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Hersheypark Announces Fahrenheit!

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First time Poster, long time lurker...


Actually, The Chain Dog is the part of the train that connects to the actual chain on the lift hill. The Anti-rollbacks are the "notches" if you will that are built into the lift track, If i'm not mistaken.


I believe I also read that it will indeed have two lift chains, one that acts as the lift and one that acts as the anti-rollback unit, to catch and hold the train if a problem occurs.

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I gotta be honest here - the fact that the webcam isn't straight is driving me CRAZY.


Didn't even notice that till you said something. Next screen grab I'm fixing Hershey's crooked cam in CS3.


Looking forward to those update photos, let us know when they get up please Ghost.



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As I mentioned last night, there was a tour that went on yesterday. Sadly due to high wind conditions they were not able to top the coaster off as planned. You can check out the whole update here.


Here are a couple of the pictures you will see in this update..




This is my favorite picture, it gives a great look at the future station.


The hard hats worn on the tour.

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That webcam is driving me crazy! Straighten it out!!!


But at least work is going pretty quickly on this. I hope the Norwegian loop/ cobra roll portion of the ride will look as good as the first part is looking. I really thought the ride was pretty ugly in the concept art, but this is turning out pretty well.

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