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What's wrong with Mean Streak?

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I just rode it twice this past weekend. Once front row and once back row.


Front row wasn't really that rough, though I can't say the ride did a lot in terms of elements and maneuvering. Though I will say my two friends in the second row had two different experiences. One had one similar to me, the other came off limping.


Back row...I basically died. Hideous ride. Pure pain for over a mile.

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Last summer I felt much more pain on Blue- than on Meanstreak


I agree! I rode Blue Streak at CP last September and it was just awful...what happened to this classic?? Ever since the original lab bars, restraints and the design layout changed, it has been pretty bad. I used to love this coaster and still keep riding it during most visits, trying different seats in hope that I can find a good one. But so far, nadda...nothing like the crazy ejector air you used to get back in the day.


Mean Streak is not as bad everyone makes it out to be. I'm sorry, but I rode this thing a ton of times when it first opened and that thing would just scream and whip your ass around the turns and throw you all around in the seat! And what about the supports/turns swaying from the initial settling every time a coaster flew through the structure? It definitely added more thrill while you watched from the queue line! Anyone remember this during it's inaugural season??


After they trimmed it, it was just not the same coaster, but if you ride it in the front (esp at night), it is not that bad at all. Not the most thrilling anymore, but a nice long, enjoyable ride and I was definitely not groaning in pain afterwards.


I agree that Villain was the worst wood coaster I have ever ridden. That thing had no thrills at all and felt like it was on a gravel track. I wish that I would have ridden it in the front seat...maybe it might not have been as bad? But from what I have read, multiple rides in different seats didn't help...kinda like the current Blue Streak.

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I'll throw in my two cents since I actually got a chance to ride Mean Streak last week. I actually found it a LOT smoother than Psyclone was. Maybe it's true that it does run smoother in cold weather though; I'll have to give it a try later in the summer and see how rough it is.

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The last time I went to Cedar Point, I rode Blue Streak and Mean Streak. Blue Streak was just a classic woodie, fun and not too rough. Mean Streak on the other hand was pure torture. I rode in the very back and was grunting in pain the whole three minutes.

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Mean Streak, fun, but you can't hold your hands up or else you flying everywhere will HURT. Blue streak, make sure that your restraint isn't too tight because there is lots of smooth, fun airtime. I prefer Blue Streak alot more than Mean Streak, regardless of ride length.

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To me, roughness isn't exactly the problem with Mean Streak. I mean, it's rough, but I would never call it one of the roughest coasters I've been on by any means. The big problem for me is the overall package. It's this massive, awesome looking woodie that is so severely brake-raped that all possibility for thrills have been extinguished. Then you couple this with the fact that it isn't smooth in anyway and you just have an overall crappy ride. It's the same category that the Beast is beginning to fall under. Mean Streak is by no means the worst coaster I've been on, but I just have nothing good to say about it.


If they kept a steady cash flow going into its maintenance program and gave the ride the proper care it needs, they could turn it into a pretty darn good ride. Unfortunately though, it's a Cedar Fair ride, so they'll just cut as many corners as they can by way of trims. I cringe when I think about what Renegade might be like in ten years.

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