pictures are minimal because I really just wanted to enjoy the park and they were all taken on my phone so bare with me!



My first glance at Skyrush! It was cloudy with a temp. around 78. We were a bit skeptical because the forecast called for showers throughout the day. Weather was actually perfect though, nice and warm with breaks of sunshine throughout the day.



The beautiful Hershey Park entrance. I've always loved this little tutor-style area!



My first coaster ride of the day. My plan was to hit up Fahrenheit first, Storm Runner, then head over to Great Bear, Skyrush, etc. with stops at other rides and the zoo. Best plan if you don't want to wait! Never waited longer than 15 minutes, even for Skyrush!



Sorry this isn't straight! Went on this 3 times today. First 2 times were in the morning after Fahrenheit, got on within 5 minutes each time. Operation's were pretty good. In the afternoon I waited about 10 minutes and it seemed like the coaster was a little more forceful than this morning.



This ride never gets old!



Original Hershey chocolate factory!



Love this area of the park!



Ahhh, I don't understand why these "vertical" shots are uploading like this. Sorry!



Don't break your neck!



Haha, I can literally see you all turning your heads



Ok, I really love this new part of the park. It will blow you away when you first see it (especially when Skyrush whips in front of your face out of nowhere!) It's really a beautiful addition and I love the fountain! Tip: you'll want to walk through to see it because you won't get a chance to enjoy the scenery while riding Skyrush!!



Here's a good shot of Skyrush! Seriously, if anyone wants to flip these pictures and post them, feel free!



Alright i'll leave you with another head-turner.

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Went to the park Friday and had an absolute blast! I did not follow any "plan" to ride the rides in any special order or time but the longest we waited was about 30 minutes for Fahrenheit. I am someone who just picks a ride and moves from ride to ride around the whole park. I HATE jumping from one side of a park to another. Anyway, all of the coasters were running great! I finally rode the Tornado style water slide they have after waiting almost an hour for it. I looked at my friend and said never again. They really need to enlarge the water park. I feel like there were more people there than the entire rest of the park combined. There is NO way I would wait in line to enter a lazy river. Them people are crazy. I was gonna get a ride in on Roller Soaker but it was over an hour wait. Sky Rush had less than a 15 minute wait after 9 PM Friday night and the front row had about a 20-25 minute wait. My friend and I took advantage of that and got a front and back row ride. This ride is AMAZING at night and has become my fave steel.

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Oh boy, I was ready to add to the speculation of what Hersheypark will put in after Roller Soaker is cut up and shipped out to some other park that could use a coaster like that. I was about to suggest two possible candidates for Roller Soaker's replacement: a racing mat slide or a superduper water coaster (like Hoilday World's Wilderbeest). I'm sure either one of those would bring in more sliders and hopefully keep the line at my favorite ride, The Merry Derry Dip, down to a point you just walk up and ride ( it's a joke that I have with Hersheypark.).


Then something happened - The Roller Soaker is not for sale!


Hersheypark has no plans to remove Roller Soaker and states that some people "jumped the gun" ( which I think is a load of BULLFROGS!!!) when it came to making announcements. Oh well, there is no need for any of us to get upset over this and start protesting by riding the The Merry Derry Dip until we wear out the seat of our pants because I'm sure that those people who "jumped the gun" will be dealt with the harshest penalty I can think off: ride the The Merry Derry Dip until their rear ends fall off. I bet that'll teach them.


Of course, if anyone out there that is planning to visit Hersheypark and to ride the The Merry Derry Dip in protest of this misinformation, then please go ahead. Just don't tell them I've told you to if you get arrested for hogging the slide.


"Okay, do you feel better now? Then come to bed!"

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^^ The water park was absolutely packed Friday. In an ironically-timed turn of events, I ended up working on Roller Soaker that day. (Heck, I might have even told you how long the wait was!)


Anyways, the ride is a nightmare to operate. Capacity is horrid, even with all available trains running as efficiently as possible. While I won't go into details, the operator has to run the ride a very specific way to decrease the probability of a breakdown. This decreases capacity even further, and the end result is a lot of unhappy guests who waited over an hour for a very underwhelming ride.


Working at frontline, people were shocked at the wait times, and at least two-thirds of prospective riders either turned around right away or got out of line five minutes after getting in.


The general consensus is that the ride is leaving very soon; it would have left yesterday if maintenance had anything to do with it. Personally, I'm all for it, and would rather see another slide complex or some other high-capacity attraction designed to deal with the huge crowds the Boardwalk gets. Three-quel, anyone?

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There is NO way I would wait in line to enter a lazy river. Them people are crazy.


Even more strange is the queue to get into the wave pool as I have never seen a park that had a roped off area to enter. I know we're crazy though because we waited for both on Friday...but damn it was HOT!


One nice thing about the lazy river queue, you have Roller Soaker overhead (at least for now) to keep you entertained as we would watch the kids try to nail the people on the ride with the water geysers and then the people on the ride were unloading on us in the queue. Made the wait time quicker although I also wondered why they would let people reride the river when the line was so long? Other parks like CW made you get off after one trip around on a busy day.


I think that Roller Soaker might be better if the dispatching could be a bit quicker (normally not the ride op's fault - just the way the ride is) and the ride itself had more interaction with guests below. Other than the lazy river queue, part of the queue for the ride, and a little section of the boardwalk there aren't enough places to guarantee you will soak someone below. I also think it would be better if the tracks were about five feet lower to the ground and had more interactive squirt guns, waterfalls and the like. It would be cool if they could make it more like one of the Splash Battles where more interaction is encouraged. Or better yet...just rip it out and add a Splash Battle!


You're correct on the bowl slides too. One year we waited to ride the toilet bowl one...didn't look that bad, but we realized after we got in line that we were dead wrong. Took us well over an hour to get on.

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^Do you not know how to rotate a picture?


Haha yeah but my phone is really weird and they show up in the right position on my computer but upload a different way on tinypic. Don't really know what was going on and didn't really care.


I forgot to mention my family and I never went to the water park area. I would have liked to have seen it but we just wanted to do the park. I never even got to see Roller Soaker! Oh well, if it's gone next year I'm sure people won't really mind!


I always thought they needed to expand the water park, it just always seemed small to me.


It's kind of funny how a bunch of us TPR members were at the park either Friday, Saturday or Sunday

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Haven't been to Hershey all year and I'm contemplating heading up this weekend. Would it be a mistake to go since its a Holiday weekend? I'm leaning towards Sunday since the park doesn't close till 10.


Any ideas as to what I can expect from a crowd perspective? Should I avoid this Sunday?

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Haven't been to Hershey all year and I'm contemplating heading up this weekend. Would it be a mistake to go since its a Holiday weekend? I'm leaning towards Sunday since the park doesn't close till 10.


Any ideas as to what I can expect from a crowd perspective? Should I avoid this Sunday?


Follow my plan on the mini trip report I posted on the page before this! Worked great for me last Sunday!


Swimmin6, I PMed you the correctly rotated images for your Hersheypark trip report. I thought it would be a nice thing to do.



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As a last hurrah of summer, my brother and I headed down to the park yesterday before school starts next week. We arrived at 9:30, discovered that there was only one row of cars in the entire main parking lot, and found ourselves a nice spot in the second row. There were only about 100 people at the front of the park waiting for the gates to open, and once we got in, the park was basically empty.


Now, we tried to do "the plan" as best we could, but the allure of Skyrush first thing in the morning was such a tease that we couldn't resist "checking the line" before heading over to Fahrenheit. We got in two walk-on rides; the first in the second row, and the second in the back row (I think). The restraints were definitely softer, but you still get good and squished. I'll post my review later in the report.


Next, we headed over to Fahrenheit, waited about 10 minutes, and hopped on a ride in the back seat. After that, we got in a ride on Sidewinder and two rides on Storm Runner. The wooden coasters were next, with a ride on Wildcat, one on each side of Lightning Racer, and one on the Wild Mouse too. It was 11:45 by the time we got done in the back of the park, so we stopped in the Boardwalk and had some lunch. The turkey burger I had was surprisingly really good...


Since everyone was starting to head to the "back" of the park around noon, we trekked back over toward the front, taking a ride on the monorail for a breather. After that, we stopped at Skyrush, only to find that it was a walk-on for almost every row (except the front!) So, why not get in three more rides? Sure! Next, we headed to Coal Cracker, and got in two rides on Great Bear. By now, we were starting to get worn out, so we stopped for a snack and some water. A handy tip is to just ask for free water from any food or drink kiosk.


After that, we got in two rides on SooperDooperLooper and one on Comet. I think we rode Skyrush three more times again after Comet, but I don't remember the order. Next up was the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge, and then we walked back to the other side of the park. My brother insisted that we ride The Claw, and I'm not one for spinning or swinging rides, but it was pretty fun. I was feeling a little nauseous after that one...


We got in another ride on Storm Runner and one on Trailblazer before heading back to the front of the park for one final ride on Skyrush before leaving around 5. Chocolate World wasn't too busy, and we did the tour, picked up some dinner, and shopped a little. Overall, it was a pretty fun-filled, no waiting day! Just my style!


Wildcat - 1 ride - This ride was so much more rough than when I rode it in May. I remembered the parts that were the worst, and that final helix is a killer on the ribs. I felt like I was a salt shaker, essentially. When we got off, one of the women behind us said "Well that one was a teeth chatterer!" I think that's an understatement...the new trains do make it look much better though. I'm hoping for a Rocky Mountain Coaster refurb in the future! 5/10


Wild Mouse - 1 ride - Now this Wild Mouse has to be one of the most fun in the country. I've been on a few wild mouses, and this one definitely had the fear factor on every turn. I couldn't stop laughing only to death grip the bar on every sharp turn that we encountered. It's surely a winner in my book! 7/10


Lightning Racer - 1 ride (each side) - I love the idea of a dueling wooden coaster, and these two don't disappoint. Thunder seems to be a little bit smoother than Lightning, but they both offer the same thrills and excitement. The ride attendants were also efficient and fun on this ride, as they both had a running game of "Which train is going to win this time?" sort of thing. They were only running one train on each side though, so I guess it was easy to play... 8/10


Fahrenheit - 1 ride - I consider this ride a one-trick pony. You go straight up, you fall back down at 97 degrees, you do some flips, and it's over. It's all a big hype for the "past vertical drop", which is okay, but I just don't consider it all that great. We sat in the back row, and I have to say the car really rattles! It was clicking and clacking the whole ride, and it got pretty noisy on some parts of the ride. I think the first drop and the last airtime hill offer some great floater air, but everything else is pretty dull. 7/10


Sidewinder - 1 ride - I don't like to go backwards, but my brother loves this ride, so I had to go on it. We rode in the back car of the train "for the best view at the top!", and it was quite intense going backwards. I got extremely dizzy pulling out of the drop going into the loop, and shut my eyes for the rest of the backwards trip. I don't do boomerang coasters...but the new trains are great! 5/10


Storm Runner - 3 rides - This was my favorite ride in the park, but has now tied with Skyrush. I think the launch is the best launch on any accelerating coaster, and the entire ride is pure fun. When we rode in the front, the launch was spectacular, and the zero-g rolling into the flying snake dive was so disorienting I didn't know where I was going. The final drop that goes beneath the monorail is frighteningly close, and the two turns are great as well. Storm Runner sits at the top of my list! 9/10


Trailblazer - 1 ride - Trailblazer is a classic attraction that has now become overlooked by the bigger rides in the park. It's a great stepping stone for kids looking to do some scarier rides, but has become outdated too. The new paint looks good, and that final helix is fun, but it's just not for me anymore... 5/10


Great Bear - 2 rides - This B&M Invert is one of my favorites with Raptor and Alpengeist, and the helix after the lift is one of the highlights of it's unique layout. The inversions are fast and forceful, with the final corkscrew offering some intense positive G's that'll pin you into your seat. Can't forget that distinctive B&M roar either! 8/10


SooperDooperLooper - 2 rides - The first looping coaster in the northeast still does the same loop, but the new trains and breaks are great! While I found the seats to be a little stiff and straight, the second half of the ride isn't as trimmed as it was previously, offering one fast spiraling helix as the finale. It was more intense than I expected, and I was seeing some stars! 7/10


Comet - 1 ride - This classic woodie we decided to do in the front, having us watching the train make it's way up the crooked lift hill beneath the new arch that is Skyrush. It's an old-time wooden roller coaster that, while not very forceful, has a charm and draw from it's age. It was a great ride in the front too! 7/10


Skyrush - 9 rides! - 9 is my lucky number, and it was our lucky day on Skyrush! The wait was a walk on all day, and it was completely insane. After 3 rides we would have to take a break because our thighs were "feeling the burn", but it was completely worth it. The speed the lift is taken at scares the sh*t out of me every single time, and the drop is pure , only to have you become firmly planted into your seat on the first turn. The first airtime hill offers some of the best airtime in the world, and the second turn is where I grey out. I grey out so much, my vision doesn't return until the train is cresting the second airtime hill, having me be thrown out into the air again! The Stengel dive is fun, and the twisty is one that actually flings you up and to the side, offering lateral airtime? The final airtime hill is the most intense, as you feel like you're going to be thrown into Comet, only to have you turn and fly over the ride to the break run. The wing seats on the left are far more intense than those on the right, and the two seats over the track offer the calmest rides, albeit still intense! My brother rode the left wing in the back row, and said it was the craziest ride experience he's ever had. I, on the other had, rode the right wing in the front row, offering one of the scariest first drops I have ever been on. There was no track beneath me, so looking right down to the ground was terrifying. My brother and I each got alternate rides in winged and non-winged seats, and this ride is now my new number one coaster. I'm already hoping to go back for Halloween just to ride this!


*As a tip for those riding Skyrush multiple times, the airtime is so forceful that even the first drop can be a little touchy the third time around. My brother and I discovered that if you brace yourself on the side bars, NOT the ones on the restraint but the ones next to your body, you can hold yourself in the seat a little more. I found myself doing somewhat of a pull up maneuver to hold on, and the airtime was still great but much less painful. The restraints have been fixed, but they still can become pretty tight at the end of the ride...


Can't wait to go back for another Skyrush marathon one day!

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I just got back from PA and I wanted to say that i rode skyrush and while it is not as good as i305 it was still incredible. They are two rides that I expected to be very similar, but are completely different. Some quick notes;

the restraints are terrible. My legs were nearly numb every time by the end. The bottom of the restraint is shaped to your legs, yet its angled upwards so that beautifull ergonomic shape goes completely to waste. Any chance they will fix this? And the airtime wasnt to bad, in fact, it was incredible, but the lats really killed some parts of the ride because of how you had no support and all the weight when straight into the restraint. I found myself unable to ride with my hands up because i simply couldnt support myself on transitions.

Also, why is the far turn so incredibly rough? The wing seats were especially. My first ride I could not believe how violent that turn was. In fact, I honestly hated it the first time I rode it because I already had a mild headache and I rode in a wing seat in the second to back row. The rest of the ride was complely glass smooth.. go figure.

Anyways overall a great ride, but Intimidator has a better drop (im not sure how much I like the way skyrush jerks down suddenly and instantly comes out), more enjoyable and numerous airtime (9 moments vs 5), Better more supportive restraints (for now), and I simply prefer the out of controll forces and direction changes on intimidator.

These opinions are very subject to change though because the restraints really made the ride less enjoyable. As far as the rest of the park, fahrenheit was much better than I remember; i loved the random airtime pops and the the intensiy of the Norwegian loop. Much less rattly than before except in the cobra roll. Storm runner is still my favorite ride in the park, despite the fact that they toned down the speed a bit since 2 years ago. The launch is still one of my faves, and the flying snake dive is the longest my butt has ever beeen off the seat on any coaster. From the time you enter the hill to the pullout there was airtime! So genius. I overall had a great experience at the park (great operations believe it or not) and cant wait to ride the hopefully improved skyrush next year!

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I hit HP this past sunday, and I have to say Skyrush is an amazing coaster. The airtime is absolutely insane. I didn't have the "Pain" in the thighs some people have talked about in previous posts, I felt the restraints were great. The first drop basically has you free falling until the train catches you at the bottom, and the lift hill....holy crap was that fast

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Ok. So this is really my first post on this forum, but here goes...


I went to Hersehy Park for weekend vacation (literally just got back from it, so Sept 8th and 9th) with another TPR member. Now the clash of the two worlds was a bit shocking, but I learned pretty quickly. See, I already live in Northeast PA, so really my only sense of entertainment when it came to amusement parks, is Knobles (YOU PRONOUNCE THE K, JERK *inside joke*) and I haven't been to Hershey park in a few good years (i'd say about... oh... 8 years?). I really needed to have the rust shaken off and Oh boy did it do that. Day 1 was pretty rough for me. The feelings where really alien and I've started to become a little fearful of the feelings as the coasters have gotten bigger. So this was our route: Wild Cat, Lightning Racer, Fahrenheit (oh dear god at this point), Great Bear (that one grew on me QUICK <3), Sooper Dooper Looper, then it rained us out as we waited in line for Skyrush. So the park emptied, we went back to the hotel and waited it out until things dried up a bit and the park reopened. Then we headed back and he was really anticipating getting on Skyrush, but it didn't open right away like the others as quick. So we rode the comet (that thing will bust down someday... but is it fun for a really old coaster), and marathoned the Great Bear about 3 or 4 times until Skyrush opened. Now, I'm a noob compared to the rest of you at this point because I don't have the experience... Skyrush ripped me to pieces. That was my first Megacoaster (to me anyway, not like the Intimdator 305 as you speak of) and I literally wanted to cry when I got off. Then, that was it for the night.


Day 2. Went back, and all that fear and nauseating feelings I felt on day 1? completely gone. I was at the point where we were having common conversations as we were hitting the hard banks on the wild cat and throwing trivia at each other down the hills of the comet. So this was our route: Lightning Racer (go thunder!), wildcat, went for storm runner but it was having some technical difficulties and we went elsewhere till it was fixed, Great Bear, Sooper Dooper Looper, Comet, back to Stormrunner (that LAUNCH!!! AH! SO GOOD!) Some Reeses Coaster that wasn't really a coaster but a moving shooting gallery of bad art and awfully hilarious scores at the end (we definitely won) Back to storm runner? (i think it was), then... terrifyingly enough Skyrush again... I sat in the middle again because of reminiscing about the night before, I was terrified of the feelings, but now that the rust is off and I was in some kind of adrenaline zone, that coaster was... actually... quite amazing. I wont lie, I kind of wish that the coaster have over the shoulder restraints other than the lap bars due to the airtime you get (oh the AIRTIME!), but I did get a bit of numbness in my left leg when we got back to the station. I don't know if was really the lap bars, because really, i was quite comfy in them, or if it was the adreneline running through me so fast. Skyrush is just a blur of yellow track, alot of air (because I think someone said it before) you feel like you are freefalling until the train catches you again at that first GIGANTIC hill that they throw you off of, near inversions that twist you from side to side, and airtime that make you feel like someone is pitching you like a baseball. When I got off, I was pretty dazed. It felt like the coaster was somewhat mad at me and I survived it's fury. I wouldn't ever want to say that Skyrush is something that should be put down because of this "uncomfortable lapbar" bullcrap that I'm hearing because if you really did encounter that, it's EASILY overlooked by the amazing, ripping feeling it gives you when you're on it.

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Here's something cool for Hersheypark in the Dark this year:


Dark Rides at Hersheypark In The Dark





Event Date(s):



Event Time(s):

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM


On-Sale Date:



Event Details:

New this year, enjoy a rare treat – a dark ride experience on 3 of our roller coasters – included in your admission!


On Fridays ONLY from 9:00 to 10:00 PM during Hersheypark In The Dark, the lights on select coasters will be turned OFF to create a frightfully fun dark ride experience! Ride if you dare, and share in the thrill of a true Hersheypark In The Dark first!



Call 717-534-3900 for more details.

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^That sounds amazing!!! I wonder if you would be able to use that with a Preview Plan ticket? Possibly going to Hershey October 26th to October 27th and would love if this was included with the Preview Plan.



Another question is how crowded is Hershey the last weekend of October? I have never been there around that time of year.

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