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That does look like it's going to be a good wooden coaster, it'll be good for that park to get something new. I do expect that CGA will grow slowly, as they have for a while now. As far as their next ride, an Intamin looper would fit well in that park. I wouldn't expect a hyper coaster to ever go into CGA, if I recall they've got a very strict height limit due to the near by airport.


BTW: Am I the only one who keeps typing PGA instead of CGA???

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CGA has Drop Zone which is well over 200 feet tall. I think that they have lenient height restrictions enough that they can build a hyper. Wether they have the space or not is the problem, but alot of that could be solved with a unique lift system (Vertical lift, elevator lift, maybe even just a 45 degree lift). And if they did put in a hyper, they could advertise it as the biggest in Northern California, which would probably be a pretty good gimmick to draw in the general public.

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And if they did put in a hyper, they could advertise it as the biggest in Northern California, which would probably be a pretty good gimmick to draw in the general public.


Six Flags would be pissed if they did that. They would have to change Medusa's spiel to it being the 2nd biggest in Northern California.

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Another Thing is that the Demon NEEDS to be seismicly retrofited, i mean it nearly fell in the 7.1 Loma Prieta and those suports are ready to go in a 7.5 which we are well overdue for!


Brings up a great point!! Maybe Cedar Fair knows how over due we are for the next big one and they're just waiting for it to hit so they won't have to pay much to demo the rides!


Why pay 100 Million Dollars to level a park for stadium, just let nature do it for free. Man, Cedar Fair is smart.

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I don't know planes flight patterns, but the planes fly over the south side of the park, over Psycho Mouse, Top Gun, etc. At least that's what I've seen. And Drop Zone is 224 ft. and I think that is the max height for the park. In 2009, or 2010, I can see them doing something with KidZville because it is in extreme need of a facelift and Cedar Fair wants to dump the HB characters. Since CGA has gotten new attractions every year whether it be a flat, coaster, or wave pool, I think 2010 will be a quiet year.

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^I think 2007 was a quiet year for the park. Yes, we did get the wave pool for Boomerang Bay, but I don't really count that because it's not open for the whole season. 2006 was bigger because of Survivor, which of course has been a hit with the public. But for sure, 2008-09 will be very big for the park, what with its extended hours, new ice show, Halloween Haunt, and the two best things: Firefall and GCI wood! I can't wait!


By the way, does anyone else notice that Cedar Fair has been trying their best to preserve attractions from the Marriott era? For example, they saved Orleans Orbit from being closed when Paramount would have torn it down, and the GCI will not affect the Pictorium or the Sky Tower. I like that CF is being creative!

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The park used to have all the plaques of Paramount movies up near the carousel (I believe, it's been several years since I've been there so my memory is foggy), anybody know if those are still intact?


Here is a picture of one of the freshly sanded down movie stones. The rest of the CGA 2007 closing weekend photos can be found here:






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Heres CGA's History Timeline As Far As I Can Remember:

-Vortex 1991

-Top Gun 1993

-Days Of Thunder 1994

-Nickelodean Splat City 1995

-Drop Zone 1996

-Extreme Sky Flyer 1997

-Invertigo 1998

-Kidsville 1999


-Physco Mouse, Flyers, Celebration Swings 2001

-Delirum 2002

-Nothing 2003

-Boomerang Bay 2004

-Expanded Boomerang Bay - 2 New Slides 2005

-Survivor 2006

-Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool 2007

-Firewall 2008

-New Wooden Coaster 2009

-2010? Maybe in 2010 we will get nothing since 2003 we got nothing. Hm...

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Yeah the Hanna Barbera film is from Universal Orlando. It sure is old. I saw it at Universal in 1992 & again in 2002. Was it gone in 2003? I wonder why the former Paramount parks play it now when it was at Universal. What are the films currently are they still Spongebob & Hanna Barbera? Maybe CF will give CGA a new film for 2010 but I'd really like another coaster! I don't know if CF likes those 3d films.

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The HB movie was for 2006 and wasn't used that much during the end of the season. For 2007, they only used one side of the theater for the Spongebob 3D which still continues to be one of the most popular rides in the park. I really want to see 7th Portal or Smash Factory make a return.

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OMG, I remember 7th Portal and Smash Factory! I remember going on the 7th Portal, and I thought the 3d glasses were so cool (I was only about 9 years old). If I remember correctly, before Delirium was put in, that space was used as switchbacks for the FX theater! I can only imagine how long that wait would be...


The other one I remember was Smash Factory. When I rode it with my dad, I was laughing so hard, and my dad was laughing to tears! I'd love to see these films return. While Spongbob is a fun simulator, it is getting old.

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