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Photo TR: E3 - Electronics Entertainment Expo

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Hey everyone!


So today was the 1st day of E3, the huge trade show dedicated to everything videos games. While this might not be completely "theme park related" going to E3 certainly feels like a Theme Park sometimes!


This must be one of the biggest trade shows in the world, because from the moment you step into the place it just feels like a billion dollars was spent on it!


I was there primarily to show off the game I'm working on "Call of Duty 2:Big Red One" but I did get a few minutes to run around to some other booths and click a few pictures.


The show was everything I come to expect from an E3 - BUSY, LOUD, and a TON of games being shown off!


This was a particularly more crowded E3 I think mainly because all the major console manufacturers were showing off new hardware. Except that unless you were willing to wait in a long line to see a video, or were there as a member of the press, there wasn't too much to see.


But anyway, here are a few photos that I took today....More photos to come later on in this thread so keep reading!


"When small just isn't small enough"


Nintendo also announced a new GBA, the "Game Boy Micro" as shown here by one of the booth babes.


But this is what I came to the Nintendo booth to see! :p


As you can see, this was a VERY popular feature at the booth!


There was even a Nintendo DS "Downloading Station" where you could get E3 exlcusive games. I might have to bring my DS to the show tomorrow! =)


This year it was all about the Nintendo DS.


Nintendo announced the "Nintendo Revolution" but there wasn't anything that I saw at the booth about it.


Even Boba Fett was there to check out the XBOX 360!


There were still plenty of current generation XBOX game to play, though.


Did I mention how crowded the XBOX booth was???


Microsoft was showing off the XBOX 360, except there wasn't too much to see other than some videos.


Ahh, E3....Atari has secured that logo on the building as long as I can remember!

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More photos....


"Your papers please?"


We also had a cool bunker and a turret to keep out those Medal of Honor spies!!!


Our booth was guarded by only the best from American's 1st infantry division.


Ahh, this is where I'm calling "my office" for 3 days this week!


I asked the sales people and they said they still weren't sure if Kansas City got any more PSP's in stock. ;)


Hi Cal...how's it going? :p


If you did want to see "Chang 3" you had to stand in line...just like at an amusement park, but there wasn't a credit at the end of the line, so I didn't bother.


At the Sony booth they were welcoming "Chang 3" and I was all "COOL!!! Credit!!!" but I didn't see any B&M stand-ups anywhere. =(


And finally, the only game that really matters...Katamari Damacy 2! See more E3 photos on the next page.....

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looks cool...I'll be there tomorrow to harass you. It's going to be my first time going to E3, but it looks like I picked a good year to start going!

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Oh, yeah...and check out AOL Games because I did an on camera interview with them today! I have no idea if they'll actually use it.


I also did one for a French TV station, but I doubt we'll ever see that here!



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OK I admit it... I first looked at the girls (I am still a guy - that's what we do)

Then I looked at the game (I am still a kid - a big one - but still a kid - and that's what kids do)

But then I saw this face behind the girl. Is that a DEAD body? or did he just take something...


BTW. thanks for sharing. Man... your job ROCKS... (Do you even call it a job?)

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Katamari 2!!! I was hoping you'd check that out. I can't wait for that one.


That bunker in your booth looks really good. E3 is probably the craziest trade show out there as far as displays go. I remember the EA display being the loudest thing I have ever experienced, and you all know the kind of music I listen to!



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BTW. thanks for sharing. Man... your job ROCKS... (Do you even call it a job?)

Yes, by all means it is a job. Do not let the cool pictures fool you into thinking that making video games is anything but 'easy'.


Sure it's fun, but we've been on 60-70 hour work weeks for the past 3 months. The ONLY time I've had off is when we went to SDC that one weekend.


It's a LOT of really, REALLY hard work. A lot of people always tell me "I wish I could have a job where I sit around and play games all day" and my response is always..."So do I!"


--Robb "It's not like people who make movies just sit around and watch movies all day!" Alvey

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Today I got to see a little more of the show and took a look at a few games I was interested in more detail. Here were some of the highlights:


We (heart) Katamari - I saw it a bit more today. For the most part, it's 'more of the same' which IMO, is *FINE* When you have a game so original and so fun, don't change it too much! (at least not yet!) There did seem to be a co-op mode which I found interesting. It seems as though two people can play at the same time. I saw two characters, two sets of controllers on screen, but only one Katamari. No one was around to ask, but you'll see what I mean in the photos below.


Animal Crossing DS - If you loved the GameCube version like we did, this looks GREAT! First off, again, most of the same, which is fine by me, but from what I could tell by playing it for about 10 minutes, a lot of improvements. The entire world 'scrolls' instead of moving from zone to zone. The touch screen works GREAT as you just touch on the screen where you want your character to go. Everything is done much easier by touching what you want to equip your character with, and you now give your guy glasses and hats as well as shirts, etc. Typing messages is easier and selling stuff, etc, is also easier. But the BEST part is the online play! Now Elissa and I can have our own towns and we can go visit them TOGETHER! In fact, something like 7 people can be in your town at the same time. It looked WAY cool!


Mario Party 7 - More Mario Party! Yay!!!


The Bible Game - As the Jew said...GAME OF THE SHOW!!!!


Ok, onto some pics!


Oh! They have GIRLS!!!! Most of the people who come to E3 have never seen these things before! ;)


Hey, what's over at the NAMCO booth that is causing all this chaos???


And yet who would have ever thought that in 2005, Pac-Man would still be on the show floor!


One more GameCube game to add to the XMAS list! =)


It's a Hello Kitty game with a Badtz Maru playable character!!!


Uh, oh...here's another game Elissa will HAVE to get.....


"It's good to be the king!"


And I see two characters on screen, and both controllers represented...but only ONE Katamari! Interesting....


I was trying to figure out the two player mode...I see two people with controllers....


Looks like now there is a chick character, too!


Roll up watering pots...LOTS of...um...watering pots???


Roll up flowers...LOTS of flowers!!!


There was even a big Katamari at the NAMCO booth!


We LOVE Katamari! (Yes we do!)

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More pics....


And GOD DAMN they attract a lot of computer nerds!


Nvidia had a cool looking booth and stuff...


For those of you who love Kingdom Hearts...here you go!


OH. MY. GOD. I never need sex again!


Everyone is going retro! Capcom had 80s classics also.


N-Gage had a HUGE booth...I didn't even know they were still around!


Sega had lots of Sonic games. Too bad there's no more Sega Genesis. =(


And of course, Mario Party 7 was on display.


Any DDR game with Mario and Penguins is cool with me!


Mario also got his own version of Dance Dance Revolution.


Lots of hands on the Donkey Konga drums! (Still not as cool as the "drum game")


There will be a new Super Mario Bros 2D side scroller for the Nintendo DS too! Yay!


They also had a lot of new Game Cube games on display too.


...LOTS of Nintendo DS games were on display! And I got to test out Animal Crossing DS!


Back over at the Nintendo booth....


Ahh, every man's fantasy. Girls and big guns! I'm done with the show now! No need to see anything else!


As you can see, the most popular game of the show was the "Bible Game!" If Theme Park Review did 'best of show' awards, this is the winner! ;)


Hey look! Even the Jew found one of these girl creatures!!! ;)

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Even MORE photos!!!


The Jew stayed FAR away from this guy!!! =) See more E3 photos on the next page.


Back at the ranch, the booth was still being heavily guarded.


The Gizmondo seems to do everything...but does it come with the booth babes???


"Excuse me ladies...do you have any Grey Poupon?"


There seemed to be a lot of information about "Mustard" *confused*


As you can see, it was a very popular item. Maybe there wasn't anyone playing it because the game was about shooting magical rays of light out of your GUITAR!!!!


The Gizmondo looks like this. How nice.


There was a new litlte handheld thing call the "Gizmondo." I was wondering...Why?


You could play current generation XBOX games in these um...360 degree looking pod thingys.


XBOX Live. Go online and yell at people.


It's a controller...it has no wires...it makes stuff move around the screen.


Here it is...the XBOX 360 with it's fancy pancy little face plates.

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Couple of comments...


You're right, they really don't need to make any changes to Katamari, as it's pretty damn perfect the way it is. I am curious to see how 2 player/co-op mode would work, as that could be cool. I'll be buying this on release day!


THERE'S A GAME WHERE YOU SHOOT MAGIC LIGHT FROM A GUITAR?!?!? And mustard is somehow involved?!? *adds this to the "must buy" list*


We need to know more about The Bible Game. Details, Details, Details!!!


Dave "oh, and Women In Uniforms rule!" Thomas

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Yae!! New Katamari!!! The 2 player mode in the first one was a bit week so it's good to see them try a different approach - even if it does look a bit weird! Animal Crossing 2 for the DS has me excited also - I think I might need to buy one now!

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^ It is impossible to explain. If you have a PS2 just go buy it. It's only $20 and it will be the best $20 you've ever spent!


--Robb "You roll a ball around earth and 'roll up' a bunch of random stuff making it bigger in order to replace the stars that your king father destroyed during a drunken bender" Alvey

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So today was the last day of the show. Friday has always been "fan boy day." Basically what seems to happen is that everyone that's in the industry who has seen the show for the last two days gives the pass to their non-industry friend "Here, dude, take my pass...I'm done with the show. Go check it out."


And you get tons of questions like (guy pointing at a CRT monitor) "Is that the High Def version of the game?" And you just look at them, stare for a moment, and out of exhaustion just say "*sigh*....Yes.....yes it is..." and then they go away.....


The greatest thing about Friday though, at least for me, is this is usually the day I get to check out "Kentia Hall." Now while most people see the glamour and billion dollar glitz of the show on the main floor, the REAL gems are found "downstairs" (in the basement as some people call it) in Kentia Hall. Read on to the pictures for more....


It's very pink and green and blue.


Flashy, flashy, bang, bang, bang!


Soul Calibur III...yeah...um...Soul Calibur III


Here we are back at the Namco booth.


And for you Castlevania fans....


They are finally bringing out BeatMania, the other Bemani game that been popular in Japan forever!


And of course they also had DDR!!!


Konami had this game with girly looking fairy characters.


Disney looks like they are taking a darker approach with The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.


They were also showing off Chicken Little. Hmm....Who here thinks this movie is going to be a hit?


Jack looks REALLY pissed off!!!


Disney was showing off the Nightmare Before Christmas game.


Some Theme Park Review fans show up at E3. See you guys at the BBQ on June 4th! (the girls, not the dudes....)


Yay!!! Donkey was at E3! "E3 - Videos Games, Computers, and Donkeys!" =)

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Ahh, the best part of the show....


When are people going to learn that Virtual Reality gizmos will never take off because you look FREAKING STUPID playing them!!!


If Vekoma were to make an accessory for video games, THIS would be it!!!!


Where can I find a tiger skin or Mono Lisa face plate for my PSP or Cell Phone? Why, Kentia Hall of course! =)


Cool little screens that attach to your control pad.


Ahh! The Computer Microscope! The world is saved!!!!


When you want to simulate the D.J. 'record scratch' look no further than Kentia Hall!


Yay! Someone had drum pads for Taiko No Tatsujin!


Here you can get a DDR pad with the arcade bar!


It seemed like every booth had some wacky rip off system from far ends of the earth.


Knock off Nintendo NES systems from Hong Kong were everywhere!


Red Octane had their groovy DDR pads.


While the booths in Kentia Hall might look kind of "ghetto" compared to upstairs, there are some real gems to be found in this place!


Ahh, Kentia Hall. The "Basement", the "Downstairs" area...whatever you want to call it, this is where the REAL E3 is happening! :p

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