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Hersheypark Announces Fahrenheit!

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^Hersheypark isn't stupid. Remember Storm Runner was advertised to intersect three rides? Capital Blue Cross Monorail, Trailblazer, and another one, I can't remember which, though. Western Chute as far as I could tell never seemed really popular whenever I went there. However, their rapids ride seemed to be VERY popular. I'm pretty sure they are not planning on taking it out anytime soon, especially a popular one such as that. HP rarely wants to take down rides - Storm Runner going around three rides, Great Bear going around Coal Cracker and Sooperdooperlooper are probably the two biggest examples of that. You need not to worry.

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^ You are absolutly correct. The other ride you're looking for is Dry Gulch Railroad.


HP has never removed a ride that didn't need to be removed. WCO had to got since it was outdated. Not once since the 1940's has a coaster was removed from the park (execpt for the Little Comet).


And to prove the point that FH is like the other coasters in the park, here's a pic to point it out.


That's really close to TF catering.

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HP has never removed a ride that didn't need to be removed.


Your right about that, they rarely remove rides. One ride they removed that I didn't think made sense was the Conestoga, that was pretty popular wasn't it. And it was replaced by a Virtual Theater that no one goes to. Although, aren't Huss Rainbows really difficult to maintain or something, that could be why?

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The conestoga wagon had an updated maintanence program enacted by Huss. Part of that update was to inspect the pin that connected it to the frame daily. They decided to scrap the ride instead. it was one of my favorite rides. it is sorely missed, but Fh is going to be greatly welcomed in my book!

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Well the ride is comming along great do you think that they might have a soft opening for it during hersheys springtime at the park?


I would not put any money on that statement. Springtime in the Park is less than a month away. They still have to finish the track, get all the electrical components ready, build a que, finish the station, and test the trains which I don't know if they are on site yet. It's a possibility that the ride will be testing for Springtime in the Park, but even that is really pushing it.

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Here are a few pics that Hersheypark sent me on the topping off of Fahrenheit.




Thanks to Marty at Hersheypark for submitting these photos.


Looks awesome! Can't wait to ride later this summer!


We are now officially "topped off!"


Yay! The connection is made.


Just as Luke Skywalkler would say "Almost there...."

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Vertical lifts sure do have a good look to them, and thanks to Marty at Hersheypark and Robb for uploading and teasing us with this awesome eye candy

Should be amazing ride, hope I can out to ride it.

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