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Great America Becomes California's Great America

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Cedar Fair theming rides? Well I guess trash cans and concrete can count as theming.


Great America looks like a nice park, and it is nice to see major rides being invested, even if they are used, and hopefully Cedar Fair manages to keep the family friendly atmosphere the park seems to have. I just think that in five years Great America will be the typical Cedar Fair park with lots of concrete, minimal shade, and 10000000 trash cans.

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^Exactly. There are many trees at Great America. I can't see them taking all of that foliage out. Now that I think about it, just about every ride in the park is surrounded by trees. The only Cedar Fair-ified ride that I can think of on the spot is Invertigo. Switchbacks galore, no shade in the queue, and an abundance of concrete, all C.F. approved. Other rides in the park with switchbacks at least have shade over them (e.g. Vortex, Drop Zone). Top Gun doesn't even have switchbacks, its line is themed (and hopefully C.F. will keep it that way).


Well, when it comes to the usual C.F. stereotype, I'd rather have trillions of trash cans than the removal of Marriott rides, which happened during the Reign of Terror (Paramount in the 2000's, when many classic attractions were removed).

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Okay, CGA doesn't have nearly that many trash cans. But eventually, there will be. But still, at least they're preserving classics!


EDIT: I counted 21 in the pic! We should have a photo contest to see who can show as many C.F. trash cans in one picture!

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